77% of B2B marketers plan a new tactical media mix | B2B companies' common content-marketing mistakes | Consult CACs to navigate the road less traveled
April 2, 2012
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77% of B2B marketers plan a new tactical media mix
Most business-to-business marketers say they are unhappy with how their current media mixes are meeting sales demand, according to a study by BtoB Magazine with Bizo. More than three-quarters say they plan to diversify their current mix, with most stressing brand promotion. Almost half say they spend more of their time and money on e-mail marketing and 84% say they use segmenting to target their e-mail efforts.
MediaPost Communications/Research Brief blog (3/30) 
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5 ways to improve collaborative creative work
Whether you're a client demanding excellence of your agency or an agency striving to create stellar work for your client, the business of creative services can be tricky to navigate. Register today for this webinar which will present solutions for improving your collaborative creative process.
Lead Generation
B2B companies' common content-marketing mistakes
Business-to-business companies are often focused on researching past events, but this isn't necessarily the kind of content your customers are interested in, Greg Alexander writes. "Reporting on what has already happened is sure to increase unsubscribes," he writes. "In contrast, writing something that represents where the market is headed is likely to build a loyal followership." To make their marketing efforts more effective, B2B companies should tailor their content to mobile devices and offer insights that are of value to their customers, he advises.
Sales Benchmark Index/Sales Force Effectiveness Blog (4/1) 
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Consult CACs to navigate the road less traveled
Customer advisory councils can offer companies valuable business intelligence about coming market conditions, writes Misty Strawser. Functioning much like a traffic report, the insights gained from such councils can help an organization determine its product-development pace, find ways to set itself apart from the pack and anticipate changing market conditions.
GeehanGroup.com/B2B Strategies Blog (3/28) 
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Marketers set to devote social media spend to Facebook
More than half of marketers say Facebook will top their social media spending, according to a Creative Group study. Facebook is favored by 53% of marketers, followed by Twitter at 43% and Google with 41%. Meanwhile, 4% of respondents say they plan to reduce Facebook spending, compared with 5% each for Twitter, YouTube, Google and LinkedIn.
BtoB Magazine (3/30) 
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General Insights & Strategies
How to build your business by holding webinars
A well-designed webinar can help you to attract new business for your company, Kathryn Hawkins writes. To put on a successful webinar, choose a topic that will provide value to your audience and practice your delivery. Also, spread the word about your webinar via e-mail and social media, she recommends.
Intuit Small Business Blog (3/29) 
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Facebook Timeline is paying off for some early adopters
Brands that were quick to embrace Facebook's Timeline have seen an improvement in user engagement, according to a Wildfire Interactive analysis. About 45% of the brands studied saw double-digit increases in likes and comments after switching to Timeline-based pages, the study found. "Timeline is so visual, it's proving to be a much more engaging view than just regular photos were before," Wildfire's Maya Grinberg says.
ClickZ (3/30) 
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Next Practices
Bosses should prize bravery, not obedience
Military leadership isn't just about issuing orders and expecting them to be followed blindly, says U.S. Army officer Fred Krawchuk. Rather, it's about training people to have the courage to make their own decisions and adapt rapidly to complex environments and changing situations. "Obedience is just too simple," Krawchuk says. "In a highly complex situation, anything too simple doesn't work."
Inc. online (free registration) (3/30) 
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Don't let the facts get in the way of innovation
Innovators and visionary leaders don't need to "know any of the facts" about their business, ESPN founder Bill Rasmussen says. It's always possible to find technical staff to handle the details, as long as you've got a vision to guide them. "I don't know how television pictures fly through the air, but I've been fairly successful in television," he explained. "I don't have to know all that technical stuff. You just have to have the vision and the passion."
Knowledge@Wharton (3/28) 
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Win with B2B customers by delivering differential value
Amazing things happen when an organization thinks first about how it can help its customers grow their profits. Really. The days of defining winning based solely on your own P&L are over. Today's leading B2B companies are focused on making more money for their customers -- and doing it better than the competition -- while also getting their fair share in return. This redefines what it means to truly win with customers. How can you tell if your organization is on the winning path? Read more.
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BMA New York City -- Event -- 2012 ACE Awards Presentation Ceremony
This event will be held Wed., Apr. 18, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., at the Edison Ballroom, 240 West 47th Street. BMA NYC chapter will host a cocktail reception with open bar and a large selection of hors d'oeuvres. At the conclusion of the awards presentations, cocktails will be served for an additional half hour. Read more.
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