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March 22, 2013
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Bold Ventures
App helps users connect in their free time
A mobile application called MoveTogether is designed to help users find things to do in their free time and to fill what the creator says is a gap between Facebook and text messaging for scheduling activities. "The emphasis is on things you don't want to put effort into planning rather than events," founder Sameh Elamawy said. People can use the app to create an activity -- going for a walk for example -- and to notify their friends about it. VentureBeat (3/21)
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Leading the Pack
How can leaders also be good followers?
Good leaders know how to incorporate followership into their leadership, writes Mary Jo Asmus. That means accepting coaching from anyone who can do something better than you, making everyone around you comfortable in your presence and welcoming good ideas from any source. "Great leader-followers are wonderful role models, moving seamlessly between leadership and followership as the [occasion] demands," Asmus writes. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Leadership (3/20)
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Finance & Growth
How to get investors excited about your company
When pitching to potential investors, you should get your core message across quickly and present the key numbers that detail the performance of your company, said Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit. Also, think big because investors tend to be especially interested in startups that address big problems, according to Lawrence Lenihan of First Mark Capital. Fox Business Small Business Center (3/20)
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The Whole Entrepreneur
An alternative to work-life balance
Instead of attempting to achieve work-life balance, you should strive for positive momentum in all aspects of your life, according to Jan Bruce. "[W]hen we strive for momentum rather than balance or perfection, we continually move ahead," she writes. To attain this sort of momentum, you should let go of your perfectionist tendencies and try to keep moving in the same general direction even if you have to change course a few times, she writes. Forbes (3/19)
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3 steps for creating a successful company
Creating a positive work environment doesn't have to be complicated, writes Trevor Blake, founder and CEO of QOL Medical. What you need to do is identify a purpose, set up the right culture and make sure that workers benefit when the company does well, he writes. "Most employees are fine with the top guy getting those millions so long as they are also able to improve their own lifestyle through bonus plans that are real incentives," he writes. Fast Company online (3/21)
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Ideas for Innovators
Why companies sacrifice innovation while seeking efficiency
Many organizations tend to prioritize efficiency and short-term problem solving over the sort of long-term thinking that is required for innovation, Jeffrey Phillips writes. "We need to break the cycle of efficiency, not to return to sloth and inefficiency, but to return to good management," he writes. Innovate on Purpose (3/21)
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Fortune from Failure
Make "mistakes" and "failures" your watchwords
Good innovators need just two words -- "mistakes" and "failures," Howard Tullman writes. It's important to allow people to make mistakes, and to seek to understand how failures can eventually lead to successes. "Understanding and discussing these two ideas correctly in every conversation about innovation is crucial to your focus, clarity and momentum," Tullman writes. Inc. online (free registration) (3/19)
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For entrepreneurs, a precise end goal isn't as important as where you're headed and what you achieve."
-- Jan Bruce, co-founder and CEO of, writing at Forbes.
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