Marines get some basic training in the culinary arts | Fish are pleasing to the palate, but not so easy on the eyes | Cloud 10 Creamery takes gourmet ice cream to new heights

July 27, 2012
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Marines get some basic training in the culinary arts
Two Marines stationed in Yuma, Ariz., flew to CIA headquarters to spend five weeks augmenting their culinary skills. The CIA regularly hosts food specialists from the armed forces to teach military members how to select the right side dish to complement a specific protein, create delicious soups and stocks, improve knife skills and develop an eye for food presentation. "It does broaden your perspective about food service and give you knowledge that you need," said Cpl. Brandyn Drew. DVIDS (7/26)
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Culinary News
Fish are pleasing to the palate, but not so easy on the eyes
Fish species such as cuttlefish and scud may not be the most appetizing with their dark and slimy appearances, but they are popping up on the menus of upscale restaurants as tasty alternatives to endangered seafood. "I see it as our duty to impart our knowledge to a wider audience so everybody realizes how important it is to cherish our fish stocks and safeguard our seas. We champion lesser-known species in plentiful and sustainable supply," said Tim Hughes, the chef director of Caprice Holdings, which encourages diners at its A-list restaurants to see past the look of the fish and enjoy its flavor. The Independent (London) (tiered subscription model) (7/27)
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Cloud 10 Creamery takes gourmet ice cream to new heights
Chris Leung's Cloud 10 Creamery in Houston, Texas has received rave reviews from foodies all across the nation, despite it having opened just two months ago. Leung takes unconventional flavors such as cilantro, tobacco, sesame oil and Vietnamese coffee and mixes them into silky, cold concoctions that are causing a stir among dessert lovers. Houston Chronicle (tiered subscription model) (7/24)
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World-renowned chefs to open restaurants in Qatar
Legendary chefs Alain Ducasse and Guy Savoy are opening their first fine dining establishments in the Middle East, both to be located in the small country of Qatar. Ducasse's cuisine will be served in the Museum of Islamic Art while Savoy's new restaurant will be in the man-made island development of Pearl-Qatar. Forbes (7/26)
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Chefs give school lunches a makeover
Just about everyone has a memory of a school lunch that left much to be desired, and today's chefs are no different. Chefs from Washington, D.C., to San Francisco share their school lunch memories and how they were inspired by cafeteria fare when creating some of the dishes in their restaurants. National Post (Canada)/The Associated Press (7/26)
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The Healthy Kitchen
Pasta is not a carb culprit
Pasta is unfairly maligned as a carbohydrate that leads to weight gain, when in fact it is a healthy carbohydrate made from durum, not wheat, and has a low glycemic index. Long a staple of the healthful Mediterranean diet, pasta is most beneficial when consumed in moderation and without sauce that is heavy with fat and salt. (7/26)
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Cocktail Hour
Spicy cocktails are hot, hot, hot
Zester logo
The United States might be known for its love of sweet drinks, but there are plenty of palates that prefer the savory side, especially when it comes to cocktails. At Tequileria Maya in New York City, chef-owner Richard Sandoval offers more than 100 agave-based spirits and 30 house-infused tequilas, and such edgy cocktails as The Pepino. It starts with house-infused jalapeño tequila, which is shaken with a fresh cucumber purée and a dash of citrus to make a shamelessly spicy quaff. Read more.
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Beverage News
Eateries focused on natural ingredients spread the trend to sodas
A growing number of restaurants are spreading their passion for natural, local ingredients to the beverage list, with artisanal sodas replacing big-name brands. "One of the ethics of our company is to channel our money into the local economy," said David Yudkin, owner of Hotlips, a Portland, Ore.-based gourmet pizza chain that uses local ingredients to make its own in-house sodas in a host of flavors from raspberry to marionberry. QSR Magazine (7/2012)
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Other News
Business Tips and Advice
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A Side of Business
Restaurateurs share the recipe for successful sites
Restaurant companies look for a few common elements when searching for new sites, including building access, parking, signage and density, but once those basic needs are met the search becomes much more individualized, says Parasole Restaurant Holdings executive Alan Ackerberg. "What does the concept need? Does it need daytime population? Does it need shopping, corporate business? Pittsburgh Blue, for instance, wants and needs that corporate daytime business, while Good Earth needs nearby apparel shopping," he said of two of the company's concepts. Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.) (7/26)
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Story shares French waiters' tricks for raising tips
Serving salty pre-meal snacks makes patrons thirsty and likely to drink more, and clearing plates quickly after a course is apt to make guests order more food, say French waiters in a story revealing some of the tricks restaurant servers use to boost the check and the tip. "Everything that can be sold means more profits. It's all about how it's proposed. We're not forcing the customer, who can always say no," said catering and hospitality teacher Aurélie Viry. The Guardian (London) (7/26)
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Star Ingredient
Watermelons may lose their seeds, but taste is intact
Gone are the days of watermelon seed-spitting contests as Americans buy up more seedless watermelon because it's easier to cut, serve and eat. But convenience isn't the only factor influencing purchasing decisions: seedless watermelon almost always beats out seeded in a taste test. National Public Radio/The Salt blog (7/26)
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CIA Offerings
Almonds: healthy baking and desserts
Today's healthy baking is not about denial, but about replacing less healthful ingredients with those that promote wellness. Almonds deliver protein, vitamin E, antioxidants and fiber, and you are doing your customers a healthful favor when you can replace less-desirable fats and refined flours with almonds in baking. Watch CIA chefs prepare healthy baking recipes, including Almond Rosemary Cookies, Almond Milk Panna Cotta, and Healthy Almond Scones.
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Advance your career with a prized CIA degree
In order to expand your opportunities in the rapidly changing foodservice industry, you need valuable work experience, skills and the right degree credential. The CIA is the one college with the program and reputation to optimize your education investment. The Associate Degree Program for Advanced Career Experience (ACE) students will give you the opportunity to get an outstanding education and degree in just 15 months. Inquire today.
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Food for thought
We are born charming, fresh, and spontaneous and must be civilized before we are fit to participate in society."
-- Judith "Miss Manners" Martin,
American journalist and author
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