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1. Why it's time to ditch qualitative social metrics

SmartBrief on Social Business | Apr 29, 2015

Likes and mentions are just a fuzzy show of hands, but the latest data tools offer brands more meaningful ways to measure social return-on-investment, writes Nick Halstead. "[Q]uantitative analysis will give you more than you ever thought possible," Halstead writes. Techworld (U.K.) (04/28)

2. McCann rides "Mad Men" fame on Twitter

SmartBrief on Social Business | May 04, 2015

Advertising agency McCann has been live-tweeting responses to events in the fictitious world of "Mad Men." Online mentions for the agency have subsequently risen 46%, according to data by Amobee Brand Intelligence. Adweek (05/01)

3. Rockets' social media chief sacked over tweet

SmartBrief on Social Business | Apr 30, 2015

Houston Rockets social media manager Chad Shanks has been sacked after posting a tweet showing a gun emoji pointed at a horse's head during a game against the Dallas Mavericks. Shanks says he never expected people to construe the tweet as an actual violent threat. "That's not what I intended, but my job was to anticipate how these things would go over, and I failed," he said. USA Today (04/29) Sporting News (04/29)

4. Should you outsource your social media efforts?

SmartBrief on Social Business | May 01, 2015

Figuring out whether or not to outsource your social media efforts is a personal decision that's almost like deciding how to raise your children, says Barbara Liss of Motorola Mobility. To decide, you'll need to honestly appraise your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as the resources you're willing to commit. "At the end of the day, remember this: There's no right or wrong -- there’s only what's right for you," Liss says. Blog (04/28)

5. Make social media users your champions

SmartBrief on Social Business | Apr 29, 2015

Bluenose has released an infographic that shows marketers how they can more effectively use social media to create engaged brand advocates in four steps. Adweek (04/28)

6. Opinion: The Rockets misfired on Twitter and in HR

SmartBrief on Social Business | May 05, 2015

The Houston Rockets' decision to fire their social media manager over a tweet may have been unfair, SmartBrief's James daSilva writes. The tweet was clumsy and potentially offensive, but the team had encouraged edgy behavior for years. "Don't fire people for a mistake that you helped cause," daSilva writes. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Leadership (05/04)

7. Brands join flood of tweets marking birth of princess

SmartBrief on Social Business | May 05, 2015

Brands including Disney, British Airways and Pizza Hut posted tweets celebrating the birth of England's Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Prime Visibility estimates 1.5 million tweets posted between Saturday and Monday morning mentioned the baby. Adweek (05/04)

8. How the NBA's courtside tweeters keep fans happy

SmartBrief on Social Business | Apr 29, 2015

NBA franchises are increasingly using social media to build relationships with young fans, as well as to sell season tickets and merchandise. "The hardest part of the job is tempering our desire to be the voice of our fans and be a little edgy with a voice that is also brand-focused and appropriate," says Max Rappaport, who works on social media for the Philadelphia 76ers. Complex online (04/28)

9. Bud Light says it regrets bottle message that "missed the mark"

SmartBrief on Social Business | Apr 29, 2015

Bud Light sparked anger on social media when a post on Reddit brought attention to a bottle message included as part of its "Up for Whatever" campaign. The bottle featured the line, "The perfect beer for removing 'No' from your vocabulary for the night." Alexander Lambrecht, vice president of Bud Light, said the message "missed the mark, and we regret it." Adweek (04/28)

10. Co-founder pulls the plug on Secret

SmartBrief on Social Business | Apr 30, 2015

Secret, the anonymous social-messaging application that had become a favorite of Silicon Valley gossips, has closed its doors after months of decline. Some saw the site as a venue for consequence-free cyberbullying, but others said it was a site with promise despite fundamental strategic problems that ultimately proved insurmountable. New York Times (tiered subscription model), The (04/29) Medium (04/29)

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