February 6, 2013
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Are you a great CEO? Your signature says otherwise
Chief executives' propensity for narcissism can be estimated by checking the size of their signature, researchers say. CEOs whose John Hancocks are sprawled across the page are likely to be better paid, a study reports, but also tend to make heavier investments that leave their firms unable to cope with unexpected challenges. Bloomberg Businessweek/Getting In blog (2/5), The Atlantic online (2/5)
Who is the In-N-Out hamburger heiress?
Lynsi Torres, the 30-year-old owner and president of In-N-Out Burger, is ranked by Bloomberg as one of the world's youngest billionaires, but some analysts have questioned her appetite to lead the chain founded by her grandparents. Torres lacks management training, but the company has never been known for its public presence. "I've been in the industry a long time, and I don't think I've ever seen any of their people at an industry meeting," said Bob Goldin of research firm Technomic. "They're very quiet. That's their culture." Bloomberg (2/4)
Perform flawlessly under pressure
Discover the consistent patterns underlying exceptional performance under pressure. Based on interviews with over 200 senior executives and 26 Ace pilots, former TOPGUN instructor Bill Driscoll demonstrates how incredible military experiences can help guide high-risk corporate decisions. ONLINE EXCLUSIVE! Read the foreword by Senator John McCain and chapter one.
Strategic Management
Michael Dell takes control of his fate
Michael Dell's decision to take his computer company private in a $24.4 billion buyout speaks to his eagerness to secure his legacy, analysts say. As a private company, Dell will gain the freedom to focus on information technology and services rather than the waning consumer business. "Thirty years ago, we think he hungered for success and wealth. In 2013, we think he hungers to restore his legacy and personal balance sheet," says researcher Cindy Shaw. Reuters (2/5)
Planning and strategy aren't the same thing
Creating a "strategic plan" isn't the same thing as crafting a meaningful strategy, writes Roger Martin. A strategic plan is often simply a souped-up budget, while a strategy "is the making of an integrated set of choices that collectively position the firm in its industry so as to create sustainable advantage relative to competition," Martin argues. Harvard Business Review online/HBR Blog Network (2/5)
Innovation and Creativity
Successful companies make lousy innovators
If your company's at the top of its game, be wary, says management professor Gerard J. Tellis. "Market dominance can be a curse that blinds companies to the next big innovation on the horizon," he warns. CNNMoney/Fortune (2/5)
The Global Perspective
Puerto Rico is sinking, economists say
Puerto Rico is the "Greece Of The Caribbean," according to NPR, with austerity measures and economic malaise making life difficult. "Even if we are part of the United States, we have a lot of problems that resemble those countries that we look at with such disdain," says economist Rosario Rivera. National Public Radio (2/6)
Engage. Innovate. Discuss.
Why good leaders ask "power questions"
Smart leaders are good conversationalists, which means they know that it's better to ask questions than to talk incessantly, says business author Andrew Sobel. Your curiosity will empower the other person, allowing you both to make a good impression and to learn from them. "When you ask thoughtful questions you supercharge your conversations," Sobel explains. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Leadership (2/5)
Daily Diversion
Muzak, we hardly knew ye
The Muzak brand is dead, as owner Mood Media decided to fold its elevator-music division into a broader portfolio of "sensory marketing tools" that includes smells and interactive displays. The background music that everyone loves to hate will instead give way to multi-sensory offerings gauged to "deliver that Indispensable cool factor," the company says. Fast Company online (2/5)
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[W]e need to break free of this obsession with planning."
-- Roger Martin, dean of the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management, writing at Harvard Business Review online's HBR Blog Network
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