April 21, 2021
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Renewable Chemicals
A group of researchers led by Francesca Kerton from the Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada have developed an earth-friendly polymer that is similar to polyurethane using fish bones and guts. "This degrades faster than conventional polyurethanes because the lipid, the fish oil, we are using as a building block contains esters, and that group is fantastic for encouraging biodegradation because they are very easy to do a hydrolysis reaction on and that starts to break apart carbon-oxygen and carbon-carbon bonds in the structure," said Kerton.
Full Story: Chemistry World (UK) (tiered subscription model) (4/15) 
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Adidas will debut a line of its classic Stan Smith sneakers later this year made of vegan mycelium-based Mylo leather. The use of the vegan leather, which is derived from mushrooms, is part of the retailer's bigger sustainability goals focused on ending plastic waste, the company said.
Full Story: Women's Wear Daily (subscription required) (4/15) 
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DevoHome, a design company in Kyiv, Ukraine, has created a biodegradable faux fur using hemp fibers and viscose. "The whole world is protesting against animal fur and then started protesting against synthetic fur, which is made of chemical and petroleum products. So, by creating plant-based fur, we solve all these issues with animal and synthetic fur," said Oksana Devoe, managing partner of DevoHome.
Full Story: Euronews (France) (4/18) 
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Footwear brand Sylven New York has launched the Mel sneaker, which is made from apple leather, coconut husks and renewable rubber.
Full Story: VegNews (4/14) 
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Grounded Packaging, founded by Australian entrepreneurs Ben Grant and Josh Kempton, has created BioPE, a food packaging alternative made from sugar cane fibers. "It can be manufactured using traditional manufacturing equipment, and the raw material is starting to become more and more abundant," said Grant.
Full Story: Daily Mail (London) (4/16) 
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How Drones Can Mitigate Risk in Energy Sectors
Drones are a vital tool to document safety and compliance performance at energy facilities, as well as identifying and responding quickly to issues or situations that could create incidents. Learn how capturing and processing data from drones and 360 cameras can help with asset and site documentation, risk mitigation, and more. Download the infographic.
Advanced Biofuels
Corn and oil industry groups are being asked by the Environmental Protection Agency to provide their input on the country's biofuel policy once its current phase ends in 2022, said four sources familiar with the matter.
Full Story: Reuters (4/15) 
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BHP has refuelled a ship with biofuel for the first time as part of the company's efforts to reduce its carbon emissions.
Full Story: Reuters (4/15) 
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Synthetic Biology and CRISPR
Lower-carbon coffee bean varieties developed by Nestle
As part of its efforts to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, two low-carbon types of coffee beans have been developed by Nestle. "Thanks to the expertise of our plant scientists in selection and classical breeding, and by leveraging our rich collection of coffee varieties, we were able to develop this new generation of low carbon and drought-resistant coffee plants," said Stefan Palzer, Nestle's chief technical officer.
Full Story: The Grocer (U.K.) (4/20) 
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Dedicated Feedstocks
Brigitte Kock and Irene Roca Moracia, graduates of Central Saint Martins in the UK, have created bio-concrete made from American signal crayfish and Japanese knotweed.
Full Story: Dezeen (4/16) 
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