February 21, 2013
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"Every business has to be a digital one now," Accenture exec says
Cloud computing, collaboration, data analytics, security and software-defined networking are among the technologies that businesses need to embrace, Accenture says. "Every business has to be a digital one now," Accenture's Paul Daugherty says. "... The power and reach of converging IT trends such as mobility and cloud means that business leaders need to understand the implications of a software-driven, connected-everything world. It's really time business and IT sat down together and started the dialogue to create ways for technology's potential to be harnessed." InformationWeek (2/19)
There's only one Joyce Carol Oates. But she leads two lives. One as award-winning novelist. The other as much-respected professor. Hear her talk about these parallel worlds and her many "happy places" in her contribution to this epic collaboration.
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Businesses report cost, scheduling challenges in ERP implementation
Successfully deploying enterprise resource planning software regularly takes longer and costs more than initial estimates, according to a survey of businesses conducted by Panorama Consulting. Out of 172 respondents, 10% considered their ERP software a failure, 61% said it exceeded their implementation schedule and more than half reported costs went beyond the budget. Computerworld/IDG News Service (2/20)
Four Strategies for Developing Leaders
Learn how organizations can prioritize talent development, from retired brigadier general Bernard Banks, Associate Dean of Leadership Development at Kellogg School of Management. Learn more.
Security Update
Security professionals warn of flaws in congressional networks
Capitol Hill is a ripe target for hackers intent on undermining the U.S. government by gaining access to its secrets, and experts say not enough is being done to protect it from cyberattack. According to Tom Kellermann, vice president of cybersecurity at Trend Micro, the computer networks that power the Senate and House of Representatives are "overly reliant on perimeter defenses" such as firewalls and network encryption, which are easily bypassed by sophisticated cybercriminals. The Hill/Hillicon Valley blog (2/21)
Tech Business
How MSPs can keep the cloud from hurting their margins
Managed-services providers must adjust pricing and their customer-relationship approach to avoid margin erosion as the cloud takes hold, Scott Goemmel writes. He recommends steps that begin with an assessment of customers' cloud needs. The VAR Guy/Guest Blog (2/19)
Managing IT
Embracing Big Data gives companies a boost, poll finds
Businesses that are fluent in the language of Big Data consistently outperform those that are not, according to analysts, who say data collection, analysis and sharing enhance problem solving and provide insight into companies' financial performance. The poll of 530 high-level executives by the Economist Intelligence Unit found more than 75% of respondents who considered their firms at the top of their markets say data plays a major role in their operations. InformationWeek (2/20)
Want a better job? Improve the one you have
Innovators looking for a better job shouldn't jump ship too readily, writes Stefan Lindegaard. Few firms are increasing their innovation headcount, so it's better to stay put and focus on making your current gig more rewarding. "I know many very capable innovators who have been out of relevant jobs for years. This is not the time to take chances with your career," Lindegaard warns. 15Inno.com (Denmark) (2/20)
Geeking Out
Army funds handheld neurostimulator to treat brain injury
A handheld device that stimulates the nerve endings on the tongue could accelerate the time it takes for people to recover from traumatic brain injuries, researchers say. The Portable NeuroModulation Stimulator is being developed by NeuroHabilitation with financing from the Army and works by simulating the neural effect of simple exercises designed to help repair damaged brain connections. Popular Science (2/20)
I would be shocked if there wasn't deep penetration of multiple committees and the FBI hadn't already told them about it."
-- Alan Paller, research director of the SANS Institute, commenting on congressional network vulnerabilities, as quoted by The Hill/Hillicon Valley blog
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