January 13, 2021
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Renewable Chemicals
Engineers from MIT and the Imperial College London have created a way to produce tough materials that can perform a variety of functions by mixing symbiotic cultures of specialized yeast and bacteria.
Full Story: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1/11) 
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Nanosheets made from vegetable waste can retain moisture and improve the binding ability of cement, according to researchers with Europe's B-SMART project. The researchers also found they can create concrete that generates electricity by adding carrot nanosheets to cement.
Full Story: Horizon (EU) (1/11) 
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Indoor and vertical farming could be the future of food production, especially in urban areas, but to make controlled environment agriculture sustainable requires innovation, writes Back of the Yards Algae Sciences CEO Leonard Lerer. His company is studying the use of an algae-based biostimulant to speed plant growth and reduce energy use in the growing process.
Full Story: Ag Funder News (1/6) 
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Advanced Biofuels
The biofuel waiver case will be reviewed by the Supreme Court. "We are disappointed in the Supreme Court's decision to review the case but will continue to vigorously pursue a resolution to the damage that small refinery exemptions do to the biodiesel industry," said Kurt Kovarik, the National Biodiesel Board's spokesman.
Full Story: Reuters (1/8) 
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Volkswagen Group Logistics announced that it will become the first automaker to utilize biofuels for its two chartered ship car carriers, with the Patara refueled with 100% of Netherlands-based GoodFuels' biofuel, made from used vegetable oil residues from restaurants. "With 85% lower CO2 emissions than with conventional fossil fuels, the contribution to climate protection is enormous," said Thomas Zernechel, head of Volkswagen Group Logistics.
Full Story: Biofuels International (UK) (1/5) 
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Synthetic Biology and CRISPR
Ministers said Thursday that gene editing of crops and livestock may soon be allowed in England. The change could be very beneficial to farmers and consumers, but some animal welfare and environmental groups are concerned that changing the rules may cause decreased animal welfare.
Full Story: The Guardian (London) (registration required) (1/7) 
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A collaboration between Researchers with Texas A&M University, the University of Maine Cooperative Extension and others has received a $4.3 million grant from the USDA to study the genetics of potatoes. The focus of the research is to develop new varieties with more favorable qualities.
Full Story: WAGM-TV (Presque Isle, Maine) (1/7) 
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Biotech soybean and corn varieties, developed locally by the Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group, are slated to gain the approval of China's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Last year, China also approved three domestically developed biotech crops, issuing the first safety certificate for such a product in a decade.
Full Story: Reuters (1/11) 
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Emilie Burfeind has created Sneature, sneakers made using 3D knitting technology and sustainable materials like dog hair. "The design is based on a series of material experiments with natural raw fibers," Burfeind said.
Full Story: Yanko Design (1/11) 
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