Salt-curing cultivates rich flavor in a variety of foods | Produce shines in cabbage rolls, no matter the season | Thai, Lao cuisines rely on toasted-rice powder for texture, flavor
May 17, 2019
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Salt-curing cultivates rich flavor in a variety of foods
Salt-curing can transform foods ranging from eggs to fruits, preserving them and intensifying their flavor. Aspen Public House in Colorado uses salted, dried egg yolks in its Caesar salads, and Outdated Cafe in New York serves a salt-cured eggplant jerky sandwich.
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Pan Seared Wild Alaska Halibut
Your guests trust you to serve them delicious, healthy, and sustainably sourced food. With our pan seared Alaska halibut, cherry tomatoes and basil recipe you get all this and more - wild seafood caught by dedicated fishing families. Serve Alaska to show your customers you care. Get the recipe.
Culinary News
Produce shines in cabbage rolls, no matter the season
Variations on cabbage rolls can remain on menus year-round, with radicchio or other greens standing in for hearty cabbage in the warmer months. Chard leaves are the wrapper of choice for chef Desiree Tuttle of Achilles Heel in Brooklyn, N.Y., who fills them with brown rice, onions and mushrooms.
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Thai, Lao cuisines rely on toasted-rice powder for texture, flavor
Toasted-rice powder is a mainstay in Northern Thai and Lao cuisine, writes Sasha Marx. The toasted and ground sticky rice provides texture and a nutty, roasted flavor to food and helps thicken dipping sauces and soups.
Serious Eats (5/16) 
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Other News
SmartBrief Originals
New Hershey bar design, Pringles' Mystery Flavor drew in readers
Hershey's first redesign of its iconic 125-year-old chocolate bar topped the list of SmartBrief's most-read food-and-beverage stories this week. Also on the list: new Oreo varieties, Pringles' Mystery Flavor and a story about Meijer's Ohio growth plans.
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Sponsored content from Savencia Fromage and Dairy
Pourable texture makes cream cheese even more versatile
Inspired by the time lost in restaurant kitchens while chefs wait for cream cheese to soften, Savencia developed an innovative cream cheese product that is pourable at room temperature. Award-winning pastry chef Kathryn Gordon describes how she helped create recipes that showcase the product and the advantages it gives chefs — from labor savings to culinary inspiration. Read the Q&A

    Beverage News
    Bars, restaurants making their own natural wines
    Bars, restaurants making their own natural wines
    Some of the country's most sought-after restaurants and bars are embracing the growing popularity of natural wine by creating their own bottlings. For example, New York's Frenchette will offer its own red blend next month, while San Francisco's Riddler bar will serve a custom organic champagne when it opens this fall.
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    A Side of Business
    Breaking down the barrier between chefs and diners
    More chefs are offering interactive tastings designed to forge a connection with diners and offer a unique culinary experience. New York's Charlie Palmer Steak offers a four-course menu that allows 12 guests to try new dishes twice a week, while Aureole invites diners to sit in on meetings in which chef Chris Engel introduces new dishes to his front-of-house staff.
    Forbes (5/16) 
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    Star Ingredient
    Roasted green tea gives desserts a smoky flavor
    The smoked green tea variety called hojicha is made with tea leaves scorched over charcoal, which gives them a toasty flavor and aroma. Hojicha makes a delicate, smoky brewed tea, and it can be used to flavor cakes, panna cotta and other sweets.
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    CIA Offerings
    Travel the globe in downtown Napa
    Travel the globe in downtown Napa
    (The Culinary Institute of America)
    Along with its full schedule of presentations, demonstrations, and networking activities centered around the concept of deliciousness -- past, present and future -- The Culinary Institute of America's 21st Worlds of Flavor International Conference and Festival will offer a sensory immersion into global food, wine and culture with its famed World Marketplace. Attendees will be treated to guest chefs, colorful market stalls, music and dance performances, comparative tastings, book signings and more. Taste the world -- join us Nov. 6-8, 2019 at the CIA at Copia in downtown Napa, Calif. Register today to secure early bird pricing.
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    Give credit where credit is due: simply said, if you want loyalty and best effort, you must be thoughtful.
    Estee Lauder,

    May is Jewish American Heritage Month

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