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1. Why you need a hobby

SmartBrief on Your Career | Jan 22, 2015

People with hobbies that are substantially different from the work they do are happier, more confident, less stressed and work better in teams, according to a study from San Francisco State University. Examples from the study include volunteering, playing a musical instrument and practicing yoga. Fast Company online (01/21)

2. Website lets job seekers do "background checks" on companies

SmartBrief on Your Career | Jan 23, 2015

Craft is a website that invites job seekers to research companies using information gathered from Twitter, LinkedIn and hundreds of other sources. Prospective employees can view a company's diversity reports, key performance indicators, share price, growth charts and company news. Fast Company online (01/22)

3. Avoid these counterproductive resume "tricks"

SmartBrief on Your Career | Jan 27, 2015

Don't get too clever with your resume by filling it with keywords or by switching from a chronological format to a functional one, Alison Green writes. "[E]mployers hate [the functional resume format] since it makes it hard to understand what the candidate’s career progression has been, and how recent (or old) those listed accomplishments are," she writes. U.S. News & World Report (01/26)

4. Think proactively when designing your schedule

SmartBrief on Your Career | Jan 26, 2015

Be proactive at managing your time to avoid feeling unfocused and out of control, suggests Heather Kernahan, general manager and executive vice president of Eastwick. She offers five habits "to create the best life, the best me, and the best work experience." Fast Company online (01/22)

5. 4 ways to tell if you're a real leader

SmartBrief on Your Career | Jan 27, 2015

There's a fine line between leadership and management, writes Stacey Alcorn. Real leaders are willing to learn and confident enough to let others be part of decision-making. "I learned this the hard way. I used to control and manage everything in my business from the planning of events to the training and marketing," she writes. Entrepreneur online (01/20)

6. Negotiating salary significantly boosts lifetime earnings

SmartBrief on Your Career | Jan 22, 2015

Men can increase their initial salaries an average of 7.4% by negotiating, and women can increase their lifetime earnings by $1 million dollars by consistently negotiating, according to research by author Linda Babcock. Huffington Post, The (01/21)

7. Why young professionals should embrace risk

SmartBrief on Your Career | Jan 26, 2015

Take risks early in your career to force yourself to learn, says Faizolhardi Zubairy, a digital media executive. "You need to always push yourself outside your comfort zone. Nothing changes if you are not taking risks in your career," he argues. Huffington Post, The (01/25)

8. Invest in yourself to grow as a professional

SmartBrief on Your Career | Jan 23, 2015

Self-development is essential for anyone looking at "establishing, maintaining or improving their career path," writes Blake McCammon. Start by developing six-month, 12-month and five-year plans to improve yourself, including taking a class or working a side job, he writes. Blogging4Jobs (01/22)

9. Job seekers need to decide between "should" and "want"

SmartBrief on Your Career | Jan 28, 2015

There are two avenues to pursue when seeking a new job -- the "should" path and the "want to" path, writes career coach Susan Bernstein. The "should" path is the logical and most traditional route, but pursuing the "want to" path is often more fulfilling, she writes. Huffington Post, The (01/26)

10. How to achieve your career goals faster

SmartBrief on Your Career | Jan 23, 2015

Get promoted more quickly by accepting new duties, learning new skills and finding a mentor, Marcelle Yeager writes. "Sitting around and waiting for praise and promotions is not an option," she writes. Free classes on sites such as Coursera and Udemy can help you acquire certifications and learn new skill sets. U.S. News & World Report (01/22)

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