January 15, 2021
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Leadership Strategies
Leaders need to keep up their enthusiasm and passion for the job, and they can do so by continuously improving their craft and remembering what it's like to be a new member of the team, writes David Dye. "You've solved this problem 55 times, but your newest person is just learning and the magic of expanding their capacity is waiting for your leadership," he writes.
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How to help your team all year, not just in January
The new year doesn't wipe away ongoing challenges, so leaders must continue to be resilient, compassionate, consistent and encouraging to help employees be inspired and motivated, writes Julie Winkle Giulioni. "Leaders who train their eyes to find and celebrate the positive inspire the same in those around them," she writes.
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Smart leaders recognize when they're being overtaken by bad habits such as trying to control everything, creating too many rules or thinking they don't need feedback or advice, writes Lolly Daskal. "Even smart, committed leaders have blind spots, and you may be needlessly frustrating and irritating people with unthinking behavior and attitudes," she writes.
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Communication & Teamwork
Communication without preparation, an agenda and pertinent details can cloud your message, writes Vanessa Wasche, founder of On Point Speaking. "Begin your preparation by thinking of the points your audience wants you to address, then see if you can 'match' or speak to those points," Wasche writes.
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Taking notes can help you record your thoughts and remember more, but the structure of your note-taking can provide greater benefits down the road, writes Scott H. Young. "If you have the structure you're trying to build in mind, as you listen, however, you'll be much more likely to pay attention to what you're learning in a way that benefits you later," he writes.
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Management Tips
When employees are feeling "stuck, struggling or successful," leaders should be able to reframe stories to provide hope, encouragement and motivation, writes Mark Sanborn. "Sometimes people need to be resold on themselves; to hear the encouragement from someone they know and trust that they can do it," he writes.
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Leaders should be starting 2021 by looking to innovate, anticipate change and rethink everything from their office space to their mission, says Denise Lee Yohn in this video and blog post. "Also, we need to craft an optimistic vision of the future of our business and set realistic goals for everyone -- and then show how we plan to achieve them," she says.
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Focus on Wellness
Want to feel better? Climb a tree or hit the trail
Activities such as tree-climbing and an exercise called hip-controlled articular rotations -- or hip cars -- are not only good for physical fitness and mindfulness, but research shows tree-climbing is associated with reduced fatigue and increased vitality, while hip cars are good for supporting lower-back health. Walking and hiking in nature can also improve mental well-being and help reduce cortisol levels in the body.
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Daily Diversion
Cuneiform tablets found in the ruins of Kanesh, in modern-day Turkey, from the 19th century B.C. show women were deeply involved in the textile trade business with Iraq, writing to their brothers and husbands about issues of profits and fraud. The letters are part of a book about the thriving business of the Assyrian traders who sold textiles and other luxury goods.
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