Nielsen and comScore woo big brands with online-rating tools | Marketing can help sales with the phone challenge | Testing beyond the subject line can be rewarding
April 9, 2012
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Nielsen and comScore woo big brands with online-rating tools
Nielsen and comScore are courting brands such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, General Mills and Kraft Foods as they seek to popularize rival systems for rating online ads. Nielsen received Media Rating Council accreditation for Online Campaign Ratings, a tool that uses anonymous Facebook data to provide advertisers with demographic data. ComScore is closing in on accreditation for Validated Campaign Essentials, which includes a "viewability" measure to ensure ads are served in places where they're actually visible to consumers.
Advertising Age (tiered subscription model) (4/9) 
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Lead Generation
Marketing can help sales with the phone challenge
If what appear to be well-qualified leads never turns into a sale, it could be because the hand-off from marketing to sales has been fumbled, writes Kathy Rizzo. Marketers should consider making the phone appointment for sales before dropping the lead in their lap. Marketing also can do some preliminary work on when leads would be most ready for a sales pitch and send an introductory e-mail before the phone calls start.
MarketingProfs (4/6) 
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Testing beyond the subject line can be rewarding
Almost three-quarters of marketers test their e-mail subject lines, a practice that is both easy and effective, but there are other pieces of e-mail content that can also be tested, this article notes. "From" lines are the easiest to test, while target audience and landing-page testing were regarded as most effective, but more difficult to test, according to a MarketingSherpa study. (4/9) 
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Paid search up 30.3% worldwide in first quarter
Worldwide spending on paid search advertising increased 30.3% year over year in the first quarter, according to an IgnitionOne report. Google snagged 78.8% of search spending in the U.S. to retain its lead. Yahoo/Bing saw its domestic percentage rise to 21.2 on the heels of a global ad spending increase of 46.4%.
BtoB (4/6) 
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General Insights & Strategies
Click prices concern Google watchers
Google will be facing hard questions about cost-per-click in its earning calls later this week, analysts say. The rise of lower cost-per-click mobile advertising is good for advertisers but bad for the Internet giant, with Marin Software predicting a 25% increase in mobile paid search for Google this year, meaning it has to make up for the lower revenue via higher volume.
The Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model) (4/9) 
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3 ways to create a unified marketing campaign
There are a number of benefits to using integrated marketing strategies that combine e-mail and social media, Monika Jansen writes. After crafting a subject line for a marketing e-mail, you can use that text as the basis for posts on Twitter and Facebook. Also, include links to your social media profiles in your e-mails, and make use of tools such as TweetDeck and Radian 6 to boost your marketing efforts, she adds. Smart Biz (4/6) 
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Other News
If your company needs to grow faster, more efficiently, and profitably, and you need to strike a stronger partnership with sales, then GROW is for you and your colleagues in sales, sales enablement & CRM management. This year's BMA 2012 conference zeros in on what it takes to grow profitable, enduring, ever-deeper b2b customer relationships. Get more.
Next Practices
You might have already sacked the next Steve Jobs
The next Steve Jobs could be working for your company -- unless you've already fired him, writes Gregg Fraley. The problem with game-changing innovators is that by their nature they're boat-rockers, and few bosses can tolerate the disruption they bring. "If you want to find and keep that kind of talent you'd best make sure you invest in creating a culture that supports people who think different," Fraley warns. (4/6) 
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Why Jeff Bezos loves empty chairs
At meetings, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos likes to make sure one chair is kept empty to represent the customer, "the most important person in the room." That focus on the customer gives Amazon the confidence to innovate freely without fretting about short-term results, Bezos says. "We don't focus on the optics of the next quarter; we focus on what is going to be good for customers," he explains. "I think this aspect of our culture is rare."
Forbes (4/23) 
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Hot Topics
Association News
To follow the sales piper, marketers have to change their tune
You have heard it dozens of times before from your sales director or sales manager that "Sales is a numbers game." Now think about your company's last quarter and analyze the sales numbers compiled, as well as the sales pipeline of the sales force. Ultimately, the revenue that is generated for a company hinges on sales lead generation. But a steady pipeline first requires that B2B marketers capture the right leads. Read more.
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BMA Southern California -- Event -- The B2B Executive Playbook: Dominating the b2b world, generating sustainable, predictable, profitable growth
This online event will be held this Wed., Apr. 11, from 12 noon to 1 p.m., PST, when SoCal BMA's series, Webinar Wednesday, welcomes Sean Geehan, CEO, The Geehan Group. As the best selling author of the newly released, "The B2B Executive Playbook," Geehan will share the ways that B2B companies can create and leverage customer intimacy to differentiate themselves, and blow away competition. He will also highlight the gap between marketers and business leaders, and the four-step process proving marketing's unquestionable ROI. This week's Web event will equip attendees with compelling, eye-opening insight on which B2B companies are getting it right and why -- and what companies and their leaders cannot afford to get wrong. Read more.
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