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September 10, 2019
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There's still time to sign up for "Navigating Through the Fog of Plan S"
Open Access has been slowly advancing for years, but Plan S has provided an ultimatum as far as predominantly European funders and institutions are concerned, and an enormous boost in awareness to the rest of the world. In some disciplines open access seems not only inevitable, but imminent. Many accuse Plan S as favoring the large commercial publisher that can keep costs low and provide an array of solutions to authors across their portfolios, leaving the self-published society with an extremely difficult decision.

Simon Inger, Consultant for Renew Consultants will tackle and provide information on what's happening with Plan S and how it will impact you and your association. The cOAlition S authors of Plan S are releasing new details on the plan frequently. Simon will present up-to-date guidance on what you need to know. Register now.
2019 State of the Conference Industry Report from Omnipress
For the fifth consecutive year, Omnipress has tracked the evolution of conference content and the role it plays at an association's annual meeting. This year's results indicate that while education provides significant value to members, association professionals continue to face challenges in how they deliver this content to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse and complex group of attendees. Learn more.
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Webinar: Navigating Through the Fog of Plan S
Tuesday, Sept. 17
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Webinar: Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Through Action
Tuesday, Nov. 12
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2020 CEO Meeting
Feb. 9-12, 2020
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July 21-23, 2020
Canada: Making Waves in Ocean Science Innovation
With the fourth largest ocean territory -- including some of the world's most productive waters -- and the largest Arctic Ocean territory in the world, Canada's ocean science and ocean technology sector fuels innovation and economies. Learn more.
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Leadership and Management
Form a plan for proper employee onboarding
Productivity and employee retention will flourish if new workers get proper training and resources, writes Stephanie Burns. "Create an outline that covers the first several weeks of an employee's time at your company, with a schedule that makes time for different key tasks," she suggests.
Forbes (9/4) 
Stanley Black & Decker exec knows the value of questions
Asking questions and having discussions are crucial to getting the best work out of employees and promoting inclusion and diversity, says Kate Perry-Jones, an HR vice president at Stanley Black & Decker. "Every human is diverse in some way, but if we don't talk about those unique traits, then we also don't help people communicate more effectively," she says.
Profile magazine (8/31) 
Communications and Marketing
What do workers want out of meetings?
Learning and implementing employees' meeting preferences fosters productivity, according to an analysis of 5 million workers by collaboration platform Fuze. Marcel Schwantes, founder of Leadership from the Core, writes that "ensuring that employees are incentivized to do their best work all comes back to one thing: culture."
Inc. online (9/5) 
5 things you've got to stop doing on LinkedIn
Avoid inflammatory comments on LinkedIn and stay away from politics, writes Robert Glazer, CEO of Acceleration Partners. On a network designed to build work relationships, these and several other counterproductive types of posts can be risky for your career.
Forbes (8/14) 
Technology Spotlight
Report: Use of robotics to grow, especially in order fulfillment
Autonomous mobile robots will continue to see more use in order fulfillment applications during the next five years, according to an Interact Analysis report. Excluding Amazon, the number of autonomous mobile robots in use should increase nearly sixfold between year-end 2020 and 2023, the report predicts.
DC Velocity online (9/5) 
Collaborative welding robots aim to help fabricators amid labor shortage
Hirebotics' BotX Welder is a welding robot that can be rented by fabricators as needed to tackle work amid labor shortages, company co-founder Rob Goldiez said. The robots were designed by Universal Robots with open architecture that lets users control voltage, wire feed speed and torch angle, he said.
ZDNet (9/4) 
Career Focus
Why engineers need to reach out as role models
Sara Feuling's passion for building things began when she was a child, but it was a "happy accident" in college that eventually led her to pursue a career in construction engineering. Now, Feuling writes, it's imperative to help young people connect their natural desires to a career path, and engineers can serve as role models by reaching out to their communities with activities such as STEM programs.
Roads & Bridges online (9/4) 
N.J. teen holds coding camp for students
New Jersey high school student Tanish Tyagi recently held a coding camp at Millburn High School that was attended by more than 50 students ranging from second to 10th grade. Tyagi made sure financial aid was available for the nonprofit camp and emphasized the importance of increasing diversity within STEM fields.
Patch/Millburn-Short Hills, N.J. (9/5) 
Global Watch
Whale's song can reveal where it has been
Whale's song can reveal where it has been
(Miguel Medina/AFP/Getty Images)
The songs humpback whales produce can not only reveal their points of origin, but also other places they've been, a study published in Royal Society Open Science suggests. "Our best analogy is hit human fashion and pop songs," said study author Ellen Garland.
New Scientist (free content) (9/5) 
Einstein's theory helps map pulsar's beams
Researchers used Einstein's theory of general relativity to map the structure of the pulsar PSR J1906+0746 and, by doing so, they also confirmed the theory, according to findings published in Science. Astronomers observed the pulses coming from PSR J1906+0746 over the course of 14 years.
ScienceAlert (Australia) (9/5) 
I am never afraid of what I know.
Anna Sewell,
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