January 19, 2022
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Industry Update
Lipid-based nanoparticles have drawn increased attention as a key structural ingredient in COVID-19 vaccines, but they have been used in many pharmaceutical applications, especially cancer and HIV treatments. The nanoparticles approved by regulatory agencies thus far have included phosphatidylcholine lipids, cholesterol and either a pegylated- or charged-lipid designed in a combination that plays a major role in particle stability during storage and in-vivo.
Full Story: AZoNano (1/17),  The New York Times (1/15) 
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Federated Co-operatives Ltd. and AGT Foods are planning a new canola crushing and renewable diesel production facility in Sasketchewan. Meanwhile, Scoular has opened the first new flax processing facility to launch in Western Canada in nearly a decade.
Full Story: BNN Bloomberg (Canada) (1/17),  Food Business News (free registration) (1/14) 
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Food, Nutrition & Health
Future Food-Tech and Danone North America have opened a challenge seeking a casein alternative that can improve the properties of plant-based cheese alternatives. "We are looking for plant proteins that can deliver specific functionality, like gelling, or like emulsification," said Takoua Debeche, chief research and innovation officer for Danone North America.
Full Story: Food Business News (free registration) (1/14) 
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In two articles about the fish oil industry, the Guardian looks at environmental concerns about Peru's anchovy fishery and research showing that some fish oil supplements may contain rancid oil. "If you go out and buy fish oil, there is at least a one in five chance of you getting an oil more oxidised than the recommended level," said Ben Albert, a fellow at the University of Auckland.
Full Story: The Guardian (London) (1/18),  The Guardian (London) (1/17) 
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Research News
A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that adding at least half a tablespoon or more of olive oil to a person's daily diet could lower their risk of death from heart disease by 19%. Olive oil was also associated with a 29% lower mortality risk for neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.
Full Story: United Press International (1/10) 
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A new analysis of blood sample data has found that higher omega-3 levels were associated with lower levels of a marker for inflammation. "The nice thing about this study is we were able to show this effect in essentially healthy people," said William Harris, head of the Fatty Acid Research Institute.
Full Story: NutraIngredients (1/13) 
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From the Inform News Desk
Keynote speakers for the 2022 Canadian Lipids and Proteins Conference
Don't miss your chance to hear Michael Eskin, Professor at the University of Manitoba, and Dana McCauley, chief experience officer of the Canadian Food Innovation Network, speak at the 2022 Canadian Lipids and Proteins Conference, taking place online Feb. 4-5. Eskin will highlight the "fun but serious game" of playing with lipids while McCauley will discuss current and future opportunities for food innovation in Canada. Register now.
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Last call: learn how to design lamellar gel networks
Register now to attend a three-day AOCS Continuing Education Program course on using the lamellar gel network (LGN) model to design cosmetic and personal care emulsions, scheduled for Jan. 24 and 27-28. Dr. Ricardo Diez of Rutgers University will demonstrate LGN to achieve sensory properties, actives delivery and scale-up and stability. A certificate will be provided to attendees of the entire course.
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