GA advocates continue to battle misinformation | Aviation maintenance technicians are in high demand | FAA is expected to certify new Cessna jet battery
February 6, 2013
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GA advocates continue to battle misinformation
Both the General Aviation Manufacturers Association and National Business Aviation Association have responded to negative remarks about business aviation made by President Barack Obama's press secretary Jay Carney, saying they are incorrect and unfair. "Politics in Washington continues to demonstrate that facts can be conveniently overlooked when one is trying to point fingers and score sound bites," said GAMA President Pete Bunce. "Their rhetoric is wrong and all it does is hurt general aviation companies and workers across this country." AVweb (2/5)
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Aviation maintenance technicians are in high demand
A report published in 2012 estimated that the global aviation industry will require more than 600,000 new aircraft maintenance technicians over the next 20 years -- and that's just for commercial aviation. "In Georgia, everyone knows Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, but few realize that there are more than 400 airports in the state," said Reggie Baker, executive director of the Aviation Institute of Maintenance. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (subscription required) (2/4)
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FAA is expected to certify new Cessna jet battery
A new battery for Cessna's Citation jet is expected to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration this year. The company is testing a new design for lithium-ion batteries. "You are basically intentionally creating a fire that will simulate a thermal event within an individual cell, then you have to contain that within the battery enclosure," said Ron Nowlin, vice president of aerospace systems at EaglePicher Technologies of Joplin, Mo., the company that designed and built the battery for Cessna. The Columbian (Vancouver, Wash.) (2/3)
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LSA luxury defies the purpose of its category
Flying editor in chief Robert Goyer writes that the light sport aircraft segment was developed to provide access to less expensive aircraft. So why are its customers demanding luxuries such as leather seats, flat panels and tinted glass? Goyer writes that "one of the lessons of LSA is that the presumed ideal LSA, a light, basic, steam-gauges-if-any-gauges-at-all model is a unicorn. Everybody talks about it but nobody's every actually seen one." Flying online/Going Direct blog (2/5)
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FAA reported nearly 350 laser strikes on planes in January
The Federal Aviation Administration reported almost 350 laser strikes on aircraft in January. If the attacks continue at that monthly rate, 2013 will set a new record for laser strikes. "It's a very bright, dazzling beam that comes in, and then the whole inside of the cockpit becomes illuminated with this really bright green light," said pilot Mike Woolner. ABC News (2/5)
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Avgas remains largest source of lead emissions in U.S.
The Federal Aviation Administration established the Fuels Program Office in 2012 to research an alternative to 100LL avgas. Unfortunately, according to Fuels Program head Peter White, "lead is like the magic elixir for detonation prevention. There's really no other chemical that precludes detonation like lead does." Environmental and public advocacy groups have been working to stop the sale of avgas, potentially grounding the country's 37,000 general aviation aircraft. Environmental Health Perspectives online (2/1)
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Take a nonpilot on a flight  75.91%
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Bizav scored on Super Bowl Sunday
Some 800 private airplanes landed in New Orleans for the Super Bowl. Lakefront Airport, Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport and Atlantic Airport played host to the visiting aircraft. AIN Online (2/5)
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Pittsfield Township, Mich., residents hope to stop airport expansion
A group of 400 residents have teamed up with the Pittsfield Township, Mich., Board of Trustees to formally ask U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to block a proposed runway expansion project at Ann Arbor Municipal Airport. The group cited potential safety and environmental risks to neighboring residents. (Mich.) (2/5)
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International News
Texas City Council votes to limit helicopter landings in residential areas
The City Council in Wichita Falls, Texas, voted to pass an ordinance disallowing helicopters to land within 300 feet of a residence. The move is in response to a doctor who wanted to build a helicopter pad near his home that he planned to use to commute for work. Times Record News (Wichita Falls, Texas) (2/6)
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Garmin gets thumbs up from Flying editors
Garmin received the 2012 Flying Editor's Choice Award for it's G2000 integrated avionics suite. The award was presented at the company's headquarters in Olathe, Kan. Flying online (2/5)
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Pilot Spotlight
Magazine editor to be inducted into Women in Aviation International Hall of Fame
Former editor in chief of Private Pilot magazine Mary Frances Files Silitch will be inducted into the Women in Aviation International Hall of Fame. During her career, Files Silitch has logged some 5,000 hours in 250 different types of aircraft. Ashley County Ledger (Hamburg, Ark.) (2/5)
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Policy Watch
GA groups urge representatives to join aviation caucuses
The National Business Aviation Association is urging its members to ask their representatives to join the general aviation caucuses in the House and the Senate. A map showing the status of elected officials in each state has been posted on the AOPA website and the Experimental Aircraft Association has stressed the importance of the caucuses having "a large membership to draw upon to highlight important issues facing the GA industry." AVweb (2/5)
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AOPA Insurance customer uses his airplane to relocate rescue dogs
Steve Sweeney describes learning to fly as his "22-year excursion," as he took his first lesson in 1973 but didn't earn his private license until 1995. Recently, Steve found his true passion in volunteer work. As part of a group called Wings of Rescue, Steve transports rescue dogs. AOPA Online.
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I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
-- Maya Angelou,
American author and poet
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