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January 22, 2013
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Leading Edge 
  • Don't guess what motivates your employees -- find out
    Motivation cannot be a guessing game -- you need to learn about your employees and then use an approach tailored to each of them, writes management consultant Chris Young. "The best results come when you are in tune with those who fit their jobs and love what they do," he writes. Appreciation and communication are key, but both should be with the employee's needs in mind, not yours. Human Capital Strategy Blog (1/21) LinkedInFacebookTwitterGoogle+Email this Story
  • How to hold worthwhile meetings
    Some executives start meetings not by lecturing to their team, but by asking direct reports to check in, share information and raise issues, writes executive coach Scott Eblin. Your team should be able to follow these three steps: give information others need to know, request the information they need, and share what's happening with their projects and tasks. Level Blog (1/21) LinkedInFacebookTwitterGoogle+Email this Story
Four Places to Start Measuring What Matters
You've instituted an employee engagement program to address deficiencies in business critical areas, but how do you know it's working? Furthermore, how do you demonstrate ROI to executives that might doubt engagement is business critical? Read this guide for 4 ways to start measuring the results of your engagement programs and how to use this data to drive desirable business outcomes.
Strategic Management 
  • Risk-management flaws at JPMorgan
    Flaws in JPMorgan Chase's approach to risk management and reporting were significant contributors to its $6.2 billion losses in 2012, write Richard Beales and Martin Hutchinson. The bank's lust for risk-taking overtook the chief investment office's ability and mandate to manage risk, offering a lesson for competitors and regulators. "At best, the CIO's systems last year look alarmingly amateurish. At worst, the managers didn't understand or care much about the risks," they write. (1/18) LinkedInFacebookTwitterGoogle+Email this Story
  • Overcoming disconnect between you and your clients
    Many service providers lack a full understanding of what their customers really want, according to a survey from marketing consulting firm Hinge. Companies should focus marketing efforts on building a solid reputation and on generating client referrals, writes management consultant Mel Lester. Also noteworthy: Customers don't weigh excellent service nearly as heavily as businesses think they do. E-Quip blog (1/21) LinkedInFacebookTwitterGoogle+Email this Story
Innovation and Creativity 
  • Why Earl Weaver was an innovator among baseball traditionalists
    Earl Weaver, who died Saturday, was a championship manager who should be remembered for bucking convention, writes Joe Posnanski. Weaver's key insight was understanding baseball's precious commodity -- 27 outs in a game -- and eschewing strategies that wasted that supply. "There are only three an inning, and they should be treasured," Weaver once wrote. "It's such a basic fact that fans sometimes forget it, but an inning doesn't last 15 minutes or six batters or 20 pitches; it lasts three outs. Give one away and you're making everything harder for yourself." Sports On Earth (1/19), Baltimore Magazine online/The Chatter blog (1/19) LinkedInFacebookTwitterGoogle+Email this Story
  • How effectively do you address your people's feelings (versus just focusing on their thoughts)?
    I'm very sensitive to and mindful of their feelings  49.32%
    I occasionally tend to their feelings  37.67%
    What are feelings? Don't bring those to work  6.93%
    I rarely attend to their feelings. Thoughts matter more  6.08%
  • Using the F-word at work: Feelings can sometimes be awkward or back of mind to deal with. We tend to gravitate toward the logical at work. I invite you to try an experiment in your next meeting in which you're making a decision or a change: Near the end of the discussion, ask whether anyone has a question. You'll likely get none, or maybe one or two at most. After that, ask how people feel about the change. You might be surprised by how much people have to say and where the conversation goes. Remember, while no one may have questions, everyone has feelings. -- Mike Figliuolo is managing director of ThoughtLeaders and author of "One Piece of Paper: The Simple Approach to Powerful, Personal Leadership."

    Discuss the results.
  • Which of the following situations is the most awkward?
Becoming the boss after being a peer with my team members
A peer becoming my boss
An outsider being hired as my boss
Getting "layered" (a new boss is inserted between me and my old boss)

The Global Perspective 
  • Pricing will be a hot topic as Target debuts in Canada
    Pricing may quickly become an issue as Target opens its first stores in Canada in the coming weeks and consumers familiar with the chain's U.S. stores find the same merchandise at higher prices, retail experts say. "We've built our business model to be incredibly competitive with the lowest-priced leaders in Canada," said Target Canada President Tony Fisher. "We're not building our business model as compared to the U.S." The Globe and Mail (Toronto) (tiered subscription model) (1/19) LinkedInFacebookTwitterGoogle+Email this Story
Engage. Innovate. Discuss. 
Daily Diversion 
  • How Chernobyl became a wildlife haven
    The fallout zone around Chernobyl remains largely abandoned by humans since the 1986 nuclear accident, but the land has become something of a wildlife sanctuary. Scientists aren't quite sure what to do with the radioactive wasteland-turned-sanctuary, and they are exploring the long-term effects of radiation on the animal and plant populations, which seem surprisingly normal. Slate (1/21), Slate (1/21) LinkedInFacebookTwitterGoogle+Email this Story
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Editor's Note 
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A good reverse mentor relationship can bring different generations closer together. Stop operating in an 'us versus them' mentality. It's a two-way street."
--Joel Garfinkle, executive coach and author, writing at SmartBlog on Leadership
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