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Feb. 23 webcast: Wi-Fi Costing You Customers?

USTelecom dailyLead® | Jan 19, 2017

As bandwidth demand explodes, broadband service delivery has become the next competitive battleground. Connectivity issues can give customers a negative experience, possibly causing them to switch service providers. Join ADTRAN and USTelecom on Feb. 23 at 1 p.m. Eastern Standard time as we outline how self-optimizing network (SON) technologies completely automate Wi-Fi setup and management, intelligently optimize performance for all devices, and support seamless roaming across extended areas. Learn more about the causes of typical Wi-Fi related problems and how to leverage technologies to maximize the user experience. Register today.

Password managers to strengthen security

USTelecom dailyLead® | Jan 18, 2017

Given the abundance of internet-based activities focused on financial and other sensitive transactions, poor password habits place consumers in a highly vulnerable position. For the majority of Americans who admit their password habits are lacking, password managers and apps could be a game-changing tool and an important resource that protects their personal information. Creating and regularly updating complex passwords are among the top recommendations security experts suggest. Password managers allow users to remember just one password while managing several. Learn more.

A Jan. 26 discussion: Investing in broadband infrastructure

USTelecom dailyLead® | Jan 17, 2017

Please join USTelecom on Thursday, Jan. 26 from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. Eastern time at the National Press Club for "Broadband First: Investing in America's Infrastructure." We will convene Trump administration advisors, broadband innovators and leading policy experts for a panel discussion on the role of Congress and the private sector as President-elect Trump considers new tax programs and financial models to incentivize infrastructure investment. Register today.

The interconnected world of IoT ecosystems

USTelecom dailyLead® | Jan 16, 2017

Internet of things devices have only begun gaining in popularity over the past few years, but they're already helping consumers, businesses and government to better communicate, record or analyze data. According to a report by Business Insider, there will be 34 billion internet-connected devices by 2020, of which 24 million are expected to be IoT devices. Some analysts predict there will be as many as 100 billion connected devices online by 2025 with an economic impact of $11 trillion globally. Learn more.

NTIA BroadbandUSA webinar -- Jan. 18

USTelecom dailyLead® | Jan 13, 2017

BroadbandUSA presents, "Practical Broadband Conversations: Broadband Opportunity Council: Accomplishments and Outlook," a webinar next Wednesday, Jan. 18 at 2 p.m. Eastern time. Since the Broadband Opportunity Council was formed in March 2015, federal agencies have made great strides toward meeting the goals and fulfilling commitments to increase broadband deployment, competition and adoption through executive actions within the scope of existing programs, missions and budget. Learn about the progress made and what the future holds for this interagency effort. Register today.

Wi-Fi dominates Android mobile data usage

USTelecom dailyLead® | Jan 12, 2017

Android smartphone customers are using Wi-Fi to ration the available gigabytes on their cellphone data plans. The Nielsen Mobile Performance Panel for August 2016 found that more than three times as much data is consumed via Wi-Fi as opposed to cell networks on Android mobile phones. The preference for Wi-Fi is independent of age and ethnicity, although certain groups use Wi-Fi more often. Millennials ages 18-24 have the highest penetration of smartphone usage, use the most mobile data monthly and consume four times as much data on Wi-Fi than on their cell plans, according to Nielsen Mobile Insights. Learn more.

National infrastructure push must include broadband

USTelecom dailyLead® | Jan 11, 2017

America’s broadband networks are no longer merely the vital link binding our businesses, communities and families, they also have become the indispensable welding tool required to safeguard, optimize and future-proof our nation’s infrastructure, wrote USTelecom President and CEO Jonathan Spalter in a new op-ed published by Morning Consult. If we are to connect everyone, there needs to be a national commitment to that vision, Spalter says. Learn more.

Societal changes challenge free speech policies

USTelecom dailyLead® | Jan 10, 2017

Leading social media and online search companies historically have expressed reluctance to answer the call of the US government to engage in anti-terrorism efforts. Concerns regarding censorship, disrupting First Amendment rights and free speech remain key considerations for these platforms designed to support open discourse. Now, Google, Facebook and Twitter have all taken steps to combat terrorism, launching anti-extremism campaigns and suspending accounts to thwart extremist activity on social media platforms. However, determining where to draw the line proves to be a difficult task. Learn more.

Americans spend more time online, watching TV

USTelecom dailyLead® | Jan 09, 2017

Tech pundits are fond of predicting that new internet-based media options will supplant the old. However, data suggests that new technologies are only keeping people connected to media longer. According to the second quarter 2016 Nielsen Total Audience Report, the time Americans spend on new internet options has increased 61% to 3 hours and 39 minutes daily in the last two years, even as time spent on traditional media, such as TVs, DVDs and AM/FM radio, has only decreased slightly. Learn more.

