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November 20, 2020
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Leadership Strategies
"Leading from your heart" is described by Anne Taylor as the people skills, communication and behavior that, along with business acumen, can improve relationships and organizational outcomes. She offers seven steps for implementing such leadership for yourself and for others.
Full Story: Business Matters (UK) (11/17) 
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A leader is someone who builds relationships with everyone on the team, takes responsibility for their growth and success, and does so without seeking personal glory, writes Wally Bock. Leadership is difficult "because you must do the right things, every day, over and over, with unremitting diligence," he writes.
Full Story: Three Star Leadership (11/19) 
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Studying the way others lead and practicing those skills are stepping stones to entrepreneurial success, as investor Allan Young did on his path from skipping high school classes to leading startup accelerators, write Jonathan Littman and Susanna Camp in this book excerpt. Being disciplined, persevering and showing employees that you care are among the lessons Young learned on his entrepreneurial journey, they write.
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Become the Next Public Health Leader
In public health you're called to protect health and save lives. The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health trains you online for a career that makes an impact. With hi-tech classrooms and interactive teaching, get a campus experience from anywhere, on any device, from the world's #1 school of public health. Make your impact.
Communication & Teamwork
People who try too hard to please everyone need to work on themselves while still being considerate of others, writes Dan Rockwell. He offers 10 tips for learning how to speak up in a more productive, respectful way.
Full Story: Leadership Freak (11/18) 
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Management Tips
Sometimes it seems easier and faster to do something yourself, but there are ways to change this mindset. "Delegating, when done well, not only reduces your own workload, it develops your employees, gives you and your team a bigger range of skills and impact, provides emergency back-up (since you're not the only one who knows how to do something), creates inclusive opportunities, empowers people, and retains talent," writes leadership consultant Deborah Grayson Riegel.
Full Story: Fast Company online (11/17) 
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The first 90 days on the job for a new hire are critical to keep them happy and engaged with the company. "Employers should even consider relational onboarding, moving from the transactional nature of onboarding to an elongated process to ensure employees not only gain knowledge but feel supported as well as connected to the company," writes Bernard Coleman, head of employee engagement at Gusto.
Full Story: Inc. (tiered subscription model) (11/18) 
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Focus on Wellness
Pandemic may change how people view aging, retirement
The coronavirus pandemic may change how Americans view aging and retirement -- in good ways and bad -- for years to come, experts say. Among the possible changes are declining lifespans, more end-of-life-care planning and a trend toward aging at home.
Full Story: The Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model) (11/15) 
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A new survey found that pandemic restrictions have resulted in Americans spending more time exercising but reducing their workout intensity. More than 60% of adults surveyed said they were meeting World Health Organization recommendations of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week, a nearly 8% increase from before the pandemic, while the intensity of workouts dropped significantly as people exercised at home.
Full Story: HealthDay News (11/17) 
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Daily Diversion
The Atlantic Ocean island of Tristan da Cunha has become the largest zone of protection for endangered species such as the northern rockhopper penguins. Only 245 people live on the island, which makes money by allowing commercial fishing for crayfish.
Full Story: The Associated Press (11/13) 
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IPs play a vital role in multidisciplinary improvement efforts, often serving as team member, facilitator, project manager and leader. In this complex health care environment, IPs may have leadership responsibilities without leadership titles but are still expected to get the job done. Join us as Tiffany L. Dogan, MPH, CIC, Lead Infection Preventionist at UCLA Health in Los Angeles, presents "Put Me In, Coach! Leading Without Authority" as part of APIC Live Online, a one-day virtual conference focusing on the skills IPs need now. Register today.
It's hard to believe the holidays are just around the corner. While holidays will certainly be different this year, with a little creativity and attention to safe practices, we can enjoy this festive time and keep each other safe. Read APIC's tips on safe holiday gatherings during COVID-19.
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