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October 29, 2012
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The Game Changer 
  • Cloud maturity brings change to IT strategies, experts say
    As cloud computing matures, organizations will adopt new applications, spend more on cloud services and move IT infrastructures from on-premise to off-premise, says IDC Australia research chief Matthew Oostveen. "We can expect to see new types of applications delivered out of the cloud, more options for where data is hosted (and the type of infrastructure it's hosted on) and more services offering 'enterprise-grade' application hosting," predicts Telsyte senior analyst Rodney Gedda. (Australia) (10/26) LinkedInFacebookTwitterGoogle+Email this Story
Emerging Tools 
  • IBM looks to replace silicon transistors, increase chip speeds
    IBM crossed a milestone in the evolution of computer chips with the discovery of a new technique that significantly enhances the efficiency of silicon replacement technology based on carbon nanotubes. Researchers used advanced chemical processing to squeeze 10,000 CNT transistors onto one chip -- an increase of 100 times in density over earlier attempts or the equivalent of 1 billion nanotubes per square centimeter. CNET (10/28) LinkedInFacebookTwitterGoogle+Email this Story
Security Update 
  • S.C. falls victim to massive network breach
    Millions of South Carolinians saw their private data -- including Social Security numbers and credit/debit card information -- be exposed following a massive network breach at the state's Department of Revenue that is being blamed on an "international hacker." The breach -- which is estimated to have impacted three-quarters of the state's population and will prove exceedingly costly to undo -- took 10 days to close, which commentators say underscores the need for a national cybersecurity strategy to bolster states' limited capabilities. Forbes (10/27) LinkedInFacebookTwitterGoogle+Email this Story
Tech Business 
  • Tech-budget concerns drive contract negotiations in U.K.
    Many IT organizations in the U.K. are reviewing and renegotiating outsourcing contracts, tech-law expert Clare Murray says. "[Customers] are setting the challenge to suppliers: What can you give us? Suppliers are under pressure to preserve the relationship and their revenue stream," Murray says. The Register (U.K.) (10/26) LinkedInFacebookTwitterGoogle+Email this Story
Managing IT 
  • Why social media can make it harder to manage workers
    With more employees building unique and often popular online presences using social media, managers are being challenged to supervise not only the people who work for them, but their public personae as well. Experts recommend companies proactively address the potential pitfalls by developing clear policies for social media use at work, establishing ownership guidelines for blogs that further company goals and ensuring employee and employer messages aren't working at cross-purposes. The Wall Street Journal (10/29) LinkedInFacebookTwitterGoogle+Email this Story
  • Say "nuts!" to innovation
    The best innovators treat their ideas in much the same way that squirrels treat nuts, writes Scott Bowden. That means stashing away ideas that you don't need immediately, and then actually coming back to them. "We should treat our deferred innovation ideas with the mindset that they are like buried acorns with the potential to sprout a great oak given time," Bowden writes. (10/24) LinkedInFacebookTwitterGoogle+Email this Story
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Geeking Out 
  • Car-charging roads and other glimpses from the highway of the future
    A group of Dutch designers has joined forces with a construction company to develop roadway technologies designed to make driving safer and more efficient. Among the advancements that could begin hitting a few European roads next year are dynamic road icons that warn drivers of icy conditions, street lights that only shine when cars are driving by and "Induction Priority Lanes" that charge electric vehicles while they are in motion. Popular Science (10/26) LinkedInFacebookTwitterGoogle+Email this Story
Companies that fail to make room for co-branded employees -- or worse yet, embrace them without thinking through the implications -- risk alienating or losing their best employees, or confusing or even burning their corporate brand."
--Alexandra Samuel, director of the Social and Interactive Media Centre at Emily Carr University, writing for The Wall Street Journal
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