US, French school partner on lessons | Study examines media literacy among Australian youth | How teachers can find the off switch
February 25, 2020
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Teaching & Learning in a Connected World
US, French school partner on lessons
French language students at a North Dakota high school are interacting with their peers in France through a partnership between their two schools. Teacher Lia Bradley says the school as a whole works to engage students in different cultures and ideas.
Full Story: Dickinson Press (N.D.) (2/24) 
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Children as young as 8 in Australia are interested in the news, but there are few outlets designed specifically for them, according to a survey by researchers at Western Sydney University and Queensland University of Technology. Data show that just one-third of youths studied said they were able to distinguish real news from fake news.
Full Story: The Conversation/Australia (2/25) 
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Mixing math and debate to make magic.
High school math teacher and debate coach, Chris Luzniak, longed to see his math students as empowered and engaged as the students on his debate team, so he wrote Up for Debate!. Now you, too, can create a classroom culture where students do the talking.
Globally Minded Leadership
How teachers can find the off switch
Teachers can choose to stop overthinking -- dwelling on a mistake or worrying about a future challenge -- according to Isabelle Boyd, a former secondary headteacher in Scotland. In this commentary, she shares several steps she takes to stay healthy mentally and physically, including drinking water and getting enough rest.
Full Story: TES (UK) (2/22) 
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Education leaders might want to consider a role in an international school, according to Gwen Byrom, director of education strategy at NLCS International. In this commentary, she shares 10 key ways the role could be challenging and exciting.
Full Story: TES (UK) (2/24) 
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Homshetsi, an Armenian dialect, is among the endangered tongues spoken in Turkey, and some are working to ensure it is around for more years to come. This article highlights efforts to preserve the language, such as several music albums containing songs in Homshetsi and a children's book that was translated into the language and published in 2016.
Full Story: Al-Monitor (2/23) 
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Earn a Degree Online in International Education
Whether it's studying abroad or peace and justice that interests you, Drexel University's online MS in Global & International Education provides the opportunity to learn while living in the communities you seek to impact. Become part of our global community of change agents and leaders. Start today.
Education News from Around the World
Global Education Policy & Research
Women in Arab countries are still disproportionately affected by illiteracy and leaders in the region should take further steps to support women's education, United Nations experts say. More than two-thirds of the world's 796 million illiterate people are women, data from UN Women shows.
Full Story: The National (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) (2/24) 
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New from ASCD
In the February 2020 installment of her monthly column, Carol Ann Tomlinson, Chair of Educational Leadership, Foundations, and Policy at the Curry School of Education, University of Virginia, discusses how one-size-fits-all literacy instruction fits no one. Read more in Educational Leadership.
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We want to hear your stories. In each issue, Educational Leadership's "Tell Us About" column publishes brief contributions from readers describing their experiences related to that issue's theme. For the May 2020 issue, we'd like to hear about a time you used the science of learning to inform a classroom practice. Share your 100- to 200-word submission by March 4.
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