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1. Herbalife asks Twitter for critic's identity

SmartBrief on Social Business | Jul 23, 2015

Herbalife is asking Twitter to disclose the identity of a user who said the company's products are "toxic" and are facing a product recall. "We are not going to sit back and let someone make false and defamatory statements about our company," Herbalife's Alan Hoffman says. Los Angeles Times (tiered subscription model) (07/22)

2. How brands can make the most of social content

SmartBrief on Social Business | Jul 23, 2015

Content marketing isn't an automatic winner for brands, writes Jeff Rosenblum, who argues that firms need to look beyond creating social posts with sharable content and strategically engage audiences. "The brands that break through will embrace the tools of the future without repeating the mistakes of the past," Rosenblum writes. Advertising Age (free access for SmartBrief readers) (07/21)

3. Recycled jokes? That's plagiarism, Twitter says

SmartBrief on Social Business | Jul 27, 2015

Twitter is reportedly taking down tweets that recycle other people's jokes without attribution. Freelance writer Olga Lexell complained to the site that users were violating her copyright by repeating her jokes, prompting several tweets to be deleted by the social network. The Verge (07/25)

4. AdEspresso launches gallery for Facebook ad inspiration

SmartBrief on Social Business | Jul 28, 2015

AdEspresso has developed an in-house gallery of successful Facebook ads to help companies learn what works in lead generation, sales and application installs. The Facebook Ads Gallery is searchable for keyword, placement, objective and vertical successes. Adweek (07/27)

5. Facebook drives video buzz for Chubbies Shorts

SmartBrief on Social Business | Jul 27, 2015

Chubbies Shorts has a team of three working through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat to reach male millennials. Facebook is proving highly effective for the brand's video-based content, with Facebook videos scoring much higher views than the same content posted on YouTube. Adweek (07/27)

6. Mashable uses "crystal ball" to spot viral stories

SmartBrief on Social Business | Jul 24, 2015

Mashable uses a predictive social-analytics platform called Velocity to "anticipate what would be interesting to a wide array of readers," says Chief Data Scientist Haile Owusu. The tool, described by Mashable's Louise Roug as a "digital crystal ball," tracks how stories are shared and circulated online to figure out which are most likely to capture social media users' attention. (U.K.) (07/22)

7. Focus on experiences to make the most of Instagram

SmartBrief on Social Business | Jul 23, 2015

Instagram posts that highlight experiences rather than your company's products will yield the best results, says Apu Gupta, CEO of Curalate. Sharing content created by your customers and responding to comments can help you build deeper connections with your fans. Inc. online (free registration) (07/20)

8. How brands and social media influencers are connecting

SmartBrief on Social Business | Jul 27, 2015

TheAudience helps brands find the right social media influencers to work with on their marketing campaigns, creating original content as well as raising awareness. That matchmaker market is worth $250 million, according to the company's founder, Oliver Luckett. "We rely upon influencers not just for the numbers of followers, but for their creativity. We look for people who are creative, have a viewpoint, and the more of them, the merrier," Luckett says. USA Today (07/27)

9. The glory days of traveling by mail are over

SmartBrief on Social Business | Jul 27, 2015

New scanning technologies make it essentially impossible to travel overseas by mailing yourself in a large box, laments Dan Nosowitz. In simpler times, people successfully mailed themselves from slave states to free states, and even from England to Australia, he notes. Atlas Obscura (07/24)

10. How to unlock the power of social listening

SmartBrief on Social Business | Jul 23, 2015

Customers often have great insights on how products are relevant to them, and that's where the real value of social listening lies, writes Peter Friedman. "Social provides a rich, real-time, rejuvenated data source that brands are using to make smarter decisions," he explains. Social Times (07/22)

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