April 7, 2021
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The $85 million Ingenuity helicopter plans to make its first flight on Mars on April 11, according to NASA. The next test will be surviving a night trip, with Bob Balaram, chief engineer for the drone project, saying, the helicopter's "heater keeps the interior at about 45 degrees F through the bitter cold of the Martian night, where temperatures can drop to as low as -130 F."
Full Story: Tech Times (4/4) 
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ANSI/RESNET/ACCA/ICC Standard 310-2020 and ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 221-2020 were recently created to help HVAC technicians install equipment properly, ensuring optimum performance. While Standard 310 provides five tasks to evaluate unitary HVAC system installation quality, Standard 221 helps technicians evaluate how efficiently HVAC systems are operating, writes Joanna Turpin.
Full Story: Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration News (tiered subscription) (3/31) 
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Correlating two test methods that claim to measure the same property can be challenging. Can an ordinary linear regression, such as the linear trend function in Excel, be used to do this?
Full Story: ASTM International (4/7) 
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JetBlue sets ambitious sustainability goals
(Joe Raedle)
Jetblue has a set of Environmental Social Governance targets, including achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040. The airline pledged to cut aircraft emissions, convert 10% of total jet fuel to be from blended sustainable aviation fuel by 2030 and replace half of its ground service equipment with electric vehicles by 2030.
Full Story: Environment + Energy Leader (4/2),  Business Traveller (U.K.) (4/5) 
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The White House says the administration plans to pursue congressional support for a national clean energy standard to reach the goal of decarbonizing the US electricity generation industry by 2035. National climate adviser Gina McCarthy says nuclear power would be included in the policy.
Full Story: Reuters (4/1),  Bloomberg (4/1) 
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A water recycling system in use at Nestle USA's Carnation plant in Modesto, Calif., helped make it the first US dairy facility to achieve Alliance for Water Stewardship certification. The plant's water recycling technology allows it to deliver more water to farmers than it uses in production.
Full Story: DairyReporter (3/30) 
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Ensure project completion with site reality solutions
The ability to use aerial and site reality data is key to saving time and money on large projects during all construction project stages. Join us on Thursday, April 15th at 2PM ET to learn how innovative leaders use drone and site reality software solutions to help mitigate risk on complex projects, such as identifying safety hazards. Register now.
INDUSTRY FOCUS: Additive Manufacturing
Xerox's research into additive materials focused on supply chain applications, and it starts with aluminum wire to reduce complexity and eliminate the "need for expensive facility modifications in order to accommodate for a printer," says Xerox Chief Technology Officer Naresh Shanker. Xerox and the Naval Postgraduate School have teamed up to research further developments that can be used by the Marines and Navy.
Full Story: IndustryWeek (4/5) 
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A photo gallery showcases pavilions, buildings and houses across the world that are taking shape with the help of 3D printing. Examples include Middle East Architecture Network's communal pavilion in Jordan, Kamp C's single-piece house in Belgium and Icon's neighborhood of 3D-printed houses in Mexico.
Full Story: Yanko Design (4/3) 
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Researchers at the University of New South Wales hope to speed bone recovery by using a 3D printing process that uses a ceramic-based bioink. The technique mimics the human body's pattern of generating bone tissue by growing a patient's own cells in a bioreactor and then depositing them into a microgel mix containing the ink, at which point a matrix is 3D printed to guide growth of the bone cells.
Full Story: ASME (3/30) 
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Work is underway in Nijmegen, Netherlands, on what's believed to be the world's longest 3D-printed concrete pedestrian bridge. The designers of the project "were intent on exploring designs that are almost impossible to make with traditional techniques involving formworks, to find out whether or not 3D printing allows for much greater design freedom," writes Davide Sher.
Full Story: 3D Printing Media Network (3/30) 
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Nephron Pharmaceuticals worked with engineers at Clemson University to develop an open-source, benchtop robot that fills, caps and seals sterile syringes. The system could mitigate shortages of injectable drugs, and Nephron CEO Lou Kennedy plans to commercialize the system for use inside health care facilities.
Full Story: Greenville Journal (S.C.) (3/24) 
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Reopening offices successfully will require ongoing communication, better use of technology and an understanding that culture has changed during the pandemic, writes James daSilva. "Even the fairest process will force some people to change their situation, so also show how you'll support the transition and how you'll hold people accountable," daSilva writes.
Full Story: SmartBrief/Leadership (4/4) 
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ASTM International's Heidi Turley discusses her career path and the changing attitudes she sees toward women both in the field of finance and in the world of standards development organizations.
Full Story: ASTM International (4/7) 
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