Will LinkedIn's changes position it to take on Facebook? | Twitter releases new API that reins in third-party clients | Analysis: Twitter could pay the price for its pursuit of control
September 6, 2012
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The Big Story
Will LinkedIn's changes position it to take on Facebook?
LinkedIn is getting a facelift, adding Company Pages and a Facebook-style notification stream in a bid to boost user engagement. "LinkedIn is trying to graduate from a simple resumé-and-headhunting site into something big -- Facebook big -- in a sector where increased communication pays real dividends," Ryan Tate writes.
Adweek (9/6),  Wired.com (9/6),  CNET (9/5) 
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Connecting & Collaborating
Twitter releases new API that reins in third-party clients
Twitter's latest API kills off RSS compatibility and places new restrictions on third-party clients. The move gives Twitter more control over how its users' tweets are repackaged by developers, but could affect social media aggregators that use RSS feeds to showcase tweets alongside other Web content.
Mashable (9/5) 
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Other News
Marketer Moments
Heineken marketer likes knowing who she's talking to
Dos Equis' "Most Interesting Man in the World" will not be tweeting anytime soon, says Heineken USA Chief Marketing Officer Lesya Lysyj in this interview. "He doesn't sit behind a computer. He's out there experiencing life," she says. Otherwise, the marketer is keenly interested in social media in which the brand is sure of the consumer it is targeting. "We don't respond to comments on YouTube because we're not really sure who we are talking to, whereas on Twitter you really do know who you are talking to," Lysyj says.
Advertising Age (tiered subscription model) (9/5) 
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Romney uses online ads in bid to steal Democrats' thunder
Democrats are generating plenty of organic buzz with their national convention, but Mitt Romney's campaign is fighting back with paid-ad purchases on social networks and selected websites. The campaign bought Promoted Tweet and Promoted Trend ads in a bid to derail convention speakers' Twitter buzz. The Romney camp also revamped an anti-Obama microsite, and bought display ads on The Charlotte Observer's website.
Adweek (9/5),  Politico/Burns & Haberman blog (9/5) 
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Platform News
Study: Coke had the loudest voice in social media in July
Coca-Cola led all businesses in social conversation by at least a 2 to 1 ratio in July, according to a PQ Media and uberVU study of the top 100 brands. Coke's 1.5 billion impressions were followed by Apple, Google, Amazon and Samsung, with the rest of top 10 featuring more food and tech companies.
MediaPost Communications/Online Media Daily (9/5) 
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Measurement Matters
We're more than just an ad platform, Facebook exec says
Facebook is at its best when it's used for marketing in a holistic sense, and not just for advertising, says Gokul Rajaram, the social network's head of ad-product strategy. "Marketing is deeper than advertising. It's about creating that emotional connection with your customers, connecting with people, getting people to connect with you," Rajaram says.
AdExchanger.com (9/5) 
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Time-saving ideas for social media professionals
Feeling rushed? A few simple strategies can help you get a handle on your social media workflow, Joerg Rensmann writes. He advises dealing with incoming comments promptly rather than allowing them to pile up, using push alerts to stay on top of your profiles and automating the process of deleting grossly offensive or inappropriate comments.
SmartBrief/Marketing (9/6) 
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Could your low Klout score cost you a job?
Employers are within their rights to let a low Klout score influence their opinion of employees or prospective hires, Kerry Gorgone writes. The only area where employers might run into trouble is discriminating against workers whose Klout expertise relates to protected topics such as sexuality or race. "Klout discrimination happens, but there's no law against it," Gorgone writes.
MarketingProfs (9/6) 
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Social Shareable
Don't mess with Texas' deep-fried "Frankenfoods"
The Texas State Fair is a wonderland for fried-food aficionados, Cole Gamble writes. Among the most unsettling "Frankenfood" innovations on offer at past fairs: deep-fried beer, deep-fried salsa, deep-fried french-fry-coated hot dogs and deep-fried peanut-butter-and-banana cheeseburgers. "Elvis would probably make a special trip to Texas just to see this," Gamble writes.
MentalFloss.com (9/5) 
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