Artificial intelligence: The rise of the smart machine

USTelecom dailyLead® | Jan 06, 2017

The development of a wide array of intelligent machine innovations, also known as artificial intelligence or smart machines, is underway in labs across the nation and has the potential to revolutionize education, healthcare, business, finance and more. Several top universities are developing robotics projects as language-learning companions for children, for pediatric patients in hospitals, and to assist the handicapped. Robotic demonstrations are featuring everything from simple mechanical operations to more complex activities and self-driving vehicles. While some hail the rise of AI, others are more cautious, like the founder of Tesla and Space X, Elon Musk. Learn more.

Paving the road to 5G

USTelecom dailyLead® | Jan 05, 2017

Telecom giants are working on hotly competitive roadmaps to bring 5G wireless services to American consumers. If the schedules of AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint hold, 5G could be unleashed as early as 2017, although some observers say it might take until 2019 or 2020 before the technology is widespread. 5G promises to dramatically speed up mobile broadband. It could make wireless competitive to cable and fiber for video and web access. It would also enable connected car technologies and dramatically enhance the internet of things by better accommodating machine-to-machine communication. Learn more.

Seeking a review of broadband privacy rules

USTelecom dailyLead® | Jan 04, 2017

USTelecom has asked the Federal Communications Commission to reconsider privacy rules on internet service providers that were narrowly adopted in November by a divided commission. In its petition, USTelecom outlines a path for the FCC to fully harmonize its broadband privacy rules with the well-established privacy and data security framework used by the Federal Trade Commission. As they stand, the rules establish a confusing and conflicting regime over one segment of the internet ecosystem. Learn more.

Over-the-top video isn't just for cord cutters

USTelecom dailyLead® | Jan 03, 2017

Cord cutters are not the prime movers of the over-the-top video market. In fact, they make up only 13% of the streaming video universe, according to a new study by J.D. Power. The study illustrates how broadband distribution of movies, TV shows and other video content has given people more options for home entertainment. But as the new data shows, the over-the-top video market is not an either-or proposition for consumers. Learn more.

5 tech trends to watch

USTelecom dailyLead® | Dec 30, 2016

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is an annual bellwether for consumer trends and broadband-enabled technology. Each year, the hot trends for gadgets, gizmos and consumer tech are forecast that will be highlighted at the show. Consumer Technology Association chief economist Shawn DuBravac gives us his list of tech trends to watch for. Learn more.

Why pay-TV companies are going "skinny"

USTelecom dailyLead® | Dec 29, 2016

CenturyLink, Verizon, satellite provider DISH, and internet TV purveyors PlayStation Vue and Hulu are all experimenting with offering limited packages of popular live-TV channels at a reduced price in hopes of winning a bigger share of cord cutters and consumers who have never subscribed to cable. These so-called "skinny bundles," slimmed down packages of channels, are hoping to slow the trend of viewers favoring on-demand video services like YouTube, Netflix and Hulu. These two consumer groups make up 19% of all TV homes, a rising trend pay-TV execs cannot afford to ignore. Learn more.

Internet businesses boom

USTelecom dailyLead® | Dec 27, 2016

Internet-related businesses generated an estimated $966 billion in 2014, accounting for 6% of the US economy. Employment in the Internet sector has doubled since 2007, approaching 3 million jobs. This is good news for the US, which ranks fifth in the world for innovation.

But policymakers should tread carefully. Laws and regulations enacted now could stimulate or stymie broadband investment in the future, with significant consequences for the economy. Learn more.

Apps for better daily living

USTelecom dailyLead® | Dec 23, 2016

There are numerous apps available to help you get into shape, become more organized or manage your finances. is a pocket personal trainer. Evernote can streamline to-do lists while Mint offers improved money management. For those yearning for more education, Coursera offers 200 university-level courses across a variety of disciplines from marketing to music. There are even apps to help you find a new job with extensive databases and help in filtering searches. Learn more.

Understanding the broadband adoption gap

USTelecom dailyLead® | Dec 22, 2016

While a majority of Americans have adopted broadband internet and the digital divide is closing, there remains a group of non-adopters, according to NTIA's July 2015 Computer and Internet Use Supplement to the Current Population Survey. In 2015, 92 million American households (73%) were using the internet at home. Yet the survey found that 33 million (27%) still do not, and price was not the main reason. More than half said they had no interest in using the internet. This may be due to a lack of digital literacy. Learn more.

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