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1. How brands jumped on #TheDress bandwagon

SmartBrief on Social Business | Mar 02, 2015

Twitter users spent a lot of time last week trying to figure out the color of a dress, and many brands jumped on the bandwagon. Some brands posted images of products -- jet planes and Lego figurines -- kitted out in blue-and-black or white-and-gold colors; others, such as Snickers and Papa John's, got mileage out of rejecting the meme. "Hey internet, you obsess over a dress when you're hungry," Snickers tweeted. Adweek/AdFreak blog (02/27) ClickZ (02/27)

2. Whatever color it was, #TheDress was a big hit

SmartBrief on Social Business | Mar 03, 2015

Tumblr says the post that started the debate over a blue-and-black -- or possibly white-and-gold -- dress has 73 million page views and has sparked 31 separate BuzzFeed articles. Social Times (03/02)

3. Google+ to be supplanted by Photos and Streams

SmartBrief on Social Business | Mar 03, 2015

Google's Bradley Horowitz has taken charge of Google+, which is being rebranded as tools called Photos and Streams. The shift is an admission that Google+ failed at supplanting Facebook, but it succeeded in providing Google with a single Web identity around which to corral its users' photos, searches, and other online activities, David Pierce writes. Mashable (03/02) Quartz (03/03) (03/02)

4. Social media goes hyperlocal with Nextdoor

SmartBrief on Social Business | Mar 04, 2015

Social network Nextdoor is working to build neighborhood-level links for people, businesses and service providers. Doing so will require winning people's trust by not hurrying a business model, CEO Nirav Tolia says. New York Times (tiered subscription model), The (03/03)

5. Why the TSA posts dynamite photos on Instagram

SmartBrief on Social Business | Mar 04, 2015

As a social media analyst for the Transportation Security Administration, Bob Burns spends his days trawling through photos of confiscated grenades and knives and posting the most startling images to the TSA's Instagram account. The key is to keep people interested in order to get safety messages across, Burns says. "If I post a picture of a sword or a nine-inch-long knife with brass-knuckle handles, that's more likely to get more discussion going," he says. Adweek (03/03)

6. Weasel hitches ride on woodpecker

SmartBrief on Social Business | Mar 03, 2015

A photographer in London captured an image of a baby weasel on the back of a flying woodpecker. The weasel apparently was trying to eat the woodpecker, which landed, ditched its passenger, and flew away. BuzzFeed (03/02)

7. How to build your company's Twitter following

SmartBrief on Social Business | Mar 02, 2015

Lauren Dugan offers 10 tips on how to build a following for a corporate Twitter handle. Following other users is a smart strategy, but don't forget the value of offline networking, she writes. "Add your Twitter handle to your business cards, and new connections will be likely to follow you," Dugan writes. Social Times (02/28)

8. Expedia runs Van Gogh-themed Twitter campaign

SmartBrief on Social Business | Mar 05, 2015

Expedia is marking the 125th anniversary of Vincent Van Gogh's death with a "Flock to Unlock" Twitter campaign that invites participants to visit a dedicated page and tweet a message with the hashtag #VanGogh2015. Tweets gradually unlock an image by the Dutch artist and give users the chance to win a trip to Holland. Marketing Land (03/04)

9. Twitter said to use phone numbers to hunt down trolls

SmartBrief on Social Business | Feb 27, 2015

Twitter reportedly will use the phone numbers of known trolls to prevent them from registering new accounts as it also makes it easier for users to report harassment on the network. The moves come after a memo by CEO Dick Costolo that calls for "kicking these people off right and left" in order to prevent online abuse. Washington Post (tiered subscription model), The (02/26) TechCrunch (02/26)

10. How to appoint a great social media manager

SmartBrief on Social Business | Mar 03, 2015

Social media is too important to be left to interns, Deborah Mitchell writes. Instead, try to find an experienced insider who can take charge. "[C]hoose someone from your business who knows your brand's message and is willing and able to engage online with clients or future customers," Mitchell writes. Entrepreneur online (03/02)

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