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1. Study backs link between memory issues, tau deposits

SNMMI SmartBrief | Jul 21, 2014

A study presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference used Eli Lilly and Co.'s investigational agent F-18 T807 to trace tau deposition in the brains of 56 normal adults who underwent memory tests prior to imaging. Data showed that high levels of tau, in the entorhinal cortex and temporal neocortex in particular, are associated with poor memory performance. "This study demonstrates the potential for PET technology to be used for early detection, and to help pick participants for prevention trials and treatment trials that target tau," said researcher Dr. Keith Johnson. (07/18)

2. Researchers see many applications for zinc imaging

SNMMI SmartBrief | Jul 23, 2014

Zn-63 zinc citrate could potentially be used for imaging of patients with metabolic disorders and various cancers, according to a study in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine that also assessed the method of preparing the agent. Preclinical PET imaging revealed normal biodistribution, suggesting that Zn-63 could be used in evaluating zinc transport in diseases and the results of zinc-related therapies. While the tracer's 38.5-minute half-life carries limitations, "it is anticipated that dynamic PET imaging data may provide quantitative assessments of transport and more rapid turnover processes," researchers wrote. (07/22)

3. Lilly lauds study finding amyloid imaging changes management

SNMMI SmartBrief | Jul 21, 2014

Eli Lilly and Co. commended the results of a study presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference that evaluated how amyloid PET imaging using appropriate use criteria affected patient care. The AUC were developed by SNMMI and the Alzheimer's Association. Findings showed that florbetapir-PET changed diagnosis in 58% of cases evaluated under AUC, compared with 45% of non-AUC cases, and the share of patients whose management was affected by imaging was high in both groups, at 88% for the AUC group and 77% for non-AUC cases. (free registration) (07/18)

4. GE Healthcare's Vizamyl aids dementia diagnosis, studies show

SNMMI SmartBrief | Jul 18, 2014

Two studies presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference in Denmark showed that GE Healthcare's radiopharmaceutical flutemetamol F-18, or Vizamyl, may greatly improve dementia diagnosis. The first study showed that a positive flutemetamol-PET scan can predict whether amnestic mild cognitive impairment would lead to Alzheimer's disease, while the second study established the diagnostic capability of Vizamyl in detecting neuritic amyloid in patients with early-onset dementia. (free registration) (07/17)

5. Lantheus' planned IPO could bring in up to $139M

SNMMI SmartBrief | Jul 21, 2014

Massachusetts-based Lantheus Medical Imaging said it could pull in up to $139 million from its planned initial public offering. The company will use the proceeds to support general corporate functions and to partially pay off its outstanding senior notes, which are due in 2017. (Boston) (07/17)

6. SNMMI 2014 grant and award winners posted

SNMMI SmartBrief | Jul 21, 2014

The winners of all SNMMI and SNMMI-TS 2014 grants and awards are now listed on the SNMMI website. While you're there, check out application deadlines for next year's awards. Blank (01/05)

7. Tc99m exametazime injection (Ceretec Kit) shortage

SNMMI SmartBrief | Jul 21, 2014

On July 14, the FDA announced a shortage of Technetium-99m exametazime injection (Ceretec Kit) due to a delay in shipping of the drug. The Ceretec Kit packaged with methylene blue is currently not available; estimated date of return to market is the week of Aug. 4. Blank (07/20)

8. Tracers distinguish CVD from cognitive impairments, data show

SNMMI SmartBrief | Jul 22, 2014

Florbetapir and FDG were found to be useful in distinguishing between cognitive conditions and cardiovascular disease, according to a study presented at the SNMMI Annual Meeting. The study, which involved imaging of 26 patients with mild cognitive impairment or Alzheimer's, could fuel additional work on diagnosis and treatment for the conditions, experts said. (free registration) (07/17)

9. Foundation awards $4.7M for prostate cancer test development

SNMMI SmartBrief | Jul 21, 2014

The Movember Foundation has awarded $4.7 million to a team of Canadian scientists to support the development of molecular diagnostic tests that could be used to guide the treatment of prostate cancer. Specifically, the team will design an assay that could pinpoint men who are at risk for aggressive prostate cancer and formulate customized treatments for early cancers. GenomeWeb Daily News (free registration) (07/17)

10. Preventive mastectomy may do little for women with breast cancer

SNMMI SmartBrief | Jul 18, 2014

Prophylactic mastectomy may offer little survival benefit to women with breast cancer, according to a study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute that analyzed 20 years' worth of data for more than 100,000 women. Younger women with stage I estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer whose healthy breast was removed had a less than 1% improvement in survival over 20 years compared with women who did not have preventive mastectomy. HealthDay News (07/16)

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