Improving efficiency among top concerns of health care leaders | Brian Patty comments on efficiency in health care | Health care CEOs prize revenue growth over cost containment
June 13, 2019
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Improving efficiency among top concerns of health care leaders
Streamlining health care operation costs and boosting efficiency rank as some of the biggest concerns for today's health care executives, according to a study by market research firm Rabin. The need for efficiency was one of the top three challenges going into 2020 for a third of respondents, and executives also said they are focused on encouraging technology vendors to promote interoperability and enhancing employees' technology training to ease the transition to value-based care.
Healthcare IT News (6/11) 
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Brian Patty comments on efficiency in health care
Brian Patty comments on efficiency in health care
Brian Patty, vice president and CMIO, Rush University Medical Center
It is well known that health care in the US as an industry is notoriously inefficient. We have the most expensive care delivery system in the developed world -- consuming nearly 18% of our GDP -- yet we deliver results that are near the bottom of all developed countries. So it isn't surprising that a survey of health system executives found that reducing operating costs through improved efficiency was a top business challenge, and many are looking to technology to help them.

Models have shown that growth in productivity of only 4 percent is needed to reverse rising health care costs. Where can technology help? The two most significant opportunities are reducing the time clinicians spend documenting in the EHR (which currently consumes about 50% of clinicians' time) and reducing the time spent coding, submitting and processing claims (administrative costs average 25% of total spending on hospital care).

Documentation burden is one of the leading causes of clinician burnout. Technology can help reduce that burden through better device integration as well as improved voice to text and ambient voice capture capabilities. Providers, voice technology vendors and EHR vendors are collaborating on solutions that will enable more patient-clinician face time and less screen time for clinicians.

Administrative burden associated with claims processing is suffocating most provider organizations and is adding unnecessary costs to US health care. Partnerships among providers, payers and EHR vendors such as the Da Vinci Project are showing significant progress in automating this process.
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Next-level healthcare data interoperability
Patient care is optimized when both payers and providers have a clear view of medical history and care needs. This can be achieved with true interoperability, allowing all stakeholders to access the data generated by the healthcare system. And it is now possible with cloud-based services. Learn more in this whitepaper.
Strategy & Leadership
Health care CEOs prize revenue growth over cost containment
The Advisory Board's annual health care CEO survey found 21% of respondents said revenue growth was their top priority, 20% chose population health and accountable care organization strategy, and 13% said cost containment. The Health Care Advisory Board's Rob Lazerow said the survey shows margin management remains a priority, but revenue growth has displaced cost containment as first choice to achieve it.
HealthLeaders Media (6/12) 
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The problem isn’t too much data.
It's a fact that up to 80 percent of clinical information is unstructured and resides outside any electronic health record system. A complete picture of patient data is critical for accurate diagnoses. To achieve the vision of a connected healthcare system, interoperability is key. Read the whitepaper.
Technology Spotlight
Epic, Humana partner on interoperability initiative
Epic and Humana are partnering to integrate their technologies to provide real-time access to patients' health information, as well as help reduce care costs for patients and ease the administrative burden on providers. The initiative will also make pharmacy data available in real time through an integration of Humana's IntelligentRx real-time benefits check tool with Epic's e-prescribing workflow.
Health Data Management (free registration) (6/11) 
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Report: More firms bankrolling continuous cyberintelligence
The SANS Threat Hunting report indicates that an increasing number of companies are continuously gathering intelligence to help detect cyberthreats. A large majority said threat analysis was vital to beefing up company security.
Security Magazine (6/11) 
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Management & Operation
Regulatory & Legislative
FBI warns public about phishing attacks using https websites
A public service announcement from the FBI said hackers are using https websites, which inform users that web traffic is encrypted and a site is secure, to launch phishing attacks that are designed "to acquire sensitive logins or other information by luring them to a malicious website that looks secure." The FBI advised organizations to train users to verify the content of an email and its authenticity and to look for an incorrect domain or misspellings, and urges users who receive a suspicious email from someone they know to call or email them to determine if the message is legitimate.
Health IT Security (6/12) 
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HHS' legacy system must be modernized, GAO says
HHS' 50-year-old legacy system has been included in the Government Accountability Office's list of the 10 most critical federal legacy systems in serious need of modernization. The GAO found that the system's technical infrastructure and architecture are outdated, and its 50-plus modules were added piecemeal, which could eventually require "a complete redesign to improve database design efficiency, process efficiency, workflow integration and graphical user interfaces."
Health Data Management (free registration) (6/12) 
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Bundle two CHIME events and save nearly $450
Register for the CHIME Advocacy Summit and attend the 2019 CHIME Fall CIO Forum for a savings of 20% on the combined registration fees. CHIME is offering this limited-time bundled pricing for members who register for the CHIME Advocacy Summit in Washington, D.C., and CHIME19 in Phoenix. Sign in and learn more.
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Innovation workshop scheduled for July 25-26
CHIME Innovation is holding the workshop, "Innovation Strategy -- Launch & Execution," on July 25-26 as part of a series for CIOs, health IT executives and innovation executives. Learn more and register.
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