The benefit of bringing more women into b-schools and boardrooms | A good mentor is priceless | Learn to toot your own horn to get ahead
September 26, 2012
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The benefit of bringing more women into b-schools and boardrooms
McGill University attracts MBA applicants from diverse backgrounds -- not just engineering, business or computer science -- which may why it has a relatively high number of female MBA students. Getting more women into MBA programs and into leadership positions can be beneficial for the business community. "There are a lot of good management qualities that women bring to the table, generally, that are important for leadership to have," said Elissa Ellis-Sangster, the Forté Foundation's executive director.
The Toronto Star (9/6) 
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Women and Leadership
A good mentor is priceless
Data show that mentoring relationships can help workers get ahead, Dana Theus writes. These sorts of relationships are particularly effective when the mentor is high up within the industry and the mentor and protégé make the relationship last, she notes. Mentors are helpful for entrepreneurs as well, says consultant Deb Evans, who found that well-matched pairings helped mentees improve sales and gave mentors fresh new ideas.
SmartBrief/Leadership (9/24) 
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Learn to toot your own horn to get ahead
Everyone needs to brag a bit to get ahead, experts say. While you don't need to "roll out a laundry list of your successes," you do need to keep bosses up on your achievements or progress, says Peggy Klaus, author of "BRAG!" Research shows women especially tend to understate their achievements.
Chicago Tribune (tiered subscription model) (9/17) 
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How women are taking over the world
While they are still outnumbered in the finance and tech industries, a number of factors indicate that women are on the rise. "Women make up about half the workforce and the majority of college degrees -- which these days is the prerequisite to success in this world," said Hanna Rosin, author of "The End of Men: And The Rise of Women."
National Public Radio (text and audio) (9/10),  Business Insider (9/7) 
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Cure thyself, control freak
Many successful people have climbed to the top by being willing to take charge, but once they get there, this need to be in control can backfire, Jenna Goudreau writes. "The inherent danger is that, over time, the demands you've placed on yourself will become so great that either your work or your health (or both) will suffer," she writes. You might be able to tame your controlling instincts by spending more time with friends or engaging in relaxing activities such as meditation or yoga, according to Alan Cavaiola of Ocean County College.
Forbes (9/20) 
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From College to Career
7 meaningless details that job seekers stress about
Stop worrying about things that employers don't care about like your field of study in college, the hiring manager you address your cover letter to and the stylishness of your résumé, Alison Green writes. "What employers want from your résumé design is a document that's clean and uncluttered, easy to scan, not overly fancy, and puts the information we want in the places we expect to find it. Whatever design you choose that achieves those goals is fine with us," she writes.
U.S. News & World Report/On Careers blog (9/10) 
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Practical, on-the-job training helps grads land jobs
The co-op approach to college education and job training is more popular than ever, especially in STEM fields. Co-ops allow students to take short-term assignments working for an employer while continuing to earn credit toward a degree. They also make students much more likely to receive a job offer upon graduation because they already will have the skills employers want.
The Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model) (9/13) 
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MBA Outlook
You're hired! Now go to business school
An increasing number of companies are nudging their newest recruits toward business school. Giving recent graduates support as they apply for MBA courses builds loyalty and helps to fill gaps in their training, HR experts explain. "It's a very significant investment, both financially and time-wise, but we see it as one of the most important things that we do in terms of developing our practitioners," says Deloitte's Julie Meehan.
The Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model) (9/6) 
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MBA in hand, it's time to negotiate with employers
The first step newly minted MBAs should take when thinking about negotiating their salary is to find out whether such negotiations are common at the company they're applying. "Some of the companies that typically hire MBAs refuse to negotiate and asking to do so would be both fruitless and embarrassing," Francesca Di Meglio writes.
Bloomberg Businessweek (tiered subscription model)/Getting In blog (9/6) 
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Women of the World
The must-have items every female business traveler should pack
Don't leave home without it -- this list of items and accessories for the female business traveler. These fashion tips will allow the frequent flier to go from her plane to the meeting room and to a night out on the town in style. "It's not always easy to stay stylish while traveling for business, but today's more casual work environments have made it easier than ever for women to put fashion first," McLean Robbins writes. blog (9/17) 
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Women play a record-setting role in upcoming congressional election
The Democratic and Republican parties have nominated a record number of women for congressional seats that will be decided in November. The two parties nominated 163 women for the House and 18 for the Senate; the majority of the nominees are Democrats.
Reuters (9/13) 
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