Budget cuts could affect GA, close towers at small airports | Sequestration could hurt navaid availability: | Congressman: GA was robust before Obama's deficits
February 27, 2013
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Budget cuts could affect GA, close towers at small airports
Facing imminent budget cuts, the Federal Aviation Administration said it plans to give priority to 77 "core" facilities, but air control towers at 238 smaller airports would most likely be closed. "It was clear at the meeting that the brunt of the cuts were at the cost of general aviation (private and business aircraft), and the agency even recognized that," said AOPA's Melissa Rudinger. According to the FAA, the number of takeoffs and landings would be affected, but the agency will not forgo safety. CNN (2/27)
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Sequestration could hurt navaid availability:
In addition to the threat to air traffic control towers, sequestration would have far-reaching impacts in other areas as well. Maintenance of system infrastructure would be drastically curtailed. Only VORs scheduled to remain in long-term operation as part of the Minimum Operating Network would be repaired in the event of an outage. Other navaids -- and the procedures associated with them -- would remain unavailable after an outage. Flight service and FAA-sponsored DUAT flight planning services would be spared immediate cuts, but remain vulnerable later. AOPA Online (2/27)
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Aviation Update
Congressman: GA was robust before Obama's deficits
During a press briefing, White House spokesman Jay Carney asked Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kan., what he would say to workers facing furlough. In a news release, Pompeo responded, "Before President Obama's reckless deficits, general aviation was a robust manufacturing jewel providing high-paying jobs in the Air Capital of the World." The American Spectator/The Spectacle Blog (2/27)
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Wash. conference offers business and career forum
The first-ever Aviation Business & Career Forum kicked off the 30th annual Northwest Aviation Conference & Trade Show in Washington state. The forum aimed to offer a venue for aviation industry networking and discussion. General Aviation News (2/25)
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Beechcraft works to shed Hawker business-jet line
Now that Beechcraft Corp. has exited Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it has to sell its closed Hawker business-jet line and focus on maintaining its existing fleet of piston and turboprop aircraft. According to CEO Bill Boisture, there has been considerable interest in the Hawker line and the company is considering a number of options. AviationWeek.com (2/25), AOPA Online (2/19)
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Top 10 reasons to love Airventure Oshkosh
Blogger Dan Pimentel gives his top 10 reasons to love Airventure Oshkosh. On his list is Jerry's One Man Band, the World's Largest Grill full of Johnsonville Brats and of course, the airplanes. Airplanista blog (2/24)
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Other News
How much flying do you expect to do in 2013 versus 2012?
I plan to fly more  50.56%
I plan to fly about the same amount  32.43%
I plan to fly less  17.01%
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Quiet Skies Coalition questions regional classification of N.Y. airport
East Hampton Airport in New York was recently reclassified by the Federal Aviation Administration as a "regional" airport -- a step above its previous "local" designation. Kathleen Cunningham, chairwoman of the Quiet Skies Coalition, said the implication "is that safety standards for a regional airport will be stiffer and more expensive to comply with than for a local or basic airport. We do not know where East Hampton may stand in the certification process, but such added expense, like the added expense of operating a permanent control tower, will feed [Councilman Dominick] Stanzione's argument for the need to take FAA funding and 20 more years of restrictive grant assurances." Patch.com/East Hampton, N.Y. (2/27)
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Other News
WingX Pro7 adds Track Up ? now on iPad Mini!  Rotate the sectionals the way you want them.  The World's #1 Top Grossing Navigation iPad app now has Track Up!  WingX Pro7 rotates all airport, VOR, and fix identifiers right-way up for easy reading - it's so good that you'll forget your looking at a rotated sectional!
International News
Helicopter certification standards could be rewritten
The Federal Aviation Administration issued a request for public comments about whether it should revise the maximum weight and passenger-seat capacity for helicopters in Parts 27 and 29 of the Federal Aviation Regulations to make airworthiness standards "more efficient and adaptable to future technology." Under the current regulations, helicopters that weigh more than 7,000 pounds or have 10 or more passenger seats fall under the Part 29 certification category. AIN Online (2/26)
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Rules under consideration for UAS airspace regulations
In a recent briefing, NASA's Edgar Waggoner described the major guidance documents that are in development to integrate unmanned aircraft systems into U.S. airspace. Rules under consideration include a requirement for UAS operators to file and fly instrument flight plans and that aircraft must be equipped with transponders. AIN Online (2/26)
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Aviation explores new ways of saving fuel and planet
To reduce fuel bills and address concerns over global warming, the airline industry is taking another look at the old technology of propeller-driven planes. Rolls-Royce's open-rotor design is touted for its potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 10,000 tons annually per plane. And the Massachusetts Institute of Technology says it has a prototype of an entire aircraft that can reduce fuel consumption by 40%. CleanTechnica (2/26)
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Other News
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AOPA job of the day: major gifts officer, West Coast region (Calif., Ariz., Wash.)
The major gifts officer for the AOPA Foundation qualifies, contacts, and cultivates potential donors from prospect pool of AOPA members and other interested parties. Other duties include: review prospect pool and develops relationships by submitting proposals to prospective donors; make effective face-to-face presentation to donors and prospects; effectively secure major gifts; and establish and support fundraising events for president and senior management. Read more here.
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If you want to truly understand something, try to change it."
-- Kurt Lewin,
German-American psychologist
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