February 8, 2013
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Problem. Solved.
Relating to workers who are older than you are
Managing employees who are older than you are can be intimidating, but don't make the mistakes of assuming your workers know more or less than they do, that they don't respect your authority or that you can't relate to them. Getting to know them personally will help you see what motivates them, and you might find that you have more in common than you think. TheDailyMuse.com (2/6)
Why you shouldn't listen to social media naysayers
There will always be social media naysayers, but you don't have to listen to them, Jason Miller writes. Social media has demonstrated its value, so you're better off listening to those who can show you how to use it more effectively. It's important not to let early errors discourage you, but to be willing to experiment until you find the methodology that works best for your business, he writes. Marketo/B2B Marketing and Sales Blog (2/5)
15 key pieces of social media jargon
It can be hard for outsiders to get their heads around the jargon used by social media aficionados, so Louis Foong has created a "social media dictionary" to help people keep up. "Like it, love it, hate it, but you simply can't ignore it -- social media is a common discussion topic and you’ve got to stay up to speed," he writes. LouisFoong.com (2/5)
Top 10 ideas for smarter small business
To sharpen your time management skills as a small-business owner, harness the power of technology to share files when you're on the run, outsource for jobs such as bookkeeping or IT, and make it a habit to check e-mail only three times a day, says designer Robin Wilson, president and CEO of Robin Wilson Home. Among her other top 10 tips for small-business leaders: Schedule short breaks between meetings, secure office supplies to cut costs, and eye cash flow daily. SmallBizTechnology.com (2/6)
What it takes to get a bank loan
Maximize your chances at securing a bank loan by putting together a detailed application that explains why you need the money and explains your company's business model and financial situation, writes Dale Johnson. He provides a detailed guide to the information you need to present. Loans most likely to be funded are those that enhance a business's assets, Johnson writes. SCORE Small Business Success Blog (2/7)
Do you need to hire a financial expert?
If your customers aren't paying their bills, your company is seeking funding or you have too many other responsibilities to manage the money yourself, you may want to hire someone to take care of your company's finances. Intuit Small Business Blog (2/6)
Tips & Tools
Glitches that can sink websites
Business owners should regularly audit their websites for bugs, writes Melissa Fach. Broken links, unnoticed downtime and faulty contact tools can all send away potential customers. "If the site isn’t running well, you could lose a sale and/or a potential long-term customer," Fach writes. Small Business Trends (2/7)
Just for Fun
Titus the toddler shoots some hoops
A toddler named Titus apparently has some basketball talent. This video shows Titus pulling off a variety of shots, sinking baskets at multiple angles and even using one ball to knock another into the net. YouTube (2/6)
[T]he best marketers in the world don't make excuses, they pave their own way and share what they have learned along the way."
-- Jason Miller, writing at Marketo's B2B Marketing and Sales Blog.
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