January 21, 2022
SmartBrief on Leadership
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Leading Edge
Legendary football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant embodied the leadership values of hard work, preparation and dedication, writes Wally Bock. What leaders do matters "because your people watch how you act [and] figure out how they should act," Bock writes.
Full Story: Three Star Leadership (1/20) 
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Smart leaders deal with challenges by being realistic, curious and willing to make the changes that are needed, writes Chick-fil-A executive and author Mark Miller. Leaders must also create space in their lives "to reflect, assess, think, create and plan," Miller writes.
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Strategic Management
Ideation is better than rehashing old ideas, but your new plans had better "solve new problems for your customers," writes Mike Shipulski. Old ideas and position-defending efforts also leave you vulnerable to upstarts that "create whole new technologies from scratch (new ideas on a grand scale) and pull the rug out from under you," Shipulski writes.
Full Story: Shipulski on Design (1/19) 
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Smarter Communication
Your emotions should ideally match the situation, but how should you communicate when there's a mismatch? "It turned out that over the course of many interactions, 'medium richness' communication, such as telephone or audio, is most likely to make inauthentically communicated emotion seem the most authentic," writes University of Texas at Austin professor Andrew Brodsky, who presents his research findings.
Full Story: Harvard Business Review (tiered subscription model) (1/20) 
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Looking at your audience instead of at notes or somewhere else is the most reliable tactic for creating impact and engagement, writes Gary Genard. "If you're looking down at this last part because you want to see what's coming next, well, there goes the entire impact of what you're trying to say!" Genard writes.
Full Story: The Genard Method (1/16) 
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Smarter Living
Get your mind and body right each Friday
Many things are important, but few are urgent enough that they'll really matter in 30 days or five years, so use that reminder to find perspective and focus on what does matter, writes Steve Keating. "Few things in life I can guarantee more than this ... if you lack real goals in life then you will spend your life helping people who do have real goals achieve theirs," Keating writes.
Full Story: LeadToday (1/20) 
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In Their Own Words
Cheerleading is an example of a structure where leaders must instill purpose, values and vision to build team cohesion and community, says Valorie Burton, founder of Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute. "Your ability to start from a positive place, handle setbacks and be resilient reflect how you want the rest of the team to face their own setbacks," Burton says.
Full Story: Chief Executive (1/18) 
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Daily Diversion
Japanese artist Yukiko Morita developed a love of bread while working in a bakery and now uses a special treatment to turn baguettes, croissants, rolls and other breads into working, for-sale lamps. Morita says the lamps "can be used semi-permanently" if treated with care.
Full Story: CreativeBoom.co.uk (U.K.) (1/17) 
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