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Cabin Design
A380: Love at first flight

Passengers all over the world seem to love the Airbus A380. "It's been a hit with air travelers," observed The Wall Street Journal.

92% of 6,000 A380 passengers from more than 180 countries around the globe confirmed it really was "Love at first flight." Like Krishan from England, “Silent, spacious, comfortable, best seat in the sky!". Or Naoto from Japan, who enthused that it was "the kind of flight that leaves only good memories”.

The eighth airline to take delivery of an A380 is Malaysia Airlines, who, from 1 July will be flying  from Kuala Lumpur to London-Heathrow with the 1st of their 6 A380s on order. As their fleet grows, the A380 will also be flying from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney.

The Airbus A380 carries over one million passengers a month. With more than 100 flights a day, it serves 30 cities around the world.

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Redefining Comfort

The A380's cabin is designed to maximize comfort. Its two full-length decks offer 50% more floor surface than any other high-capacity aircraft. Broader seats. More personal storage. Better headroom. Wider stairs. All in all, more space for every passenger to relax and appreciate the quietest cabin of any airliner currently flying.

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Airbus Company Profile

Airbus is the leading aircraft manufacturer today offering the most modern and comprehensive family of airliners on the market, ranging in capacity from 100 to 500+ seats: the single-aisle A320 Family, including A320neo, the best-selling aircraft in aviation history, the wide-body long-range A330 Family including the freighter and military MRTT, the all-new next generation A350 XWB Family, and the double-deck A380.

Across all its aircraft families, Airbus’ unique approach ensures that aircraft share the highest commonality in airframes, on-board systems, cockpits and handling characteristics. This significantly reduces operating costs for airlines.

Over 11,500 Airbus aircraft have been sold to more than 470 customers and operators worldwide and more than 7,200 of these have been delivered since the company first entered the market in the early seventies.

Airbus recently announced it will establish a manufacturing facility in the United States to assemble and deliver A320 Family aircraft. Located at Brookley Aeroplex in Mobile, Alabama, it will be the company’s first U.S.-based production facility. Visit to learn more.
A380 Resource Center
Economic Benefits
Generating Revenue

The Airbus A380 has earned its reputation as the world's greenest long-haul jet. But it's been earning hard dollars at the same time. The moment it entered service, its sheer popularity, combined with the lowest cost per passenger of any large aircraft, has meant more profit, much quicker -- giving its operators a competitive edge in tough times. Simply by introducing A380s on long-haul routes, operators can save millions of dollars a year in cash operating costs while creating thousands of extra seats.

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Airbus in the News
  • Airbus will open first U.S. assembly plant in Ala., CEO says
    Fabrice Brégier, the CEO of Airbus, said July 1 that he would announce the European aircraft manufacturer's plans for Mobile, Ala. "I am in Mobile to meet with the governor and to announce the launch of our first final assembly line in the United States," Brégier said. Airbus opened its first assembly plant located outside of Europe in 2008 in Tianjin, China. The New York Times (tiered subscription model) (7/2), Reuters (7/2)
  • Malaysia Airlines aims to become "preferred premium airline"
    Malaysia Airlines is expected to announce a plan by July 1 to become the "preferred premium airline," says the carrier's head of customer experience, Dato' Mohd Salleh Ahmad Tabrani. The airline will use its new Airbus A380 as the launchpad for new operations procedures and services, ranging from cutlery to staff development. The plan will also include details for expanded service in airports and the renovation of its flagship lounge at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The changes come after more than two years of market research. The Sun (Malaysia) (6/22)
  • Russia's Transaero buys 4 Airbus A380s, 6 Sukhoi Superjet 100s
    Transaero, Russia's second-largest carrier behind the state-controlled Aeroflot, has signed deals to buy four Airbus A380s, six Russian-made Sukhoi Superjet 100 midsize jets and the option to acquire 10 more Superjet 100s. The Airbus planes are worth a combined $1.7 billion at list prices, while the six Sukhoi jets come in at $212.4 million. Deliveries for all aircraft are scheduled between 2015 and 2017. Reuters (6/21)
  • Airbus, Air Canada launch North America's first "perfect flight"
    Airbus and Air Canada have joined forces to launch North America's first "perfect flight," from Toronto to Mexico City. The Airbus A319 is said to be the most efficient aircraft in the air, utilizing biofuel and lightweight cabin features to cut fuel costs and carbon emissions. Airbus CEO Fabrice Bregier said that "political will" is needed to "foster incentives" for making "perfect flights" a daily commercial routine. Bloomberg Businessweek (6/18)
  • Airbus factory in China will deliver 100th A320 in 2012
    The Airbus factory in Tianjin, China, will deliver its 100th A320 this year. "Our target is to deliver four aircraft per month and a total of 47 aircraft in 2013," said Laurence Barron, president of Airbus China. The plant opened in 2008; Airbus' contract with its joint venture partner expires in 2016. Air Transport World (6/15)
  • Airbus offers wider seats for passengers
    Airbus is offering a wider seating option on its best-selling A320 model. While seats on the aircraft have traditionally been around one inch wider than those on competing Boeing 737s, the new proposal would cut that extra inch from window and middle seats and reappoint it to aisle seats, making the aisle seats two inches wider. Airbus market researcher Nicolas Tschechne says the new option comes in response to airlines' request for a way to accommodate passengers of size. The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)/Travellers' Check blog (6/18)
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