How teachers can model global citizenship | Tips to use multiple intelligences theory in classrooms | UN chief urges opportunities, access for girls
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October 16, 2018
ASCD Global Edition SmartBrief
An ASCD SmartBrief supplement for globally minded educators
Teaching & Learning in a Connected World
How teachers can model global citizenship
How teachers can model global citizenship
Dominican Republic flag (Pixabay)
Educators can help prepare students for the future by demonstrating how important is to "investigate the world," asserts Charle LaMonica, director of World View, a public service program at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. In this commentary, LaMonica shares how students benefited from a teacher's trip to the Dominican Republic in partnership with the Global Youth Leadership Institute.
Education Week (tiered subscription model) (10/11) 
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Tips to use multiple intelligences theory in classrooms
Research supports the concept of multiple intelligences -- that individuals have cognitive strengths beyond linguistic and logical reasoning -- but it is often confused with the idea of learning styles, asserts Howard Gardner, creator of the multiple intelligences theory. Gardner offers some tips to apply a multiple intelligences approach in the classroom, including personalizing lessons and integrating more arts education.
Edutopia online (10/15) 
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Globally Minded Leadership
UN chief urges opportunities, access for girls
United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for global access to education, job training and employment opportunities for girls as he marked Thursday's International Day of the Girl. "We need to equip girls with transferable and life-long skills, such as critical thinking, creativity and digital awareness," he said.
UrduPoint (Lahore, Pakistan) (English-language content) (10/11),  The Independent (London) (tiered subscription model) (10/11) 
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Education News from Around the World
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    Global Education Policy & Research
    Do cellphones affect teens' memory?
    Do cellphones affect teens' memory?
    (Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images)
    Teenagers who use their cellphones to make phone calls more often score slightly lower than their peers on a memory test, according to a study of 700 teens by researchers at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute in Basel, Switzerland. Researchers posit that radiation may be responsible for the difference.
    Science News (10/16) 
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    Does gender affect the teaching of science?
    Researchers have found that adults used less-technical vocabulary when teaching a science lesson to girls than to boys. The study's researchers examined video lessons that 80 college students -- most of whom were women -- created to teach an 8-year-old boy or girl.
    The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) (10/10) 
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    Stanford U. tops list of innovative colleges
    Stanford U. tops list of innovative colleges
    Stanford University (Pixabay)
    Stanford University, for the fourth straight year, sits atop the World's Most Innovative Universities list produced by Reuters. The rankings, which list the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University as second and third, respectively, recognizes institutions that advance science, invent technologies and create industries.
    Reuters (10/11) 
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    Project-Based Teaching: Fine-Tuning Instructional Strategies for Deep Learning
    In this interactive webinar, Suzie Boss and John Larmer, co-authors of "Project Based Teaching: How to Create Rigorous and Engaging Learning Experiences," will unpack the seven teaching practices that set the stage for successful teaching and learning during project-based learning. (October 23, 3:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time).
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    A school counselor puts social-emotional learning first
    Schools shouldn't always rely on teachers and staff to shepherd students through difficulties. After a counselor couldn't give students seeking her help the individual attention they deserved, she lobbied for a stronger SEL curriculum to provide students with more options. Social-emotional learning serves as a valuable supplement to one-on-one support by giving students the skills they need to overcome challenges.
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