Fuller: Obama administration's attacks on bizav "short-sighted" | Non-pilot plans new flying club | Ill. airport hopes to begin ramp rehabilitation project
February 7, 2013
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Fuller: Obama administration's attacks on bizav "short-sighted"
Continued attacks on business aviation by the Obama administration have rallied industry advocates. "At a time of widespread concern over job creation in this country, we feel it is short-sighted to put further financial burdens on an industry that contributes positively to our nation's balance of trade, and one that supports highly skilled, good paying jobs," said AOPA President Craig Fuller. AOPA Online (2/6)
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Non-pilot plans new flying club
Blogger Jamie Beckett says he was recently approached with a plan to start a new flying club at his airport. The twist was the presentation was made by a non-pilot. "He's looking at aviation as a way of extending his professional reach, enhancing his networking potential, and opening the door to a more adventurous life that he can latch onto with pride," writes Beckett. General Aviation News (2/6)
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Ill. airport hopes to begin ramp rehabilitation project
A project to replace the pavement on a ramp at the Pekin Municipal Airport is set to be considered by the City Council. The cost of the project is estimated at about $500,000; airport officials hope to have it completed by August 2014. Pekin Daily Times (Ill.) (2/6)
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Avionics & Technology
Blog: UAV technology not as much of a threat as it might seem
Blogger Scott Spangler says unmanned aerial vehicles are not as much of a threat to privacy as they might seem. "Don't give the government too much credit. It's as disorganized and dysfunctional as any civilian operation," he writes. Jetwhine.com (2/7)
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PilotWorkshops buys ZD Publishing
ZD Publishing and its line of GPS manuals has been purchased by PilotWorkshops. Before the acquisition, PilotWorkshops had been the largest distributor of the manuals, which cover 21 Garmin and Bendix/King panel-mount and handheld GPS units. ZD founder John Dittmer will continue to update the manuals. AVweb (2/6)
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Pilot Spotlight
Charles Lindbergh's grandson sets his sights on space
Erik Lindbergh, Charles Lindbergh's grandson, didn't become a pilot until his 20s. He now sits on the board of the X Prize Foundation, an organization to promote space tourism. "I want to help jump-start the space-travel industry by focusing on the X Prize. As a result of that effort, the public will soon be able to buy a ticket and fly into space," said Lindbergh. Outside Magazine online (2/6)
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Canadian school district launches ground school program
A partnership between the Surrey School District in British Columbia and the Canadian Flight Center will offer high school students a chance to complete the instructional component of a private pilot's license in a new ground school program at the Boundary Bay Airport. Classroom instruction will be combined with onsite activities and field trips. The course will both prepare them for a career in aviation and give them high school credit. Peace Arch News (British Columbia) (2/4)
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Pilots need to be prepared if faced with surface winds
Knowing the surface winds at your destination before you plan a flight can help pilots avoid the unfortunate need to divert. The WindCast tool on Intellicast.com is an easy way to prepare for the unexpected. Flying online (2/5)
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A common diagnosis: Atrial fibrillation
One of the more commonly seen irregular heart rhythms at the FAA is atrial fibrillation, or AFib. Your normal electrical heart beat originates in the upper chamber in the heart known as the atrium. It starts in an area known as the sinus node and spreads from there. In atrial fibrillation the electrical impulse begins from many areas, at least 250 in a minute! Fortunately, all these impulses do not make the heart contract (or beat). The problem this irregular heart rhythm causes is that the blood in the atria cannot be adequately pumped out. The turbulence of blood as the atria are "fibrillating" also results in the formation of clots. If a clot breaks loose, it can result in a stroke. AOPA Online.
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AOPA job of the day: Credit analyst
The ideal candidate for this job will be a detail oriented team player with excellent people, phone and multi-tasking skills. A strong interest in finance and general aviation is essential. Other duties include: perform initial credit, underwriting and financial analyses of aircraft loans ensuring compliance with appropriate company and financial partners' standards; examine overall loan documentation to ensure accuracy and completeness; consult with members about their current and future aircraft needs; and establish an ongoing relationship with our members. Read more here.
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I am never bored anywhere: being bored is an insult to oneself."
-- Jules Renard,
French author
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