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January 17, 2020
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How to succeed with curriculum mapping
How to succeed with curriculum mapping
The benefits of curriculum mapping -- including efficiencies and improved outcomes for students -- are "indisputable," according to Jennifer Mitchell, coordinator of curriculum and professional development in Pennsylvania's Mifflin County School District. In this blog post, she shares strategies to help implement effective curriculum mapping.
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Real-life examples boost fraction understanding
Real-life examples boost fraction understanding
Using representational drawings or concrete examples from daily life can help students make sense of fractions, writes former teacher LauraMarie Coleman. She gives an example of asking students how they would divide a giant chocolate chip cookie to share and making a bar drawing to visualize the problem.
The 74 (1/14) 
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“Best PD I’ve been to all year!”
Global challenges are an opportunity for thought-provoking lesson plans. Let Population Education's cross-curricular, hands-on PD workshops provide your teachers with standards-based content and differentiated strategies that are fun and memorable for students. Learn More about PDs
Transformational Leadership
Can design thinking improve PD?
Three educators at the Future of Education Technology Conference shared a professional development model that uses design thinking to offer a richer experience for teachers. During their presentation they shared how their "CampTEACH, for Technology Empowering Academic Change" program helps educators integrate technology effectively into the classroom.
Education Dive (1/16) 
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Webinar: Making High School Relevant
LAUSD struggled to engage teens and prepare them for college and work. Linked Learning, an innovative approach that integrates academics, CTE, work-based learning, and personalized supports was the answer. Hear their story. Watch on-demand.
Technology in the Classroom
Study: Internet algorithms unnerve students
Study: Internet algorithms unnerve students
College students are concerned about the use of internet algorithms and potential threats to their personal privacy, according to a study by the nonprofit Project Information Literacy. Researchers found, however, that while students are knowledgeable overall about algorithms, they are less aware of how their data is used.
EdSurge (1/16) 
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Managing Budgets
Ga. considers some restrictions on dual enrollment
Lawmakers in Georgia are considering a plan by Gov. Brian Kemp to place some limitations on the state's dual-enrollment program. Under the proposal, high-school students would be limited to earning 30 college credit hours and only upperclassmen could participate, in an effort to control costs.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (free content) (1/15) 
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Policy Watch
Trump offers protection for prayer in schools
Trump offers protection for prayer in schools
President Trump (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
President Donald Trump announced from the Oval Office on Thursday a move to protect prayer in public schools, as part of a larger effort among nine federal agencies that rolls back a rule from the Obama administration. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said the Education Department intends to issue a reminder for schools that prayer in schools is protected under the Constitution.
The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (1/16),  Education Week (tiered subscription model) (1/16) 
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Alaska measure would require mental health instruction in schools
A measure from Democratic Alaska state Rep. Matt Claman would require school health curricula to include mental health instruction. The bill looks to foster discussions about mental health and erase the stigma.
The Anchorage Press (Alaska) (1/15) 
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Broaden your idea of what it means to compose.
In her new book, Writing, Redefined, Shawna Coppola challenges us to think outside the traditions of writing to go beyond pen and paper. By allowing ourselves and our students to redefine writing, we redefine what it means to be a writer.
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Study links Smart Snacks program to lower fat, sugar intake
A study in JAMA Network Open found implementing the Smart Snacks in School standards in 310 US public schools was associated with a mean decrease of 53.9 kilocalories per day from solid fats and sugars. Students in states with Smart Snacks in School laws consumed fewer kcals from solid fats and added sugars, compared with students in states that did not have laws requiring implementation of the program.
The American Journal of Managed Care online (1/15) 
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New from ASCD
ASCD Policy Priorities / Do We Really Want Education in the Campaign Spotlight?
The presidential campaign season will begin in earnest this February with the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary. Which means it's now time for the quadrennial complaint from the K–12 cognoscenti about the failure of the candidates -- or the voting public -- to make education a top campaign issue.
Read a free chapter from "Becoming a Globally Competent School Leader"
Schools today face a crisis of relevance. Issues that people everywhere face -- climate change, disease, hunge -- require interdisciplinary solutions. Yet schools are still predominantly organized by single-subject courses and narrowly focused high-stakes tests. Read the First Chapter in ASCD's latest book, "Becoming a Globally Competent School Leader," by Ariel Tichnor-Wagner.
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