AOPA's Fuller: FAA sequestration cuts not safe or sensible | GA confused over sequestration details: | Calif. flight center set to celebrate women in aviation
March 6, 2013
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AOPA's Fuller: FAA sequestration cuts not safe or sensible
AOPA President Craig Fuller on March 6 leveled sharp criticism at the sequestration cuts planned by the Obama administration and the Federal Aviation Administration, suggesting that the decision to close control towers and scale back aviation services constitutes a risk to aviation safety. "The White House budget office has forced troubling, and possibly dangerous, cuts on the FAA," Fuller said. "It doesn't have to be that way. Rational savings can be found, and we are ready to work with the FAA and the Department of Transportation to build workable solutions." AOPA Online.
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GA confused over sequestration details:
As the Federal Aviation Administration works to cut $600 million from the rest of its 2013 budget, speculation still remains about where and when those cuts will be made. AOPA's Craig Fuller wrote in a blog post, "we have yet to see a comprehensive sequestration plan and timetable." First (3/4)
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Calif. flight center set to celebrate women in aviation
The San Carlos Flight Center in California is set to hold a number of events to celebrate Women of Aviation Worldwide Week, March 6 to 9. There will be an aviation career panel, movie night and free introductory flights for women and girls. Events are free, but require an RSVP. San Mateo Daily Journal (Calif.) (3/2)
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GAO: Government officials paid for personal travel
The U.S. Attorneys General and the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation followed federal rules and reimbursed the government for their personal travel in government aircraft, according to a performance audit conducted by the Government Accountability Office. Due to security reasons, all AGs and FBI directors are required to use government aircraft for personal travel. AIN Online (3/5)
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2012 was a banner year for records
Most years, the list of memorable records according to the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale are incremental gains in speed and altitude, but in 2012, they were powered by a sense of adventure. Records set last year include Felix Baumgartner's 4-minute, 20-second, 119,431-foot freefall that topped out at 843 mph and the 1-minute, 5.1 second flight of the Gamera II, the University of Maryland's human-powered helicopter. (3/4)
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N.C. tower set to close due to budget cuts
The American Association of Airport Executives reports that the the air traffic control tower at Smith Reynolds Airport in Winston-Salem, N.C., will close April 7 due to federal budget cuts. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, affected airports can appeal a closing if they can show that their tower serves a "national interest." Winston-Salem Journal (N.C.) (3/6)
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Other News
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Honeywell predicts growth in demand for helicopters
Honeywell predicts worldwide demand for civilian-use helicopters will rise over the next five years. "Supporting the growth numbers is the fact that helicopter usage for corporate, oil and gas, utility and training missions is improving, which shows that helicopters are value-add aircraft in today's business environment," said Brian Sill, vice president of Honeywell aftermarket helicopter sales. AIN Online (3/5), AOPA Online (3/5)
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AgustaWestland unveils electric tiltrotor at Heli-Expo
AgustaWestland unveiled its unmanned electric tiltrotor, which features independently-powered twin rotors, at Heli-Expo in Las Vegas. "We strongly believe in the tiltrotor concept as the future of high speed rotorcraft flight as it offers much greater speed and range than compound helicopter technology," said CEO Daniele Romiti. AVweb (3/5)
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Pilot Spotlight
Students impressed by female aerobatic pilot
Aerobatic pilot Patty Wagstaff impressed a group of 31 girls from St. Augustine High School's Aerospace Academy in presentation at the Northeast Florida Regional Airport. "Patty is exactly who we want these young ladies to meet," said Gail Cullum, academy director. "She's amazing, and she's accomplished so much." The St. Augustine Record (Fla.) (3/6)
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March IA renewals will require documentation of activity
Aviation mechanics with inspection authorization (IA) must renew their certificates by March 31, and AOPA is reminding members who must renew that under a new FAA policy certificate holders must show that they have been "actively engaged" in the work. The FAA published a notice of policy on Aug. 4, 2011, to clarify what qualifies as "actively engaged" concerning IA re-certification eligibility. AOPA Online.
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Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want."
-- Anna Lappé,
American writer, speaker and activist
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