Don't miss these upcoming educational events for scientific and engineering association professionals | Québec City, where your success makes history | Communication tips for building team morale
March 12, 2019
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Don't miss these upcoming educational events for scientific and engineering association professionals
Educational Content 2020: How Associations Deliver Today and What's Over the Horizon
2 p.m. ET Tuesday, April 9
Your educational content provides significant value to current members and customers and is a crucial driver of organization growth. Most associations currently deliver this content through multiple siloed programs, but you can leverage this content to achieve growth, even with a small staff. Learn how in this upcoming webinar from CESSE.

July 23-25, Baltimore
ACCESSE19 is the only forum for CEOs and senior staff of scientific, technology, engineering and math societies to connect, share experiences, and grow their knowledge and abilities as organization leadership. With immersive experiential learning and formal and informal networking opportunities with leaders in the field, ACCESSE19 is a unique opportunity for you to advance your association management skills and make lasting connections. Register now to save up to $100.
Québec City, where your success makes history
Québec City is an unparalleled destination rooted in the knowledge economy drawing on science, expertise and innovation to carve out a niche in exclusive driving sectors. The Québec City Convention Center and Québec City's Ambassadors' Club now offer a developmental program to give a boost to the coming generation of scientists. This exclusive CESSE partnership aims at promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics as career options and encouraging leadership.

Your success starts with this prime meeting destination that attendees will adore. With our 400-year history, our rich French culture and our effervescent business and research communities, Québec City is the perfect Canadian destination to organize a meeting or event. Gateway to North America, Québec City offers a true leisure experience thanks to a rich city center full of historic and cultural attractions, all this just minutes from the great outdoors. Québec City, where your success makes history.
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Leadership and Management
Communication tips for building team morale
Leaders can build team spirit and confidence by communicating clearly and often, being fair in enforcing policies and keeping commitments, writes leadership author Dianna Booher. Failure to do these things will harm morale and lead workers to quit, she adds.
Forbes (2/28) 
LinkedIn outlines what keeps young employees around
A LinkedIn report says 94% of workers think added professional development opportunities would go a long way toward keeping them at their job. Generation Z and millennials are particularly enamored with employers that give them chances to learn and grow, the report says.
CNBC (2/27) 
Communications and Marketing
Public-speaking tips from the 91st Academy Awards
Increasing your comfort with presenting to groups is essential -- especially in the workplace. Here are five pointers we learned while watching 2019 Oscar winners and presenters that boost oration skills.
AICPA Insights (2/26) 
Soft skills learning is hot on LinkedIn
LinkedIn reports its most popular online courses teach skills that improve how well people connect with others, writes Abigail Hess. These courses focus on body language, pitching one's personal brand and working creatively in a group.
CNBC (2/22) 
Technology Spotlight
Grocers enlist AI tools to move toward seamless shopping
Several grocers are following the lead of Amazon Go and incorporating artificial intelligence technology to make the shopping experience more seamless. For example, Caper's smart shopping carts use barcode scanners, card swipers, image recognition and weight sensors, and Tally the robot keeps track of inventory at Schnuck's stores in the St. Louis market.
The Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model) (2/28) 
Plastics recyclers explore automated, robot-based sorting
The world produces 150 times the amount of plastic as it did in 1950, but the recycling process has remained dependent on manual labor until recent advances in robotics that companies such as Waste Management are using, Christopher Mims writes. The company is using three types of robots to separate contaminants from plastics, as well as using a device from Compology that flags recycling containers with contaminated waste.
The Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model) (3/2) 
Career Focus
Study: More students of color leave STEM majors
A study shows that Latino and black students are switching out of STEM-focused majors or dropping out of college at faster rates than their white peers. Researchers found no one reason for the attrition, but say university leaders should do more to highlight the social-change aspect of STEM fields to attract more people of color.
Inside Higher Ed (2/26) 
Deloitte creates comic books to encourage girls to study STEM
Deloitte and graphic novel series The Ella Project have teamed on an "Ella the Engineer" comic book that aims to inspire girls to follow careers in STEM -- science, technology, engineering and math. The free book series features Ella solving mysteries using her STEM skills.
Campaign US (free registration) (2/27) 
Global Watch
Zebrafish study shows how sleep affects DNA repair
Zebrafish study shows how sleep affects DNA repair
(Anthony Wallace/AFP/Getty Images)
Getting plenty of sleep is important so the brain can repair DNA damage that occurred during the day, a study published in Nature Communications suggests. Researchers who monitored zebrafish with chromosomes that had been genetically engineered to be fluorescent say the fish's DNA damage started going away during sleep periods.
The Scientist online (3/6) 
Coastal wetlands could help combat effects of climate change
Coastal marshes may play a prominent role in combating the effects of climate change as sea levels rise, according to findings published in Nature. Such wetlands are effective repositories for carbon, keeping it trapped in mud rather than releasing it into the atmosphere, researchers say.
BBC (3/6) 
I am interested in people who swim in the deep end. I want to have conversations about real things with people who have experienced real things.
Amy Poehler,
actress, comedian, director and producer

March is Women's History Month

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