Huawei looks to heat up global competition with Cisco | Clearwire names first LTE markets in WiMAX shift in 2013 | NTCA pushes the concept of the "smart rural community"
April 27, 2012
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Huawei looks to heat up global competition with Cisco
Huawei Technologies, the world's second-largest supplier of networking products, is pushing into markets dominated by Cisco Systems, according to this analysis by Pete Barlas. Huawei is targeting financial institutions, health care organizations and other enterprise customers in North America, where Cisco is at its strongest, he notes. Investor's Business Daily (4/26)
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Delivering Higher Subscriber Quality of Experience
As we move toward becoming completely mobile, technology is being developed to handle the traffic across wireless networks. Though many types of TCP stacks are available, read this whitepaper to learn how F5 provides for all three characteristics of an ideal TCP stack: having high goodput, minimizing buffer bloat, and allowing for fairness between flows.

Business & Industry Watch
Clearwire names first LTE markets in WiMAX shift in 2013
Clearwire will serve parts of 31 cities when its kicks off its TDD-Long-Term Evolution network in mid-2013, with plans to launch in areas of New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco, the wireless-network provider disclosed Thursday. Clearwire, which is switching away from its current WiMAX broadband network, reported a narrower loss than expected on a 36% increase in revenue and a subscriber total of 11 million. The Washington Times/The Associated Press (4/26), Light Reading Mobile (4/26)
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NTCA pushes the concept of the "smart rural community"
The National Telecommunications Cooperative Association on Thursday held a conference on developing "smart communities" in rural areas and published a white paper on the subject. "A smart rural community relies on broadband networks to enable a series of applications that the community can leverage for innovative economic development and commerce," along with advancements in education, government services, health care, security and utilities, the white paper states. (4/26)
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Senate to take up cybersecurity bill after House vote
House lawmakers voted to advance a controversial cybersecurity bill Thursday, despite the objections of a vocal group of critics, including President Barack Obama. The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act -- which would make it easier for government and private industry to share Internet subscriber data -- passed the House 248-168, but faces an uncertain future in the Senate, where legislators are drafting their own cybersecurity bill. Los Angeles Times (tiered subscription model) (4/27), Associated Press (4/27)
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Other News
How Much Do You Really Need to Make? The Answer May Shock You
Rather than focus on what you can afford to pull out of the business to cover your living expenses, you need to focus on how much you need to earn at your business in order to afford the lifestyle you want to have. This is where the Personal Earnings Goal, or PEG, comes into play. Learn how to calculate your PEG and find out how much you really need to make.

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Get new perspectives on Internet competition
Join USTelecom and Jeffrey Eisenach on May 1 at 1 p.m. Eastern time for a free online discussion of his theory of dynamic competition in the Internet ecosystem, which explains the structural/performance paradox of Internet markets. Eisenach makes the case for case-specific enforcement rather than prescriptive approaches to government oversight of broadband Internet competition. Register today -- it's free.
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Disney, News Corp. said to be acquiring Providence stake in Hulu
Providence Equity Partners is close to agreeing on final terms to sell its 10% stake in Hulu to partners Walt Disney and News Corp. for about $200 million, sources say. The sale of the stake would put Hulu's overall value at about $2 billion. Disney and News Corp. currently control more than half of Hulu. Partner Comcast has a 30% stake but ceded its management role in the service as part of the conditions of its takeover of NBC Universal. Hulu did not comment on the deal. Bloomberg (4/26), The Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model) (4/26)
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Analysis: Studios fret over Google's high-speed fiber potential
Google's move to build a super-high-speed Internet service in the Kansas City, Mo., area has made Hollywood studios nervous because it may encourage users to download content illegally and create more avenues to distribute content that circumvents them, according to analysts. "Google Fiber will definitely be a disruptive force. The studios know that if we stick our heads in the sand, we will fail, pure and simple," said Mitch Singer of Sony Pictures Entertainment. Bloomberg Businessweek (4/26)
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Other News
Combating Identity Theft in a Mobile, Social World
Mobile connectivity threats extend from consumers to the business environment. But who is really responsible for securing sensitive information? Smart business leaders are becoming proactive on the matter. Learn how to get protected in this white paper. Download the white paper now.

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Whitepaper: SDN: How do you get there from here?
Are the growing data needs of mobile, cloud, big data and social threatening today's enterprise networks? Scalable processes, a phased integration approach and the appetite to optimize over time are key components of a modern network. It's how agile organizations prepare for the data needs of tomorrow.
Explore the whitepaper to start down the path toward SDN.

Technology Trends
CTO: Cisco will tap SDN to power new service-provider model
Cisco Systems is looking at ways to expand the role of software-defined networking in its provision model to offer its provider customers a more comprehensive view of network elements necessary for developing policy, authentication or quality-of-service applications, said Chief Technology Officer David Ward. Light Reading (4/27)
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Report: Web-app attacks to help drive need for managed security
Managed-security services are expected to hit a market value of $18 billion by 2016 amid increasing threats, including via Web applications, according to an Infonetics Research report. "The fact that many new attacks are developed for the Web applications means that any device that has a Web browser and some form of Internet access is a target," Infonetics' Jeff Wilson said. (4/26)
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IP Download
Can new routing security method make the Internet more reliable?
Computer scientists are at work on an advanced networking security method that could make malicious "route hijacking" -- in which a company or individual's traffic is diverted from its path and intercepted -- a thing of the past. Engineers are working to find a more secure and reliable way to help networks verify the authenticity of IP addresses under the Border Gateway Protocol. Alternative security methods for the protocol, such as Route Origin Verification, are being reviewed by the Internet Engineering Task Force. News Service (4/26)
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Netgear ready to be first out of the gate with a 802.11ac Wi-Fi router
What is believed to be the industry's first Wi-Fi component to sport the next-generation 802.11ac networking protocol will soon hit the market, courtesy of Netgear -- which says it will release its dual-band R6300 router next month. The R6300 sports four gigabit Ethernet and two USB ports, is backward compatible and boasts a top speed of 1.3 Gbps over the 5 GHz band. PCWorld/Today@PCWorld blog (4/26)
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Other News
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British poet
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