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1. 20 steps to creating striking Web design

Web Marketing Association SmartBrief | Jul 28, 2015

Top Web design requires planning and vision that carries it from initial thoughts and frameworks through client approval and update cycles. This guide touches on 20 areas that help enhance design so it's shareable and inspiring. 1st Web Designer (07/28)

2. 4 ways to update a site for the social era

Web Marketing Association SmartBrief | Jul 27, 2015

Websites are the heart of a brand's online presence, and they can drive social and mobile engagement when they highlight consumer content, facilitate social interactions, use the right analytics platform and make use of social data. "A brand is now defined by how its community perceives and uses it, rather than by expensively commissioned marketing collateral," writes Richard Jones. Gulf Business online (United Arab Emirates) (07/25)

3. Tips to ensure content marketing improves SEO

Web Marketing Association SmartBrief | Jul 30, 2015

Make sure your content is relevant for keyword searches if you are worried that search engine optimization is not being improved by your content marketing, Derek Edmond writes. Other tips include reviewing content on competitors' websites and using a tool such as Moz Open Site Explorer to check backlinks and to see how your rivals are expanding their social media reach. Search Engine Land (07/29)

4. A guide to improving SEO using infographics

Web Marketing Association SmartBrief | Jul 30, 2015

Infographics are one of the best link-building tactics on the Web, and they can help boost search-engine rankings as well as expand a site's audience, Victor Ijidola writes. They require more effort than the average text post, and the best way to begin is to brainstorm topics with colleagues and browse templates for design ideas. (07/29)

5. What the Windows 10 launch means for design

Web Marketing Association SmartBrief | Jul 31, 2015

Windows 10's availability is opening up the Web with a unified experience across more devices and more tools for mobile devices, creating the potential for a stronger developer market. The platform will also transform Web design with the introduction of virtual assistant Cortana, which allows users to speak questions on any device. (07/30)

6. Opposites impress for many Web designs

Web Marketing Association SmartBrief | Jul 28, 2015

Designers can spice up client projects and provide a "wow" factor by working with bold combinations and opposites in textures, style and more, writes Addison Duvall. Speckyboy (07/26)

7. How brands and social media influencers are connecting

Web Marketing Association SmartBrief | Jul 27, 2015

TheAudience helps brands find the right social media influencers to work with on their marketing campaigns, creating original content as well as raising awareness. That matchmaker market is worth $250 million, according to the company's founder, Oliver Luckett. "We rely upon influencers not just for the numbers of followers, but for their creativity. We look for people who are creative, have a viewpoint, and the more of them, the merrier," Luckett says. USA Today (07/27)

8. Yelp to drop display ads in favor of native and local

Web Marketing Association SmartBrief | Jul 29, 2015

Yelp has announced that it's eliminating its display advertising business by the end of 2015 and will focus instead on native and local advertising. "The industry trend toward increasingly disruptive display advertising is at odds with our focus on the consumer experience, particularly within [our mobile] app," said Jeremy Stoppelman, CEO and founder. Advertising Age (free access for SmartBrief readers) (07/28)

9. A guide to modular site grids

Web Marketing Association SmartBrief | Jul 27, 2015

Modular design can produce elegant, functional sites that are simple to update and organize content well given their roots in newspaper design. Carrie Cousins explains how to get started and offers a list of resources. Design Shack (07/27)

10. Tricks to move past a creative block

Web Marketing Association SmartBrief | Jul 29, 2015

Designer's block doesn't have to be a killer of useful hours. Jerry Cao suggests getting past it by looking for outside inspiration, recreating existing elements and more. One unconventional trick is to design a mockup with as many problems as possible to focus in on what is right and what needs fixing. (07/29)

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