July 7, 2021
Professional Learning SmartBrief
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In the Know
Teachers can use micro lessons to address learning gaps
Micro lessons -- highly targeted lessons typically used in reading and math -- have proven successful in differentiated learning and getting students up to grade level, and likely can help address learning loss, researcher Michelle Kaffenberger says. Noam Angrist, executive director and co-founder of Botswana-based Young 1ove, which employs evidence-based health and education policies, says, "It is probably one of the most well-studied education interventions and reforms in low- and middle-income countries."
Full Story: Tech & Learning (6/29) 
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Design and Practice
Student-Centered Teaching and Learning
What's the role of teachers in trauma-informed education?
As educators adopt trauma-informed education, the role of teachers can become blurred, writes Alex Shevrin Venet, an educator, professional development facilitator and writer. In this article, Venet asserts that teachers are not expected to become social workers or therapists, and suggests strategies to help establish boundaries and find the "messy middle" in teacher-student relationships.
Full Story: MiddleWeb (6/7) 
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Leadership Focus
Principal preparation adapts during pandemic
Principal-preparation programs nationwide have adapted during the coronavirus pandemic. In this article, leaders from four institutions share how their programs changed, including altering curricula to add a focus on social and emotional learning, social justice and equity and the integration of community partners in ongoing professional development.
Full Story: Education Week (6/4) 
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BetterLesson Recommends
BetterLesson instructional coach and strategic planner Romain Bertrand shares a surprising epiphany his son made, and how it helped him understand our pandemic year in a new light. Bertrand offers ideas for how to reflect on the past in ways that help school and district leaders meaningfully plan for the future. Read more.
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What Makes a Virtual Instructional Coach Effective?
In-person instructional coaches must be excellent relationship builders, data analysts, curious thinkers, and more. As schools adopt virtual instructional coaching to reach more educators, more flexibly, they may wonder if the experience can be the same. With the right skills, a virtual instructional coach can offer even richer support. Learn more.
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You cannot live your life looking at yourself from someone else's point of view.
Penelope Cruz,
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