Founder of the International FEC Chain Neverland, Marcelo Periales, passes away
Marcelo Periales, age 57, passed away Tuesday, July 9 in Cordoba, Argentina, after a three-year battle with cancer. Born in Rio Ceballos, he opened his first FEC 33 years ago, and today the company operates 20 FECs in Argentina and four in Spain and he continued to work and lead all the company's expansion projects until the end. Throughout his career, Periales served on IAAPA's Board of Directors and was the Association's first chairman of the IAAPA Latin American Advisory Committee, he was the founder and past president of the Argentinean Amusement Park Association and of the Association of Latin American Parks, and he served on the World Council and Strategic Planning Committee. In 2011, IAAPA honored Periales with a Lifetime Service Award. (Argentina) (Spanish-language content)(7/9)

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