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February 27, 2020
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College-educated engineers and architects have higher median annual wages than similarly educated workers in other fields, according to data from Georgetown University. Newly minted petroleum engineers had higher median starting salaries than engineers starting their careers in other industrial fields in 2019, according to data from PayScale.
Full Story: ASME (2/27) 
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Wear-resistant SLS 3D printing FAQs
Have you ever wondered whether SLS printed parts can be used for more than just prototypes? What about the difference between those components and injection-molded parts? Watch this video to get the answers to these frequently asked questions and more.
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Stoneflower 3D has developed a rapid-liquid-printing method for concrete that involves drawing a 3D object within a gel suspension through a chemical curing process. The process, which combines clay or retarded mortar with normal mortar paste, allows engineers to create large concrete shapes while avoiding fast dehydration.
Full Story: Hackaday (2/24) 
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Innovations & Trends
Northwestern University researchers have tested a decentralized algorithm on a group of robots that were able to converge to form a predetermined shape. The algorithm could be used to help driverless cars avoid crashes and gridlock.
Full Story: Northwestern University McCormick School of Engineering (2/24) 
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Google reports its use of machine learning technology for the place-and-route process of chip design. Jeff Dean of Google says, "We've gotten super-human results on all the blocks we've tried so far."
Full Story: EE Times (2/26) 
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A team of researchers from Purdue University developed a stretchable, wearable radiofrequency MRI coil that is more convenient for patients undergoing scans and produces images on par with the current standard. The coil was able to reduce signal-to-noise ratio by up to 30%, compared with standard coils, which showed that "a full-scale device will be superior in all aspects of diagnostic testing, including increased sensitivity and fewer false positives," said Joseph Rispoli, an assistant professor at the university's College of Engineering.
Full Story: Health Imaging online (2/26) 
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A noninvasive device that uses ultrasound sensors to determine when a bladder is about to empty could prevent children from wetting the bed, according to a study published in Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing. The device warns parents through a smartphone app when their child may need to go to the bathroom.
Full Story: AI in Healthcare (2/25) 
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Seattle-based AltaRock Energy is working on technology that would use a high-frequency microwave-beam generator to penetrate rock at extreme depths and access geothermal energy. The company, which received a $3.9 million US Department of Energy grant to test the technology, says vaporizing rocks with millimeter waves may allow drillers to go up to 20 kilometers underground.
Full Story: IEEE Spectrum (2/2020) 
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Manufacturers are using virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality in areas beyond communication and visualization, moving into "more sophisticated and demanding tasks, such as quality control, production control and actual manufacturing in assembly lines," writes Aviad Almagor. Three-dimensional MR in particular can be used in areas such as safety, visual sequencing and quality assurance, he writes.
Full Story: IndustryWeek (2/26) 
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Leadership & Development
Industrial leaders need to publicly address issues ranging from the coronavirus outbreak to trade and tariff disputes to help others understand how they affect business, writes Sarah Kalhorn, vice president of industrial technology at Hotwire. She recommends starting with employees and shareholders before speaking to the public at large.
Full Story: IndustryWeek (2/26) 
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The ASME Innovation Showcase (ISHOW) is back and seeking top social innovators from around the world for its 2020 annual event. ISHOW is open to individuals and organizations taking physical products to market that will have a positive social and environmental impact. Applicants should have an existing prototype and be interested in receiving seed grants, technical support, and access to industry networks to assist in taking their product to market. In-person showcase events will take place in India on April 16; Kenya on May 6; and USA on June 25. Apply now through March 9 to win a share of $500K in grants, in-kind support, and a design & engineering review led by industry experts. Visit to begin your application and follow @ASMEishow on Twitter.
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ASME student members who are interested in applying for one of the Society’s more than 80 scholarships — including 20 ASME IGTI Gas & Turbomachinery Scholarships and the new Petroleum Engineering Scholarship — should act now. Scholarship applications must be submitted by March 3.
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