October 26, 2021
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Teaching & Learning in a Connected World
Educators support student learning amid the pandemic
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Educators in Massachusetts are working to help students catch up this year amid concerns about learning loss because of the coronavirus pandemic. In one community, educators have adopted a "just-in-time" approach, in which students meet in small groups to review material learned previously to support learning this year.
Full Story: WBUR-FM (Boston) (10/25) 
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Global connections strengthen students' English skills
Harikrishna Patcharu, a teacher at a high school in India, is helping to improve his students' English-language skills by connecting them with students in 300 schools in 60 countries via Skype. Patcharu also participated in a letter exchange for students in 15 countries called Pen Pal.
Full Story: The New Indian Express (India) (10/26) 
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Eddie Arellano began a student-led tradition three decades ago to celebrate Hispanic contributions in literature, science, history and the arts at Dolores Huerta Elementary in Fort Worth, Texas. The project aims to use lessons students are learning and connect them to their heritage at the dual-language school, and the tradition has become so popular that neighboring schools are expanding the program to their students.
Full Story: Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Texas) (10/20) 
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SEL is the future of STEM
STEM education aims to prepare students to solve the big problems of the world, it's not enough just to know how to code and calculate. Creating solutions — especially for today's issues — means tapping into our humanity. We explore this connection between STEM and SEL at this year's SmartBrief Education STEM Pathways Summit on October 28. Register now!
Globally Minded Leadership
The Aspen Institute Education & Society Program's "Champions for School Climate" program celebrates school leaders who support positive and healthy school cultures. Among them are Elena Fabunan, principal of Global Community High School in Nevada, where all students identify as English-language learners.
Full Story: District Administration (10/20) 
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V. Komathy, a teacher in Malaysia, recently was awarded the Global Teacher Award from AKS Education. Komathy was selected from 26,000 candidates worldwide, in part, thanks to her work to engage students in chemistry.
Full Story: Mashable (10/25) 
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Taking a Multisensory Approach to K-5 Reading
Elementary school is a crucial time of growth in the educational journey of children, and strong literacy skills are a key facet of that journey. Using a multisensory approach to K-5 reading can lay a foundation for reading proficiency that lasts a lifetime. Learn how!
Education News from Around the World
Why Education Leaders Need Coaches, Too
Teachers and staff carry an ever greater responsibility for student success. And if there was ever a time when leader coaching and professional development were needed, it's now. Read this SmartFocus to make sure your leader PD and coaching has the potential for greatest impact.
Global Education Policy & Research
China has adopted a law aimed at addressing dual pressures of homework and off-site tutoring. Under the law, local governments are instructed to help curb those pressures and parents are asked to help students manage their time, so they get enough rest and exercise.
Full Story: Reuters (10/22) 
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Putting Emphasis on Purposeful Play
As the landscape for K-12 education continues to evolve during and eventually beyond the pandemic, there should be emphasis on varied learning styles, different life experiences, and equity in learning entry points. Here's how you can support and empower educators with purposeful play - learn more!
New from ASCD
What offers great benefits at little cost? Gratitude, taking the time to express appreciation. On the ASCD blog, Tom Hoerr explains that if we want to elicit kindness from others, we need to visibly show it, and a simple and appropriate way to do that is to express our gratitude.
Full Story: ASCD Inservice (10/20) 
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The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) released its newest results last week. In this case, it published "long-term trends" in reading and math achievement among 9- and 13-year-olds. David Griffith breaks down the report's top takeaways on the ASCD blog.
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