April 22, 2021
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Dove, Lizzo say it's time for "The Selfie Talk"
(Dove Canada/YouTube)
Dove has teamed with Lizzo to promote its global campaign, "The Selfie Talk," which encourages parents to use the brand's "Confidence Kit" to address negative feelings girls might have about their appearance due to unrealistic portrayals and pressure on social media. A "Reverse Selfie" spot shows the amount of editing that goes into creating social selfies by reversing one girl's actions, and revealing the emotions that started the process.
Full Story: Marketing Dive (4/21),  Adweek (4/21) 
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It’s time to reimagine marketing
Think today's consumer expectations are high? You haven't seen anything yet. Listen to this podcast as we explore the future of customer experience. Global co-hosts demystify digital transformation, AI and other marketing buzzwords so brands can reimagine marketing for their organizations. Explore the podcast
Companies & Campaigns
Sid Lee, Dos Equis say "Get a Dos"
(Dos Equis/YouTube)
Sid Lee USA created a "Get a Dos" campaign for Dos Equis that features a 30-second "Pregame" launch spot showing friends getting ready to meet each other for a night out in a bar -- but fashion and grooming missteps abound as everyone is out of the habit. "We'll get the hang of it. A Dos of comeback," copy reads.
Full Story: Muse by Clio (4/21),  Marketing Dive (4/21),  Ad Age (tiered subscription model) (4/21) 
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Argonaut shows how Fitbit helps with self-care
Argonaut's global campaign for Fitbit encourages people to "shift the patterns" and take a holistic approach to their health. The push starts with two spots and out-of-home work, with Argonaut's Hunter Hindman saying it shows "how Fitbit is the only platform that helps you recognize and shift your patterns with small steps, to ensure that, as we open up and return to the world, we fit ourselves in."
Full Story: Ad Age (tiered subscription model) (4/21) 
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Global Omni-Channel Benchmarks Report
2020 upended the way we engage with content, and brands have had to adjust accordingly. Download Innovid's Global Omni-Channel Benchmarks Report to learn how advertising trends have shifted in such an unprecedented year.
Market Trends
Research by The Unstereotype Alliance and Kantar reveals that advertising that progressively portrays women and men performs better, and ads that have a higher "Unstereotype Metric" increase purchase intent, enjoyment and brand credibility. "When brands paint an inclusive and diverse picture of society, they play a role in redefining what is considered mainstream," says Unilever's Aline Santos, one of the founders of The Unstereotype Alliance.
Full Story: Adweek (4/21) 
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Social media platforms present the biggest accessibility difficulties for people with any disability across four categories in a study by IPG Mediabrands Magna -- visual, hearing, speech and cognitive. "This audience is consuming a lot of content, so brands need to ensure they put in the work to make communications more accessible," says Magna Global's Kara Manatt.
Full Story: MediaPost Communications (free registration) (4/21) 
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Poll: Most employees oppose government-required vaccine
(Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images)
A Society for Human Resource Management survey found 62% of Americans in the workforce oppose a government-mandated COVID-19 vaccination, although employer-mandated vaccinations received 52% support. Remote workers were more likely to back a government requirement than on-site workers.
Full Story: Society for Human Resource Management (tiered subscription model) (4/20) 
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NEW Survey Results: Beyond the Cookie Report
How are marketers and publishers preparing for a post-cookie world? We surveyed 1,000 decision-makers to find out. Get a copy of "Beyond the Cookie: The Future of Advertising for Marketers & Publishers" from Lotame to learn how companies are preparing. Access the report here.
Reader's Hot Take
Marketers' new superpower: Sustainability for brands
Corey Newman
Executive VP, Strategy + Innovation Director
Deutsch NY
Now is our chance to be more sustainable as brands and marketers. Marketing sustainability is already en vogue. Just today you have probably seen something about a "clean" brand doing something new. This emphasis on transparency is good for both brand and public -- especially when done as earnestly as possible. It's a new superpower marketers are exploring: "What if our marketing team pushed our leadership and product development team to clean things up, so we can tell the right feel-good story?" We can't step on the brakes now -- customers now expect sustainability, and their expectations will only mount as uncertainty and environmental challenges become more salient.
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Marketing Performance Reporting Best Practices
If you had to answer on a scale of 'spreadsheets' to 'expertise,' where would you rate your current digital marketing performance reporting skills? If you're falling anywhere short of an expert, it's time to start showcasing your work in beautiful, automated reports. Get the guide.
Snap's advancing technology during the pandemic propelled its augmented reality capabilities from an entertainment tool to a revenue generator for brands such as Estee Lauder and Gucci Beauty. Snap's latest hand-tracking technology is expected to expand its appeal among vertical businesses with applications such as clothing and jewelry try-ons, and Manning Gottlieb OMD's Phaedra Poulimenou says the "possibilities are endless when brands think creatively."
Full Story: The Drum (free registration) (4/20) 
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