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January 18, 2019
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Groups join AVMA in call for collaboration on antimicrobial stewardship
The AVMA offers guidance for the use of antimicrobials for treatment, control and prevention and signed a joint statement with the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and Federation of Veterinarians of Europe describing veterinarians' role in ensuring continued availability and efficacy of antimicrobials while safeguarding animal, public and environmental health. "This joint statement is an important step in recognizing ways we can work together to prevent resistance and ensure that antimicrobials continue to be used judiciously in animals," said AVMA President Dr. John de Jong.
JAVMA News (1/16) 
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Study: Too much weight shaves years off dogs' lives
Healthy-weight dogs live up to 2.5 years longer than their overweight counterparts, according to a study published in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine. Researcher and veterinarian Alexander German said dog owners should measure food carefully, be careful with treats and stick to regular mealtimes.
HealthDay News (1/16) 
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Veterinarians volunteer to help Puerto Rico's pets in wake of Maria
AVMA President Dr. John de Jong was among the volunteers in Puerto Rico in November for the second Spayathon, where thousands of dogs and cats were vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed or neutered. The US commonwealth is still struggling to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Maria in 2017, and proliferation of strays has strained the veterinary community there.
JAVMA News (1/16) 
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Puppy born with upside-down paws gets corrective surgery
Veterinarian Erik Clary led a team at Oklahoma State University's Center for Veterinary Health Sciences that performed corrective surgery on a hound puppy born with a congenital dislocation of both elbows that resulted in upside-down paws. Dr. Clary's team restored the joints' alignment and placed pins across the joints to hold them in place while the pup grows, and it will undergo intensive rehabilitative therapy to hopefully learn to walk normally.
Stillwater News Press (Okla.)/Oklahoma State University (1/17) 
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Other News
Animal News
Study: Cats like people who like them
Study: Cats like people who like them
Cats at a shelter and in their own homes gravitated toward people who paid attention to them and ignored people who ignored them, researchers reported in Behavioral Processes. "In my opinion, it's very important to go out and try to interact with your cat and see what happens," said lead author Kristyn Vitale.
The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (1/16) 
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Policy Watch
Ark. bill would create new categories of veterinary technician
An Arkansas House committee approved a bill that would define criteria for the roles of veterinary technologist and veterinary technician specialist, who, along with veterinary technicians, would be authorized to render treatment without a licensed veterinarian physically present. A veterinarian would still be required to give written or oral instructions for treatment and must be "readily available" either in person or through electronic means.
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Little Rock) (free registration) (1/17) 
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Other News
AVMA in the News
Valuable resources attract more veterinarians to AVMA
Membership in the AVMA has risen by 9% over the past three years, reaching a record high of 93,438 and representing three-quarters of US veterinarians. Veterinarians join AVMA not only to support the profession but also for the organization's career, well-being, financial and telehealth resources, says Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Angela Roberts, and veterinarian and CEO Dr. Janet Donlin says the fact that most veterinarians are members ensures veterinarians have a powerful collective voice.
Today's Veterinary Business (1/17) 
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Around the Office
Use these techniques to reduce your 2018 tax bill
Small-business owners still have opportunities to save on their 2018 taxes, Joyce Rosenberg writes. Clean up your books to find overlooked expenses, remember it's still possible to make contributions to employee retirement plans to use as 2018 deductions, and calculate which accounting method offers the best deduction for your car and home office.
ABC News/The Associated Press (1/14) 
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AVMA Today
AVMA tips help keep pets safe in cold weather
You're probably already aware of the risks posed by warm weather and leaving pets in hot cars, but did you know that cold weather also poses serious threats to your pets' health? The AVMA has gathered tips to help you keep your pets safe during cold weather and has developed a handout on the subject that veterinarians can share with their clients. Visit AVMA's Cold Weather Pet Safety webpage.
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