July 30, 2021
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Teaching and Learning
Opinion: Re-imagining education post-pandemic
Education will require a new approach once the coronavirus pandemic subsides, writes Josh Thomases, executive vice president of the Great Oaks Foundation. In this commentary, Thomases shares potential causes for alarm -- including attendance and enrollment figures -- and a potential path forward.
Full Story: The Hechinger Report (7/28) 
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Irshad Manji has developed the Moral Courage Method, which empowers students to hear rather than fear different perspectives. In this blog post, Manji shares tips to help students communicate across differences.
Full Story: SmartBrief/Education (7/29) 
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Keeping students and teachers connected.
Access to technology has never been more critical for students to thrive & teachers to succeed. AT&T is providing affordable solutions for school districts to connect students & teachers—in and out of the classroom—so the learning never stops.
Transformational Leadership
The coronavirus pandemic has been an opportunity to introduce block scheduling in East Haven Public Schools, writes Erica Forti, the Connecticut district's superintendent. In this commentary, Forti writes about how the approach, brought on as "disruptive change," has helped support academic progress while meeting the safety and health needs of the school community.
Full Story: Education Week (7/27) 
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Stakeholder Input is Vital to the Success of Virtual Learning
Educational stakeholders share an overwhelming belief in the importance of learning, and their support is crucial to online programs. This SmartFocus looks at the vital roles and strategies of teachers, parents, community partners, and students in the success of virtual learning programs.
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Technology in the Classroom
The Open Skills Network is working with employers and others to develop a system of skills-based data that would reconsider traditional measures used in the workforce -- such as college degrees, Marni Baker Stein of Western Governors University writes in this opinion piece. The system will allow workers to better demonstrate skills they have and could help to promote equity in hiring, Stein asserts.
Full Story: EdSurge (7/28) 
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Teachers and parents may want to re-evaluate how they view social media when it comes to their youth, writes Rick Hess, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and the director of the think tank's Education Policy Studies. In this commentary, Hess asserts that social media can be valuable, but that students need to be better equipped and trained to navigate its complexities.
Full Story: Education Week (7/28) 
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Managing Budgets
Lawmakers in Congress are considering an infrastructure plan that would include $5 billion for zero- and low-emission school buses and billions more for broadband internet. However, it's unclear whether schools will receive additional funding for infrastructure needs, which have risen during the coronavirus pandemic.
Full Story: Education Week (7/29) 
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New from ASCD
During the 2020 pandemic, teachers quickly learned to adapt and innovate in their teaching. However, does innovative teaching necessarily mean that students will be more innovative? Learn three ways that teachers can alter lesson planning to bring student innovative thinking to the forefront in Educational Leadership.
Leaders must consider each lesson in the context of the curricular unit that lesson is part of, notes curriculum planning expert Jay McTighe. While a leader can review one lesson, she should recognize that, like one element of a meal, one lesson is a necessary but insufficient part of an overall learning experience. Learn more in Educational Leadership.
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Policy Watch
Biden: Schools should help children access vaccines
Biden (Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)
Schools and pharmacies should prioritize children for coronavirus vaccination, President Joe Biden said Thursday. Biden encouraged school districts to hold pop-up vaccination clinics, and for pharmacies to prioritize children 12 and older for vaccines as well as to partner with districts to expand vaccination efforts.
Full Story: Education Week (7/29) 
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Faculty Lounge
Twenty inmates of a Wisconsin prison have earned bachelor's degrees in biblical studies with a minor in psychology from Trinity International University, becoming the state corrections system's first class to complete a four-year degree, said Kevin Carr of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. August White, a 34-year-old graduate, said at the graduation ceremony: "Let us ... be a signal that those considered some of the worst of society can transform into some of the better of society."
Full Story: Wisconsin State Journal/The Capital Times (Madison) (7/28) 
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