October 28, 2021
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Business-to-business marketers can be more successful by using empathy in five key ways, starting by understanding why prospects are seeking a new solution and showing how their brand can solve particular pain points, Nick Vasilikaris writes. Research trends and keywords to create content that's relevant to each stage of the buying journey, communicate your unique value across social media and other channels, and show customers that your brand is invested in their success, Vasilikaris recommends.
Full Story: MarketingProfs (free registration) (10/26) 
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Practical tips: how to elevate your video marketing efforts
You're about to get a crash course on all things video marketing - from setting goals and buying the right gear, to generating more leads and measuring your success. It's all right here, in this guide.
General Insights & Strategies
Marketers can boost engagement with their social media communities by replying to users' comments about their content and by posting more videos, particularly livestreams, Emily Heaslip writes. Share content from users that mentions your brand and create a buzz with social contests and giveaways are two other suggestions Heaslip offers.
Full Story: CO— (US Chamber of Commerce) (10/26) 
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Reassess targets, processes when sales reps miss goals
It may be time to reassess and adjust sales quotas when salespeople are regularly missing their targets, writes Susan McCullin. On an individual level, foster improvement by helping sales representatives focus upon their strengths while shoring up weaknesses.
Full Story: The Center for Sales Strategy (10/27) 
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2021 Hispanic Market Report
Get intelligence-driven insights for U.S. Hispanics to help you effectively define, target, engage and accurately measure ROI impact. Download Report.
Best Practices
Taking time to develop your skills and showing patience when networking and executing ideas can pay off in the long-run, writes author and business school professor Dorie Clark. "A key part of playing the long game is building long-term relationships, and the fastest way to blow that up is to ask a new contact for a favor too soon," writes Clark.
Full Story: Next Big Idea Club Magazine (10/26) 
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Develop a deeper trust in yourself by listening to your intuition, honoring your emotions, forgiving your mistakes and being willing to risk failure, writes Mike Robbins. "As we build up our ability to take risks, we also grow our capacity for courage, expanding our ability to trust ourselves," Robbins writes.
Full Story: Mike Robbins (10/25) 
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Make critical feedback short and concise even as you offer examples of poor performance and some suggestions on improvement, writes Scott Eblin. "Delivering the reality of tough performance feedback without offering the support and substance that provides hope for improvement is pretty much leadership malpractice," Eblin writes.
Full Story: Eblin Group (10/26) 
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Open your Snapchat.
Tap into the power of Snap AR to revolutionize how your business connects and drives results
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TIP: A Simple Strategy to Inspire High Performance and Lasting Success
Whatever your role, or level of success in your career, TIP will help you discover, or remember, how to consistently bring unique value to your team, your organization, and your most important customers. This easy read will provide a strategy for personal success, complete with coaching and action plans. Download now.
Effective Communication Skills—The 10 Things You Need to Know
This tips and tricks guide starts with explaining what communication skills are and the importance of them in the workplace. Then it will provide you with the top 10 communication skills and how to obtain each of them. This guide has everything you need to sharpen those skills. Download now.
Marketing Technology & Innovation
LinkedIn boosts engagement, ad sales
LinkedIn engagement reached record levels, user sessions were up 19% and ad sales rose 42% during the third quarter (compared with Q3 2020) amid growing demand and an expanding job market, according to parent Microsoft. The social platform is betting future growth on more advertising tools, digital events and creator tools and creator funding initiatives.
Full Story: Social Media Today (10/27),  GeekWire (10/26) 
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Expand and Unify Your Customer View
The average person has at least two email addresses; are you considering their relationship in your targeting and measurement strategy? Leveraging hashed email can establish a connection between emails along with other associated digital identifiers. Learn more here
Association News
Consumer loyalty toward brands has been tested by isolation, social distancing and downright fear over the course of the pandemic. But according to a report by social media firm Talkwalker, brands that provided emotional reassurance, an escape from reality, or opportunities for self-care have been the most successful, and the most loved. Build a meaningful connection.
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