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March 6, 2013
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5 ways H.Bloom ensures candidates will blossom in the job
To determine whether job candidates will be a good fit, H.Bloom analyzes how they respond to e-mails and interact on the phone and has them meet with several current employees. The floral company asks finalists to present case studies and spend a day on the job, writes Bryan Burkhart, H.Bloom founder. "This gives us the chance to see how we feel about future team members in our work environment," he writes. The New York Times (tiered subscription model)/You're the Boss blog (3/5)
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Corrective and Preventive Action
March 7, 2013 at 2:00PM EST
When applied properly, Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) is the path to improved effectiveness of your organization’s management system. Learn how the CAPA process can enhance customer satisfaction, and result in measurable improvement to your business. Join our complimentary webinar to learn more.
5 steps to building a network from scratch
Start your network by reaching out to one person and building from there, Gauri Sharma writes. There's no need to be squeamish about asking for a favor, as most people enjoy helping colleagues and will appreciate your request. The biggest area where new networkers can improve is in their follow-ups, Sharma writes. Forbes (2/28)
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Do you know how to write a good news release?
A good news release can boost your search engine optimization, drive traffic to your site and potentially result in media coverage. Get yours noticed by using a professional, objective tone and focusing on important events such as product launches or business milestones, Maryalene LaPonsie writes. Look for ways to distribute your releases through online and offline channels, and don't overload your media contacts, she writes. Small Business Computing (3/5)
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Smart business moves that can keep you profitable
Upgrading software, hiring freelance employees and targeting global markets are among the ways small businesses can stay in the black this year, writes Bri Bauer. Raising your prices, if needed, and introducing a new product or service to existing customers are other strategies. iMedia Connection (3/5)
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Ask "where" and "how" to plot a course for victory
Strategic success comes down to answering these questions: Which playing field do you want to be on, and how will you achieve success once there, David Burkus writes. "If you know how to ask and answer these two questions properly, then you can cut through the confusion and craft a strategy that really works," he writes. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Leadership (3/5)
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How to get clients to pay their bills
Clients who don't pay for the services you provide can take a toll on your business, so it may be wise to ask for some money up front before starting a large project, writes Margaret Heffernan. Also, consider developing a payment plan that includes installments to be made during the course of the project. "That gives you an opportunity to check that everyone is satisfied with progress, limits your financial exposure, and gives you more control over your cash flow," she writes. Inc. online (free registration)/Serial CEO blog (3/5)
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Tips & Tools
Microsoft Office 2013 comes with new restrictions
Microsoft Office 2013 can be licensed to only one computer, unlike older versions of the software, writes Dave Johnson. "That means if you buy Office 2013 today and your computer fails catastrophically tomorrow, you can't reinstall it on a new PC," he writes. That could persuade customers to try Office 365, the company's software-as-a-service alternative, but the ongoing subscription fees will irritate some users, he writes. CBS MoneyWatch (3/4)
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Just for Fun
Could a sinkhole swallow you up?
The ground literally swallowed up a Florida man last week when a sinkhole opened beneath his bedroom. Sinkholes occur when mineral erosion or groundwater depletion create subterranean caverns that suddenly collapse, and are relatively common in Florida due to the local geology. Still, there's no need to cancel your trip to the Sunshine State: Expert Anthony Randazzo says there have been only three sinkhole-related deaths in the past 40 years. The Daily Beast (3/2), USA Today (3/1)
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[S]trategy starts with the fundamental choice of which customers to pursue."
-- David Burkus, assistant professor of management at Oral Roberts University, writing at the SmartBlog on Leadership.
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