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1. Keurig hack lets coffee lovers use compostable pods

SmartBrief on Sustainability | Feb 25, 2015

Keurig's single-cup coffee brewers contain DRM-type technology -- but rival Rogers Family Coffee has now introduced a clip-in part to cancel out Keurig's protections and allow the use of other manufacturers' coffee pods. The move allows the use of third-party compostable pods, letting coffee drinkers enjoy their brew without creating the waste associated with Keurig's single-use, nonrecyclable pods. Guardian (London), The (02/24)

2. Eiffel Tower gets green makeover, micro wind turbines

SmartBrief on Sustainability | Feb 24, 2015

Two VisionAIR5 micro wind turbines have been installed at the Eiffel Tower in Paris as part of an ongoing effort to give the structure an environmentally friendly overhaul. The turbines can generate 10,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually. UGE produced the micro models. CleanTechnica (02/24)

3. Want to help the planet? Lay off the hamburgers

SmartBrief on Sustainability | Feb 20, 2015

Americans should eat less meat in order to reduce their environmental impact, according to an exhaustive 571-page report from the nation's top nutritional panel. Food production is responsible for most of the planet's deforestation and water use and almost a third of greenhouse-gas emissions, the panel notes. "Addressing this complex challenge is essential to ensure a healthy food supply will be available for future generations," the report reads. San Francisco Chronicle (free content) (02/19) Washington Post (tiered subscription model), The (02/20)

4. Can you outrun a tiger?

SmartBrief on Sustainability | Feb 20, 2015

The World Wildlife Fund is inviting people to run with the tigers. WWF has created a website that tracks a GPS-tagged endangered Amur tiger as it wanders across southeastern Russia, and is asking people to commit to jogging as far each day as the tiger moves on the map. Marketing Mag (Australia) (02/19)

5. Renderings: Plans revealed for a sustainable floating village

SmartBrief on Sustainability | Feb 24, 2015

Yacht designer Christian Grande wants to construct a floating village in a marina. The project would contain floating homes with sustainable and modular designs. Abifloat, as it's dubbed, would utilize "load bearings made from aluminum posts and stringers, buoyancy reserves, sandwich wall technology made from recycled plastic, and thermal insulation made from lightweight straw, cork or chipboard honeycombed baffles." Gizmag (02/16)

6. Citigroup to invest $100 billion in green projects

SmartBrief on Sustainability | Feb 19, 2015

Citigroup is setting aside $100 billion to fund environmental projects over the next decade. The move isn't a philanthropic endeavor but rather an attempt to make money by investing in renewable energy, green transport and energy efficiency projects, officials said. "That's a lot of money, and what that says to me is that Citibank thinks there's actually money to be made here," says analyst Rick Newman. Yahoo (02/18) Reuters (02/18) Bloomberg (02/18)

7. Solar plant roasted birds during initial testing

SmartBrief on Sustainability | Feb 20, 2015

Concentrated sunlight from Nevada's 110-megawatt Crescent Dunes solar plant vaporized up to 150 birds during a single day of testing earlier this year, according to officials from the Bureau of Land Management. Engineers repositioned the plant's reflection mirrors and subsequently saw only one bird fatality during 30 days of further testing. KCET-TV (Los Angeles) (02/18)

8. Apple to spend billions on green data centers

SmartBrief on Sustainability | Feb 23, 2015

Apple is planning to spend $2 billion on green data centers in Ireland and Denmark, using wind power and other renewable sources to power the centers entirely with clean energy. "Our commitment to environmental responsibility is good for the planet, good for our business and good for the European economy," said Apple environmental chief Lisa Jackson. TechCrunch (02/23)

9. Brazil brings charges against "Deforestation King"

SmartBrief on Sustainability | Feb 25, 2015

Ezequiel Antonio Castanha, the Amazon's so-called King of Deforestation, has been arrested in Brazil on deforestation charges that could bring a prison term of up to 46 years. His logging group is believed to have illegally cleared an area of rain forest equivalent to two and a half times the size of Manhattan. Atlantic online, The (02/24)

10. Around the world in 80 fossil-free days

SmartBrief on Sustainability | Feb 19, 2015

Taking a cue from Jules Verne, a group of eco-adventurers is planning to race around the world in 80 days, but without using any non-renewable fuels. The organizers' aim is to highlight green technologies and assuage consumers' doubts about the range and reliability of green transportation options. (02/19)

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