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March 18, 2013
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Bold Ventures
Entrepreneur's apps help children stay safe
Despite her lack of experience in the market for mobile applications, Silje Vallestad created a business that developed two apps designed to promote children's safety. Vallestad, who initially attempted to grow her business in Norway, said the largest challenge so far has been getting funding. "Norway does not have mature venture funding or angel communities, and getting funding is hard when there is no ecosystem for that," according to Vallestad, who said she should have come to the U.S. earlier. BusinessNewsDaily.com (3/15)
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Leading the Pack
How you can benefit from competitors
Professional golfers will give each other tips in the middle of a tournament even though each of them is out to win. In business, such cooperation among competitors shows confidence, a recognition of the power of coaching and the shared benefits of everyone being better at what they do, Scott Eblin writes. EblinGroup.com/Next Level Blog (3/13)
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Finance & Growth
How to leverage your employees to build your brand
One way to promote your brand without spending a fortune is to encourage your employees to share information about your company via their social media profiles, writes Russ Fradin, CEO of Dynamic Signal. Companies should set policies to guide such advocacy, but ultimately employees have to take the lead. "Your employees believe in the same vision you do, and that is why they are your best brand ambassadors," he writes. The Wall Street Journal/The Accelerators blog (3/17)
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Why you should target small businesses as customers
Small businesses may not have as much money as their larger competitors, but they can make good customers for your startup, writes Andrew Gazdecki, founder and CEO of Bizness Apps. There are millions of small businesses across the globe, and it may be easier to sell to them than it is to sell to large companies. "Many deals can be completed with a few phone calls," he writes. VentureBeat (3/15)
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Other News
The Whole Entrepreneur
Is quitting your job the right decision?
Before leaving your job to start a business, you should determine whether you have a viable business plan or just really don't like your job, says Pamela Slim, author of "Escape from Cubicle Nation." Also before quitting, identify potential customers, plan for unforeseen costs and make sure the other members of your family are supportive of your planned venture, experts say. Entrepreneur online (3/13)
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Ideas for Innovators
6 reasons your company isn't ready to innovate
There are six key factors that can prevent a company from being able to innovate effectively, writes Matthew May. For example, innovation may be out of reach if your business lacks a clear strategy, has the wrong people in charge of innovation efforts or has no common methodology for developing creative solutions. InnovationExcellence.com (3/16)
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Fortune from Failure
Take small steps to avoid failure
When entrepreneurs fail, it's often because they act too quickly, writes Paul B. Brown. Moving fast isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's important to take one small step at a time, he writes. After every step you take, you should review how the situation has changed. "If you pay attention, you always learn something," he writes. Forbes (3/17)
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The only way you know anything for sure is by taking action."
-- Paul B. Brown, writing at Forbes.
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