AI system alerts drivers, pedestrians to avert collisions | Ohio smart safety project to launch in July | Tesla's Autopilot saves lives when tree falls on road
February 18, 2020
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AI system alerts drivers, pedestrians to avert collisions
More than 750,000 pedestrians and cyclists were killed in road accidents in 2018, and even as vehicle technology improves, the "hidden pedestrian" problem -- in which people appear after having been behind obstacles -- is still a challenge. But startup Viziblezone is using artificial intelligence, machine learning and devices to simultaneously alert drivers and pedestrians when there's a high risk of an imminent accident.
Full Story: VentureBeat (2/13) 
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Innovation and Technology
Columbus, Ohio, is preparing to test vehicle-to-infrastructure communication. A network launching in July will cover some of the city's most dangerous intersections, with roadside units communicating with up to 1,800 private cars, city buses, emergency vehicles and freight vehicles.
Full Story: TechRepublic (2/14) 
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Tesla's Autopilot is credited with saving the lives of eight people in two Model X vehicles that were traveling on the same road when a large oak tree fell in their path. The emergency braking function activated on both cars, and one of the drivers said his family "would have been killed without it."
Full Story: CleanTechnica (2/17) 
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Widespread deployment of autonomous cars may be years down the road, but the deployment of connected cars has arrived. Connected cars are increasingly using 5G technology to manage telematics, vehicle-to-everything communication and the vehicle's occupants.
Full Story: ZDNet (2/3) 
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Artificial intelligence and autonomous mobility systems are among the technologies expected to make their mark on fleet management in the coming years, according to Kevin Aires of Verizon Connect. Smart video data is another key technology, as it can be used to improve driver safety and transport efficiency.
Full Story: Contracting Business online (2/12) 
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Amazon reveals details on coming fleet of high-tech vans
(David Becker/Getty Images)
Amazon has ordered 100,000 custom electric delivery vehicles as it seeks to reach carbon-neutral status by 2040. The vans, to be made by Rivian at a plant in Illinois for delivery by next year, will include pedestrian warning systems, distracted-driver alert functions and technology that integrates the company's logistics management system.
Full Story: Business Insider (2/4) 
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Safety Products in the News
London city leaders have set up computers that scan roads and sidewalks to identify the locations of pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles with nearly perfect accuracy. Scan data from the two-year trial will inform changes and investments in those roads, such as improved pedestrian spaces.
Full Story: BBC (2/7) 
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Public safety agencies in Scott County, Ky., are using an upgraded radio system with six towers to improve coverage and service. Police in the city of Georgetown have also started using the Relay app to be notified about nonemergency incidents.
Full Story: WKYT-TV (Lexington, Ky.) (2/3) 
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Policy News
House panel to develop AV legislation
(Jeff Kowalsky/AFP via Getty Images)
A draft of a bipartisan bill that would set rules for autonomous vehicles is coming "very soon," said Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., the chairwoman of the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on consumer protection. The subcommittee on Tuesday held a hearing at which automakers, safety and public health groups, and local transportation officials spoke about self-driving vehicles.
Full Story: The Hill (2/11) 
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South Dakota legislation prohibiting the handheld use of mobile electronic devices while driving would improve road safety in the state, where crashes have increased 10% over the past five years, APCIA's Steve Schneider said. "Distracted driving is a growing epidemic in South Dakota and across the country," and such activity puts "motorists, their passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists in real danger," Schneider said.
Full Story: Aberdeen American News (S.D.) (tiered subscription model) (2/7) 
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