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November 13, 2012
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Getting Ahead 
  • How to prepare for an unpleasant work conversation
    The day will come when you will be forced into a tense worse conversation, whether it be about a mistake you made, a project gone awry or even a layoff, Dan Lovejoy writes. Rehearse each of these moments in your head so you know exactly what to say and so you don't lose your temper. "These difficult situations can make or break your career. If you want to be a calm, cool, and collected professional who your coworkers respect, be ready," Lovejoy writes. Blogging4Jobs (11/12) LinkedInFacebookTwitterGoogle+Email this Story
  • Are you too loyal for your own good?
    If you've worked in the same place for three to five years without searching for a new job, you're probably missing out on opportunities and at risk of becoming obsolete at your current job, Josh Fox writes. "Building security and loyalty by staying at a job for a long time is something from another generation," he writes. Brazen Careerist (11/12) LinkedInFacebookTwitterGoogle+Email this Story
Making the Connection 
  • 7 ways to convince your CEO that social media matters
    Many CEOs are still skeptical about the value of social media, writes Dave Thomas. To win them over, wheel out statistical evidence showing that your company's customers and rivals are already using social media, and point out that it's better to proactively engage in the chatter surrounding your brand rather than ceding control of the conversation to your competitors. ViralBlog (11/11) LinkedInFacebookTwitterGoogle+Email this Story
The Landscape 
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Your Next Challenge 
  • Should you hire a professional résumé writer?
    Professional résumé writers can help you cut out useless information and create a more targeted document. They might be worth the cost if you believe they can boost your submission rate response by 5% to 10%, Perry Newman writes. "[I]t can be the difference between being chosen or rejected for the job you covet the most," he writes. (11/12) LinkedInFacebookTwitterGoogle+Email this Story
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Balancing Yourself 
  • How coffee affects your brain
    Researchers studying the impact of caffeine on the brain find that it blocks adenosine receptors that can build up during the day and make us feel tired, Alice Walton writes. Over time, blocking these receptors might also help reduce dementia and protect against diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease, researchers say. Forbes (11/5) LinkedInFacebookTwitterGoogle+Email this Story
The Water Cooler 
  • Turkeys gone wild
    The U.S. is home to 7 million wild turkeys, up from 30,000 roughly a century ago, thanks in part to an innovative conservation program that allows state wildlife officials to trade surplus turkeys for other animals such as otters, elk and grouse. Today, there are so many undomesticated turkeys flapping about that officials say the real problem is preventing them from disrupting traffic and property. National Public Radio (text and audio)/The Salt blog (11/11) LinkedInFacebookTwitterGoogle+Email this Story
The one permanent emotion of the inferior man is fear -- fear of the unknown, the complex, the inexplicable. What he wants above everything else is safety."
--H.L. Mencken,
American journalist and essayist

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