April 21, 2021
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The GSM Association reports that between 31% and 36% of carriers have promised to cut their carbon emissions to net-zero levels by 2050 at the latest. Verizon, which is using 2035 as its target year, committed to reducing emissions from its operations by 53% from 2019 to 2030.
Full Story: Total Telecom Magazine (U.K.) (4/20),  Mobile World Live (U.K.) (4/20) 
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NASA's Ingenuity helicopter completed the first powered, controlled flight beyond Earth early Monday when it flew autonomously in the Martian atmosphere. "We can now say that human beings have flown a rotorcraft on another planet," said MiMi Aung of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
Full Story: CNN (4/19) 
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Reliability demonstration testing of products is critical in many industries. But how is reliability defined? And how do you test for it?
Full Story: ASTM International (4/21) 
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California, satellite company Planet, NASA and four other organizations have formed a $100 million partnership to launch space satellites that track greenhouse gas emissions from oil refineries, power plants and other facilities. The first two satellites will launch in 2023, and the data collected will be made available to the public.
Full Story: Reuters (4/15) 
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Researchers are looking into how artificial intelligence can use wearable camera data to help exoskeletons act without as much human input. The aim is "to automate motion," says Edgar Lobaton, a researcher at North Carolina State University.
Full Story: IEEE Spectrum online (4/12) 
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3 keys to health insurance for engineers
There are three major advantages engineers have over other professionals when it comes to health insurance. Make sure your firm is leveraging all of them, to get the best possible benefits for the price. Learn more.
INDUSTRY FOCUS: Infrastructure
Research shared during the American Concrete Institute's virtual convention shows how artificial intelligence and the data behind it are vital to development of tools to help concrete producers optimize performance. Other research shared at the convention shows how the future of concrete 3D printing depends on the ability to tailor the material's rheological properties.
Full Story: SmartBrief/Infrastructure (4/19) 
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The Biden administration wants all lead service lines and water pipes in the US to be replaced, but experts say that poor record-keeping at the local level presents a challenge. Many water utilities don't know the extent of their lead service lines, and locating all the pipes will be a giant project, according to Diane VanDe Hei, CEO of the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies.
Full Story: Bloomberg Law (free content) (4/19) 
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Infrastructure can complement and increase biodiversity and natural capital while creating carbon sinks, writes Robert Spencer, director of sustainable development at AECOM. Nature-based solutions' higher costs, as compared to traditional infrastructure solutions, are justified based on the cost to the planet of doing nothing, as AECOM's Natural Capital Laboratory in Scotland demonstrates.
Full Story: New Civil Engineer (tiered subscription model) (4/15) 
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A system that incorporates four lasers and a depth camera may help detect impending problems in aging infrastructure when human monitoring is scarce. A South Korean study finds promise in the monitoring solution, which produces image homography to reveal surface damage on concrete structures.
Full Story: MDPI (Switzerland) (4/14) 
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A concrete-rebar-tying robot has completed 2 million ties on job sites. TyBot uses artificial intelligence to go about its job with simple instructions from a technician, working autonomously and requiring no added human control.
Full Story: Equipment World (4/20) 
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Skills, talent and performance are essential for career growth, but possessing executive presence with key stakeholders is the trait that helps people reach senior leadership levels, says Joel Garfinkle in this blog post and video. "You need to be the leader who commands respect and whose opinion everyone seeks out," he says.
Full Story: SmartBrief/Leadership (4/19) 
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Whether you are looking for testing, training, certification or to partner with another organization, ASTM International's business development team can help you move forward.
Full Story: ASTM International (4/21) 
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