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How Many Calories Are in a Serving of Almonds?

A study published in a recent issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that when measuring digestibility, whole almonds provide about 20% fewer calories than originally thought. The findings show a one-ounce serving of almonds (about 23) has 129 calories versus the 160 calories listed on the Nutrition Facts Panel. Further research is needed to better understand the results of the study and how this technique for calculating calories could potentially affect the calorie count of other foods.

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Celebrating Almonds

Remember, not only is Feb. 16 National Almond Day, but February is American Heart Health Month, the perfect opportunity to talk with your patients and clients about heart-healthy snacking. Almonds are naturally cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat, making them the perfect go-to snack for the heart-conscious client. What’s more, the American Heart Association has certified select almonds to display the signature Heart-Check mark, making it even easier to identify whole natural almonds as a heart-healthy choice.

Learn more about the heart-healthy benefits of California Almonds.
Consumers all over the world enjoy California Almonds as a natural, wholesome and quality food product, making almonds California's leading agricultural export in terms of value. Almond Board of California promotes almonds through its research-based approach to all aspects of marketing, farming and production on behalf of the more than 6,000 California Almond growers and processors, many of whom are multigenerational family operations.

Established in 1950 and based in Modesto, Calif., Almond Board of California is a nonprofit organization that administers a grower-enacted Federal Marketing Order under the supervision of the U.S. Agriculture Department. For more information on Almond Board of California or almonds, visit
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Good news about almonds and heart health: Scientific evidence suggests, but does not prove, that eating 1.5 ounces per day of most nuts, such as almonds, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease. One serving of almonds (28g) has 13g of unsaturated fat and only 1g of saturated fat.
  • Study: Food tastes better when perceived as healthy
    A study of female consumers given identical cookies found they preferred the taste of ones marketed with healthful images and messaging. The study found that "restrained" eaters who watch their intake consumed more of the cookies presented as healthful, perhaps on the mistaken belief they were lower in calories. The findings were published in Food Quality and Preference. FoodNavigator (1/28)
  • A well-planned snack can help control calories, RD says
    A good snacking strategy that is planned in advance can reduce hunger and still control calories, registered dietitian Katherine Zeratsky writes. She argues that people should eat only when they are hungry, have healthier foods ready and deal with triggers such as boredom and anxiety that can lead to snacking when they are not hungry. Blog (1/23)
  • Healthy foods for times of stressed snacking
    It's easy to reach for an unhealthy snack when you're feeling stressed, but there are better alternatives, writes Shauna C. Bryce. Try eating blueberries, strawberries, nuts or carrots, Bryce recommends. Plain popcorn or whole-grain cereal can also be good choices. (1/3)
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