November 29, 2021
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IKEA struck by reply-chain phishing attack
(Hector Vivas/Getty Images)
IKEA has alerted employees to an ongoing reply-chain phishing attack, which involves threat actors infiltrating internal email chains to spread malicious links. The attack points towards a possible breach of IKEA's Microsoft Exchange servers, and the company is keeping potentially malicious emails in quarantine to curb the effects of the attack.
Full Story: BleepingComputer (11/26) 
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Technology & Trends
Cobalt's Caroline Wong suggests organizations focus on improving cybersecurity regulations and compliance to address the cost escalation and disruptions associated with ransomware and cyberattack threats. "Critical infrastructure should be required to fix bugs linked to well-known attacks," she writes.
Full Story: Forbes (tiered subscription model) (11/23) 
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Hackers are using bogus banking websites to steal customer login information, with PayPal, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo among the most impersonated financial websites, per Credit Agricole. Banks are fighting back by tapping web beacons and blocklists, and legitimate banking sites are turning to .bank domains for increased cybersecurity.
Full Story: American Banker (11/23) 
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AWS intros 2 initiatives to boost robotics
(Chesnot/Getty Images)
Amazon Web Services' newly launched IoT RoboRunner service lets developers "manage robots in silos" and "automate tasks across a facility with centralized control." Additionally, AWS and MassRobotics are teaming up on Robotics, an incubator that aims to "help robotics startups and the industry overall to experiment and innovate, while connecting startups and their technologies with the AWS customer base."
Full Story: VentureBeat (11/28) 
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IT Workforce
Standard employer retention efforts such as pay and well-being programs are insufficient approaches to high turnover when we know that many employees quit because they don't feel valued, S. Chris Edmonds says in this blog post and video. "First, embrace this mantra: Employees of all generations desire and deserve workplaces where they are respected and validated for their ideas, efforts and contributions, every day," Edmonds asserts.
Full Story: SmartBrief/Leadership (11/23) 
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IT Channel
Startup Vercel, developer of the open-source Next.js framework, has secured $150 million in its Series D funding round, which will support its go-to-market plans and increased hiring. Additionally, Vercel plans continued focus on developer workflow, which CEO and co-founder Guillermo Rauch says "makes all the difference."
Full Story: TechCrunch (tiered subscription model) (11/23) 
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Policy Watch
Google has offered expanded commitments regarding its Privacy Sandbox proposals to heed the demands of the UK's Competition and Markets Authority, adding that changes to ad tech will affect Chrome and third-party products the same way. The company also promised to give the Information Commissioner's Office and the CMA a deeper role in the development of the Privacy Sandbox APIs.
Full Story: TechCrunch (tiered subscription model) (11/26),  SiliconAngle (11/26) 
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More technology runs on Linux than you may realize. Linux is incorporated everywhere -- from the car you drive to the video games you play to your favorite online shopping destination. It's no surprise that people who know this operating system backward and forward are of great value to organizations. To learn more about the role of a Linux administrator and whether it's right for you, visit the CompTIA Blog.
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