April 20, 2021
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The coronavirus pandemic has been a key factor in driving adoption for internet of things technology in 65% of cities worldwide, ESI ThoughtLab found in a recent study. ESI's survey also revealed that artificial intelligence and the use of biometric data are among the main technologies cities have implemented or plan to adopt.
Full Story: RFID Journal (4/19) 
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Data in Use
Research tackles 3D printing, AI in concrete
Research shared during the American Concrete Institute's virtual convention shows how artificial intelligence and the data behind it are vital to development of tools to help concrete producers optimize performance. Other research shared at the convention shows how the future of concrete 3D printing depends on the ability to tailor the material's rheological properties.
Full Story: SmartBrief/Infrastructure (4/19) 
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An IT infrastructure modernization project at the FDA that started before the COVID-19 pandemic aims for enterprisewide interoperability and will eventually include artificial intelligence, but data modernization that will enable modern analytics comes first, said acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock. "Resources are strained across the agency, so our goal is to improve efficiency and have adequate resources for programs to support public safety and health, including IT infrastructure and data modernization," Woodcock said.
Full Story: BioSpace (San Francisco) (4/19) 
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Ethical Considerations
Lawmakers from multiple parties in Europe want the European Commission to ban technology that identifies people's sexuality, race, disabilities and gender using artificial intelligence. Some of the 34 officials who signed a letter to the commission said such systems lend themselves to facilitating discrimination and abuse.
Full Story: Reuters (4/16) 
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Seeing the Big Picture
A kiss is more than just a kiss with Google Camera
Google has added an algorithm to the 6.2 version of its Camera app that can detect when people are kissing and take pictures automatically. The feature, which is smart enough to screen out posed stuffed animals, is accessible through Photobooth.
Full Story: Android Police (4/17) 
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Data in Bites
View from the C-Suite
Alistair Burns, the first person to serve as Virgin Galactic's chief information officer, is planning to create data models that can predict the need for spacecraft maintenance, create digital twins of the company's vehicles and introduce new management tools. Burns adds that unifying systems architecture is among his top priorities.
Full Story: The Wall Street Journal (4/19) 
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