Why Palo Alto Networks is spending big on marketing-tech | How to insert personas into your workflow | Tips for LinkedIn success
February 16, 2016
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Why Palo Alto Networks is spending big on marketing-tech
Palo Alto Networks' marketing chief, Rene Bonvanie, aims to move beyond predictive analytics to prescriptive analytics with data about every customer interaction, spanning all channels. He offers tips on using data more effectively: concentrate on lead scoring, understand what's driving conversion rates, and go beyond demographics to develop a real understanding of people and businesses. CMO (Australia) (2/15)
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How to insert personas into your workflow
Business-to-business marketers should use social media to develop a more rounded understanding of their buyer personas, reflecting their needs and priorities. Link your customer database to personas for true segmentation, and make personas readily available to the sales team. SocialMediaB2B.com (2/15)
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Tips for LinkedIn success
Make your LinkedIn profile stand out by using a professional photograph and by clearly describing how your business can solve the issues of potential customers. Use groups to engage rather than sell, post articles to demonstrate knowledge, and ask current customers to give you endorsements. LifeHealthPro (2/15)
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Commuting Media: The Newest Marketing Vehicle
On-the-go lifestyles show no sign of slowing, challenging marketers to re-think how to drive consumers in-store. Commuting media allows marketers to reach consumers in their vehicles with navigational, highly contextual offers. Learn more!
General Insights & Strategies
B2B case studies in data-based engagement
(Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Smart home technology company Vivint uses data from its sensors, for example the time someone leaves for work, to engage with people by reminding them to reset their thermostat or secure their home before going out. IBM Security's internal newsroom, SecurityIntelligence.com, enables teams to share insights and data across the organization, allowing the company to create well-researched, industry-leading content. The Content Standard (2/15)
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Over 70 percent of marketers don’t trust their data.
Data is the lifeblood of digital marketing and yet can easily lead marketers astray. A recent study found that 70% believe their data is low quality or inconsistent. How do you know if you can trust the data you're working with? Here are three key questions to help you assess its reliability.
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Fighting Fraud with Ads.txtAdvertisers and publishers are fed up with the lack of trust and transparency, and counterfeit inventory within the advertising industry. In need of a way to detect unauthorized sellers and fake inventory, the IAB has launched a new initiative called Ads.txt. Read more
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    Marketing Technology & Innovation
    Leaders can't say, "It's not my fault"
    Leaders who tolerate poor performance, halfway solutions or festering problems will see their tenures defined by low standards, Art Petty warns. The solution is in taking responsibility, not blaming outside forces. "Whether it's in business or in our public institutions, let's adopt an extreme ownership mentality to promote positive change. Anything less is a prescription for failure," he writes. ArtPetty.com (2/14)
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    Analytics & Measurement
    How B2B brands are leveraging Net Promoter Scores
    Companies such as Slack are using their Net Promoter Score -- how likely a customer is to recommend their service -- to drive growth. Recruiting analytics software firm Entelo uses NPS data to stop customer turnover and to monitor customers who give the top scores, identifying them as being more amenable for cross-selling or upselling. HubSpot.com (2/15)
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    Association News
    What B2B companies can learn from Campbell Soup
    The brands of The Campbell Soup Company are rethinking their marketing mix to include more dynamic, real-time, and personalized communications driven by paid, owned, and earned media channels. But to truly stay relevant, the company encourages innovation by mandating failure — an approach B2B companies would be wise to adopt. "The idea behind this is if we don't know where the edges are, how do we know if we're pushing the boundaries?" asks Umang Shah, global director of digital marketing and innovation at Campbell Soup. "We want projects that everyone is going to be looking at five years from now."
    How technology is changing the legal landscape for advertisers
    Learn how regulators, legislators and your peers are dealing with issues as diverse as programmatic buying, native advertising, piracy, bot fraud and privacy by attending the ANA Advertising Law & Public Policy Conference, April 6 to 7 in Chicago. Leave with the critical knowledge you need in today's "adapt or die" climate. Speakers include Jessica Rich, director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the Federal Trade Commission; Lisa Madigan, attorney general of the State of Illinois; Tori Chami, VP and senior counsel at American Express; and Catherine Mennenga, counsel, advertising and brand management, at GE. Register now.
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    Don't wait until conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes conditions perfect."
    -- Alan Cohen,
    writer and motivational speaker
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