Vegetable oil-based biofuel could disrupt European market | Brazil's soy industry moves from beans to meal | Company markets motor oil derived from high-oleic soybean oil
December 4, 2019
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Industry Update
Vegetable oil-based biofuel could disrupt European market
As Europe produces more biofuel using hydrotreated vegetable oil, observers are speculating on how much the development will affect demand for traditional biofuel feedstock such as rapeseed. If vegetable oil-based fuel replaces some biofuels that create glycerine as a byproduct, that could have ramifications for the pharmaceutical, personal care and food industries.
ICIS News (UK) (free content) (11/28) 
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Brazil's soy industry moves from beans to meal
Increased demand for soybean oil as a biofuel feedstock means Brazil is exporting more soybean meal and fewer whole beans. The trend is further fueled by the imminent lapse of an agricultural exemption from taxes that hit raw products harder than refined ones.
Farm Futures (11/26) 
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Food, Nutrition & Health
Companies make more versatile shortenings from soy, palm oil
New plant-based shortening products offer improved versatility and temperature tolerances for use in baking and icings, manufacturers say. Options made from soybeans and palm oil have hit the market this year.
Baking Business (free registration) (11/27) 
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Blended products, 3D printing on the horizon in meat substitute market
Researchers are working on techniques for producing synthetic meat products with 3D printing or culturing animal cells as alternatives to the extrusion methods used by current popular meat alternatives. Meanwhile, products that blend natural meat with meat substitutes are poised for a surge, and might have even greater potential for environmental and health benefits than the pure vegan versions.
Forbes (11/26),  GreenBiz (11/27) 
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Research News
Research: A look at how fat boosts prostate cancer
Researchers in Canada have learned that a diet high in saturated fat accelerates the growth of prostate cancer by increasing the expression of genes that promote cancer growth. Meanwhile, a separate study by the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo, N.Y., identified a protein that appears to inhibit the growth of prostate tumors.
The McGill (University) Daily (Montreal) (11/28),  UroToday (12/2) 
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Protein defense found against microbes that degrade biofuel
A military scientist has found proteins that keep microbes from growing in fuel tanks by interfering with the way the microbes transport toxic substances through their membranes. Microbes infesting tanks can degrade fuel, especially biodiesel, which often contains fatty acid methyl esters on which microbes thrive.
Biofuels Digest (11/27) 
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