April 19, 2021
ASCD K-12 Leadership Brief
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Management & Leadership
Black educator finds healing, purpose with colleagues
Reba Hodge, vice principal of Van Duyn Elementary School in Syracuse, N.Y., discusses some of the frustrations and trauma she has experienced during the past year as a Black education leader amid the pandemic and the realities of racial violence in the US. Hodge writes about finding a "tribe" of colleagues who share common goals for creating an environment in which students of color can thrive, and that working with these peers has led to a renewed "sense of purpose and urgency."
Full Story: Education Week (4/12) 
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How did Bill Gates run Microsoft? Here's a look
Gates in 1993 (Dirck Halstead/Getty Images)
Bill Gates did not micromanage product development at Microsoft in the early 1990s because he had too many responsibilities, but his presence and principles created guardrails as well as space for developers to innovate, writes Steven Sinofsky, former president of the Windows Division. "Bill's approach of constantly balancing the tension between innovation and shipping, expanding the portfolio while maintaining coherency, and the injection of new ideas while also executing on existing work proved to be the most interesting 'management' lesson," Sinofsky writes.
Full Story: Substack/Hardcore Software (4/14) 
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Revamp Your School’s SEL Curriculum
We know it can be hard to teach students how to manage their emotions when feeling stressed out or overwhelmed. That's why you need Conover Online, an SEL curriculum that is designed for today's world where students need more than just academics to succeed. Sign up for a free trial today!
Career & Recruiting
Switching word choice can boost authority at work and lead to better outcomes. Instead of "you're welcome" say "I'm happy I was able to help"; instead of "I don't know" say "I'll find out"; and instead of "I can't" say "here's what I can do for you."
Full Story: Fast Company (tiered subscription model) (4/13) 
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How an unexpected path in academia led to the right fit
Andrew Martinez writes that landing an administrative job as college success manager for KIPP Through College & Career helped him realize that the tenure-track position that he thought was a crucial next step wouldn't have been the best fit for him. "Taking a different path reminded me why I was interested in higher education in the first place," Martinez writes in this blog post.
Full Story: Diverse: Issues In Higher Education (4/14) 
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The Education Essentials Company
Cambium Learning® Group is a family of companies providing award-winning education technology and services for K-12 markets. We focus on the elements that are essential to the success of education, delivering simpler, more certain solutions that make a difference right now.
Technology & Tools
Mont. district adds new tech, agriculture building
(Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
An Agriculture and Industrial Trades and Technology building is part of a construction and renovation project on the Stevensville Public Schools campus in Montana. The new building will include shop and classroom space to serve what district Superintendent Bob Moore says is designed to become a regional magnet program for students pursuing technical education.
Full Story: KPAX-TV (Missoula, Mont.) (4/16) 
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[Webinar] Level the Playing Field for Students with Equitable Career Experiences
With an upcoming school year different from any other, how can K-12 districts provide ALL students with the opportunity to see themselves in a wide variety of career roles? In this complimentary webinar, leaders in education will discuss how to provide students with equitable access to careers and how PBL can play a critical role in the process. REGISTER NOW
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Policy & Research
Limits on teaching about racism, sexism proposed
A display of candles spells the name of Daunte Wright, a Black man killed by a white police officer, at a protest in Seattle. (David Ryder/Getty Images)
Lawmakers in eight states -- Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Rhode Island and West Virginia -- have proposed legislation that would restrict how teachers can address issues of racism and sexism in classroom discussions with students. Some of the bills appear similar to an executive order during President Donald Trump's administration that restricted training of federal workers on the same topics.
Full Story: Education Week (4/15) 
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New from ASCD
Leaders have three classic responses to discord: avoidance, attack, and addressing. Authors Robert Feirsen and Seth Weitzman explain the healthiest approach for leaders to solve problems and promote a positive school culture in the April 2021 issue of Educational Leadership.
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School leaders' resilience is best built as a collective effort. The "Change Makers" program at UC Berkeley's Principal Leadership Institute gave school leaders across California the opportunity to work together to solve problems of practice and build their collective resilience -- check out their results in the April 2021 issue of Educational Leadership.
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