Invoice delivery is a potential gap in hotel security, travelers say | 10 cybersecurity best practices to protect your hotel from threats | Preparedness helps minimize security risks at hotels, experts say
October 17, 2012
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Hospitality Risk Management
Invoice delivery is a potential gap in hotel security, travelers say
A number of frequent travelers have pointed to the security risks posed by hotel invoices being improperly delivered outside of guestroom doors. Having credit card information and other personal data easily accessible to passersby in hallways raises the risk of identity theft, they say. USA Today/Hotel Check-in blog (10/8)
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10 cybersecurity best practices to protect your hotel from threats
Hotels and resorts are a data mine of personal information and credit card numbers. Over the past few years, this has drawn attention of cybercriminals. Recently, a security breach at a New York hotel resulted in guest information being stolen over a 10-month period, requiring the U.S. Secret Service to resolve the case. The number of cybercriminals continues to grow, and new viruses, spam and malware are developed every day. Learn 10 cybercrime security best practices for hotel and resort properties. Be smart and protect your hospitality property from a security breach. Valor Security Services
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Preparedness helps minimize security risks at hotels, experts say
Hoteliers need to be prepared for potential risks on-site to ensure optimal safety for guests and employees, panelists said during a session at the 2012 Global Congress on Travel Risk Management this month. Experts suggest holding mock disaster drills to familiarize staff with what to do during common emergency scenarios. (10/3)
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Security researchers refine hacking tool on Onity room locks
The recent exposure of a security flaw in widely used hotel-room locks developed by Onity has led many hackers to refine the tool used in order to fit it into inconspicuous materials, such as an aluminum wallet and an iPhone case, this feature says. A group of hackers have produced a device that managed to fit the original design of the hacking tool into a dry-erase marker. Forbes (10/2)
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Retail Risk Management
Your mall's relationship with law enforcement helps reduce shoplifting
Your mall's partnership with law enforcement is key to leveraging the necessary support and resources to protect your property, assets and customers. Ensure that your mall is properly utilizing law enforcement and getting the most support by taking advantage of key partnership benefits. For example, law enforcement provides additional support by communicating intelligence information. Many times police gain intelligence on a frequent shoplifter who has hit multiple stores in the area and discover common routes and trends of what is being stolen. Asking for their added intelligence can help narrow your security team's investigation and stop a crime from progressing. Start reducing shoplifting and other crimes by strengthening your relationship with local law enforcement today. Valor Security Services
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Innovation & Developments
Blog: Developing a responsive hotel website is a sound investment
Hoteliers can reach more potential guests if they modify their property website to have a responsive design, writes Ashley Stevens of Blue Magnet Interactive. This setup allows consumers to receive a seamless user experience and consistent content on the website regardless of the device they use to view it. "Your content will be more shareable, Google will give you the thumbs up, and your website's usability will be better than ever before on any device," Stevens writes. The Blue Magnet Blog (10/10)
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Business Operations & Strategy
3 ways to keep employees happy at work
You risk losing your employees if they're unhappy, but you can use several strategies to keep them satisfied with their work life, Ken Silber of Wonderlic writes. Look for employees who will mesh with the culture of your company, and respect their ideas, he writes. Also, understand that they have a life outside the office, he advises. B2C Marketing Insider (10/3)
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Travel Watch
Advice for keeping your valuables safe while traveling
In this feature, frequent fliers who spend several months a year on business trips chip in with tips for steering clear of theft and scams. Vigilance is tip No. 1. "Keeping your valuables safe while traveling needs to be a top priority, particularly at a time when identity theft is common and the nation is struggling to rebound from a deep economic slump," Charisse Jones writes. USA Today (9/28)
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News from Valor
Valor security helps arrest suspects accused of shoplifting high-dollar merchandise
On October 2, 2012, the Valor Security team at Jordan Creek Town Center in West Des Moines, Iowa, received a phone call reporting two females suspected of shoplifting. Valor Security immediately reviewed CCTV surveillance of the town center parking lot and discovered the suspects taking merchandise out of bags and placing it in the trunk of their vehicle. As a result of the Valor officers' experience, observations and organized retail crime detection training, West Des Moines Police Department (WDMPD) was immediately notified of the suspected crime in progress along with the location and description of the suspects. WDMPD arrived at the scene and approached the suspects, who subsequently attempted to flee, officers said. WDMPD was able to catch and detain the suspects. Upon investigation of the suspects' vehicle, it was found to contain four foil-lined bags, also known as booster bags, as well as thousands of dollars in merchandise, officers said.
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