Cryopreserved tissue aids healing of diabetic ulcer | Maine hospital offers interdisciplinary wound care program | Cold plasma patch can aid would healing
January 10, 2018
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Cryopreserved tissue aids healing of diabetic ulcer
An Iowa woman with a nonhealing diabetic foot ulcer was treated successfully with Grafix, cryopreserved human placental tissue, at the Wound Care Center at Mercy Medical Center. The treatment "really is a game-changer for these types of injuries and these types of ulcers," said Michael Garrett, a certified hyperbaric wound specialist and advanced registered nurse practitioner at Mercy.
Sioux City Journal (Iowa) (1/7) 
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Maine hospital offers interdisciplinary wound care program
Maine's Blue Hill Memorial Hospital developed an interdisciplinary program to treat diabetic ulcers, venous stasis ulcers and other chronic wounds and to offer ostomy care and negative pressure therapy management. The program will work with vascular and surgical specialists as well as dermatologists and primary care physicians throughout the region.
The Ellsworth American (Ellsworth, Maine) (1/8) 
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Cold plasma patch can aid would healing
A German company, COLDPLASMATECH, is using a cold plasma patch, which carries an electrical charge and can generate a magnetic field, to help kill drug-resistant bacteria and encourage chronic wound healing. Another company, Biovotec, processes the membranes from chicken eggshells to manufacture a natural material that also can be used for dressing wounds.
Horizon (EU) (1/5) 
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Other News
Research, Technology & Innovation
Offloading boot monitors compliance
Sensoria Health is partnering with Optima Molliter to develop a smart boot, called Motus Smart, that can monitor patient compliance. The offloading device, intended to improve healing of diabetic foot ulcers, uses text messages and a web interface to record compliance and communicate with caregivers and clinicians.
MobiHealthNews (1/4) 
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Research shows efficacy of sucrose octasulfate dressing in diabetic foot ulcer
A study in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology showed that 48% of patients with noninfected neuroischemic diabetic foot ulcers who were treated with sucrose octasulfate dressing achieved wound closure at week 20, compared with 30% of those on placebo. Researchers evaluated 240 patients from 43 hospitals in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, and found that those in the active treatment group had a significantly shorter estimated time to wound closure than those in the placebo group.
Medscape (free registration) (1/3) 
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Health Policy & Regulation
CBO: Repeal of ACA mandate penalty will affect CHIP enrollment, spending
CBO: Repeal of ACA mandate penalty will affect CHIP enrollment, spending
(Alex Wong/Getty Images)
A Congressional Budget Office analysis found that elimination of the Affordable Care Act penalty for Americans who don't buy health insurance means fewer parents are likely to sign their children up for coverage under the Children's Health Insurance Program. However, if CHIP funding is not renewed, some parents will turn to ACA markets for coverage, where enrollment will increase and the government will ultimately spend more on children's health care, according to the report.
The Examiner (Washington, D.C.) (1/5) 
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